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33 thoughts on “Damon Dash Offers Some Harsh Opinions About the Black Business Community, But Is He Right?

  1. Terrance OfYah says:

    I believe him. Especially in music. hundreds of artist in the industry, and we don't own any distributing firms. It's a damn shame too, because KRS, and Large Professor was saying this back in the 80's.

  2. Bwire Vincent says:

    Very true.

  3. Al Vin E Norton says:

    He is absolutely 100% correct! It's like we passed on the house negro and field negro mentality.

  4. A distribution network IS really what black artists need. So that we can by our music in a tangible form. I don't think we really like non-tangible/downloaded music. That's why bootlegging took off so large. That was a distribution network.

  5. Dewayne Suleyman Carter says:

    he is damn right.

  6. Culture robbers… 100%!

  7. Kermith Bey says:

    There will never be black distribution, never. Them Brothers from Muder Inc. Tried it, and we see ehat happened with them. Black Distribution. Never..

  8. I couldn't agree with him more! We have always seem to have this mentality of I can't share my knowledge or wealth with my black community. If we could find a way to fix this mentality, it would put our people on the road to equality.

  9. Malcolm Malcolm Malcolm says:

    We black people have got to break the chain known as individualism, a system that was instituted to discourage us from helping one another.

  10. Dave Mills says:

    I;m afraid I don't agree. There are many examples of Black people helping each other, it's just Bad news and failure gets headline status in the Black Community. If Black people can create an organisation which has lots of businesses and EVEN BUY 2 SHIPS, at a time when Blacks were much more hated and despised. Then we can do it again. I think Damon should NOT FORGET THIS, and other examples like Black Wall Street. COME ON BLACK PEOPLE – BE CAREFUL WHAT YOU PLANT IN BLACK CHILDREN'S MINDS. If I was a child of Damon Dash, I'd have NO HOPE FOR BLACK PEOPLE.

  11. If his comments were correct we would have "never" supported President Obama by an astounding 87%! Things are changing now, it's up to you and I to maintain that change.

  12. Finally someone STUDIED enough to stand up strong and speak the truth. Understanding is the key to unlock it all!

  13. Dave Mills says:

    & BTW recently Chris Rock Credited Eddie Murphy for going out of his way to give him his first break,. (he didn't have to) & Now we see Chris Rock, who has wealth & some power, going out of his way to GUESS WHAT…. help and advise Young Black brothers coming up on the comedy circuit. This – in his words, as a direct result of Eddie Murphy giving him a leg up! SO No Damon F..k You and your negative portrayal of how Black People are. It's just not so.

  14. Yolanda Johnson says:

    Sounds good right! But he's the same asshole that was fucking up a lot of folks business. The same jerk off that faulted his wealth, pouring out champagne on the floor cause "money ain't a thang" huh? until he lost it ALL!! ;)). Now he's down to earth huh! What did Dame bring into the black community… Beside living Ni**a Rich!! and throwing money out the window! So tired of these a**holes blaming the Race.. when they NEVER put in time to build a foundation for generation to follow. No road map leaves you to fall off a cliff!!! FUCK DAME AND ALL A**HOLES LIKE HIM!!!!

  15. Lisa Mill says:

    Shame there is not one black own distribution label for over 20 years

  16. This Is Something I Get Into All The Time and Black Consumers Don't Want To Listen.

  17. Yeah he is speaking facts right now but that's not how his shady ass was talking when him and Jay z was partner's he was for self then but now he is by himself and niggas aren't really fucking with him he wants to talk facts but where was he what inner programs were being cut he wasn't fight infos then I will call him but no money app to help his young black youth so he need to go sit down with that bullshit I rather hear it from somebody else more sincere about the situation.

  18. Jeremy Lovéll says:

    Especially Lisa Mill with all the advanced technology that's available today! I asked Dame the question of "Why Sign A Record Deal" and he said "they've been programmed"!

  19. Marlon Ray says:

    Solution: start early developing our Black boys into self-sufficient, economic producers and community coalition builders. It only takes buy-in from adults who will commit to the process of developing black boys into empowered Black men.

  20. Jay Bo says:

    We don't need no other group to make us. As long as we support ourselves. But money the root of evil, as soon as u offer large amount of money to that house nigga he would sellout quick.. They keep house niggas close by to F up our Race..

  21. Him..j prince… n irv gotti tried to put out a black distributing company until Jay z told the powers at be..they put cases on all of them

  22. LaTonya Smith says:

    Realest thing I heard from the hip hop community in a long time with the exception of David Banner and Killa Mike

  23. Sedgewick Lloyd says:

    This is very true! We don't like to give opportunities in fear of others being more successful than us.We are the only people that do that.Every other race embraces when one of their own moves up the ladder , we frown on it and start thinking of ways to pull them down it's very sad and it's a learned behavior.When the other races feel if one of them make it's their duty to reach back and help their race progress. But the black community will find reasons not to work together.It's sad!

  24. Yes all these rappers making millons, and wasting it and not one smart enough to buy a distribution label, jay z could do it, but he to busy chasing the white mans cash and lifestyle to care, just buy his CD's go to his concert so Jay Z can say to the white man look I made 20 million last year am I doing good boss, he should have said I maid 20 million and bought a distribution label and your services are no longer needed.

  25. Don't forget the whites who discourage our Black rich from investing in our communities, they tell these rich blacks that if they do that they will lose all their money and go back into that poverty, poverty they work so hard to escape, that fear is real, and that fear is what keeps blacks from investing in poor blacks, why should they when they live in a affluent white America who if they like what the successful black person is selling is a higher paying customer than the black customer, when you go to business school you learn to not invest in a unreliable product which poor blacks have the label of being, and at the same time competing with a reliable and better capable customer, that's the problem right their, poor customers can't get the investment in their neighborhoods because they don't have the spending power to make someone rich, white people buying black products make black people rich, that's what everyone needs to understand,

  26. Ok so who is going to buy his product, when his average customer is low income, on top of that he has payroll, taxes, and leasing to deal with, not to include mortgage and car payment, and kids college, see the black business man has to be willing to build from the ground up with minimum profit, this will have to be done for at least a generation as black customers build up wealth, know you find me one black business man willing to do that, know if he can get the white customers and black customers, that is a very rare black business owner some one like our rich elite, but that means apart of their wealth might not pay off for 40 to 50 years on his investment then he can leave it to Blue Ivey, but right know is Jay Z thinking about generational wealth and building up the black community or is he focus on making even more money while he his still hot, we will see.

  27. Philip Austin says:

    Damon Thanks For The Real Bro…..

  28. His body language though.

  29. LaCheryl Ivy says:

    I completely agree. It's not that there aren't any African Americans who reach out and help others, but as a culture, we do not. The Jewish community understands it. They circulate their income within their own communities to generate wealth. They take the pain that they endured and use it as strength, not fear. It is my hope and prayer that one day we too will be able to take the power that has been stolen mentally and realize the strength that lies within to bond and build a community of prosperity and wealth together. Unfortunately, we are losing the mental warfare, and once the mind is gone…what do you have left. On a positive note, you can't control others, but you can control yourself. If we all take responsibility towards bridging this gap…the best is yet to come.

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