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14 Stunningly Beautiful Black Women from Brazil

Nayara Justino

Nayara Justino, 25, was elected Carnaval Globeleza in 2014 in a popularity contest. After receiving racist threats, she told the Brazilian public, “I’m Black , I like to be called Black , I am proud of my beauty and my color.”



Sheron Menezzes

Sheron Menezzes is a popular Brazilian television actress who has starred in more than a dozen shows. Two years ago, she made her film debut in the Brazilian movie, O Inventor de Sonhos.

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3 thoughts on “14 Stunningly Beautiful Black Women from Brazil

  1. Bwire Vincent says:


  2. Gilka Santos says:

    As woman, black and Brazilian, I am proud of them.Candaces!

  3. we are the first of Gods other people was created from us.

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