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8 thoughts on “It Is Beyond Comprehension How This Racist and Implausible Key Witness Helped Exonerate Darren Wilson

  1. But we want to trust the process? Right. Wrong! That's why Blacks, Brown, Red, and Yellow don't trust this white system. It can't be fixed or repaired! There is no hope in believing in white AmeriKKKa. Morally she is finished!

  2. Jamie Duggins says:

    It clearly shows that this witch is a racist and liar,she need to be charged for fabrication.Now that she has done what she did she need to be held accountable for lies and needs a good ass whooping.

  3. Royce Allen Hug says:

    I agree she should be prosecuted along with all the other witnesses that also lied. It was proven Mr. Browns buddy outright lied also. I believe they said over half of the witnesses lied one way or another to influence the outcome. That's why forensics are so important. They don't lie – It's only fair to go after everybody who lied period!

  4. Victor Freeman says:

    How did Mike brown buddy lie show me your proof

  5. Lee Austin says:

    I would love to hear what Bill O' Reilly and Lou Dobbs has to say about this!

  6. Don Andrews says:

    Mr. Royce I agree with Victor. How did Mike Brown's buddy lie. He was there looking at it and two white guys gave the same account That Mike Brown's buddy did and they don't even know each other.

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