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10 thoughts on “Watch Noam Chomsky Literally Explain Ferguson In Less Than 60 Seconds

  1. Gerald Clark says:

    …a good example of the difference between those, however well meaning, who are primarily academics and not primarily Organizers. Chomsky speaks of the twenty enslaved Africans sold by Dutch slavers to a English colony in Virginia as the beginning when We know the oldest record of permanent settler colonies in what is now the U.S. says that Enslaved African and Enslaved First Nation(Native Americans) joined together to escape Spanish colonists in 1553 in what is now South Carolina. Bennett's Before The Mayflower.

  2. He didn't even answer the question. Plus his dates on slavery are waaayyy off! A prominent ass with false facts! Typical. I don't expect anything else. From someone with book smarts and no common sense about another's culture or true history.

  3. Unfortunately, you are sooooooooo correct!!

  4. Gus Andrews says:

    Regardless of the accuracy of historical data! The basic premise is indisputable!

  5. Garrett Tedeman says:

    One of the best clips of Chomsky giving this explanation and history. Until the country can find the honesty and courage to come to terms with its past, there won't be real progress.

  6. Terrance Amen says:

    So now that we know this, what are we going to do about it? We've been protesting for more than 50 years, now it's time to take the next step. Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  7. Hank Wilson says:

    Yeah whiteboy under cover…lol

  8. yea Chomsky is a living Encyclopedia and the most quoted person alive etc, but he is hardly the most thorough Philosopher alive.

  9. Peggy Hall says:

    what is your evidence, sources? don't be so fast to downgrade NOAM.

  10. 1555 was when whites first brought slaves over here, for the most part his explanation was ok

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