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19 thoughts on “You Will Not Believe What This Police Officer Did After Beating This Man in the Street

  1. More of the same.. just glad people are opening their eyes.

  2. Sheila Hudson says:


  3. Mike Walk says:

    The office was wrong. Whether white or black.

  4. These officer needs to be fired he has no kind of self control. And I hope that young man sues the city to the highest limit.

  5. Duwayne Dale says:

    Of course he is black. If he were white there would be no action at all. Get it? Race matters more than anything else. Sad but true.

  6. Cobo Azad says:

    If it was a Wite cop would the media took the tape in the station

  7. Sheila Hudson says:


  8. They have corrupted us as a people so effectively.

  9. The officer is white. There are several pictures of him online.

  10. Flasher Catdk says:

    OH SNAP! The police officer is BLACK and yet you don't hear the media pointing that out do you? There's assholes all around skin color can never change that fact! There's the truth there! If media going to label someone on their complexion then they need to do it all the time!

  11. Ryan Hollis says:

    nazi thugs hiding behind badges. vermin.

  12. Frank Santiago says:

    Small minds let out their aggression through violence. I would not be surprised If we also learned that this 'roid-raged cop is also a wife beater.

  13. Sundiata Keita says:

    first time ive ever seen cops tell one of their own to back off. the only reason they did it is cause they knew the news cameras where there.

  14. Frank German says:

    He's white Duwayne Dale as your very own comment proves you to be racist. There are more white cop brought up on racism than black ones. The main reason is because most white will not lie about a white crime were as the majority of blacks will lie about a black crime " He's a gentle giant, he's a good kid he doesnt do bad things". Duwayne Dale your are a RACIST, BIGOT, and a race baiter your the absolute worst type of racist out there.

  15. Sheila Hudson says:


  16. Isn't he white? Not that it may a difference he was wrong

  17. He's white and it doesn't make a difference he's a freaking thug

  18. Frank German How does Duwayne's statement prove him to be a racist?

  19. Dave Mills says:

    A.B.Star – as much as I appreciate being kept upto date with the injustices which plague our community. It would be nice to see the headline " You won't believe, " preceding something positive every now and again I.e "You won't believe – African American -Arnold W Donald is the CEO of Carnival Cruise Corporation, – controlling it's vast number of ships, which includes P & O Cruises as part of their portfolio. Or " You won't Believe " – The 5 Top Tips given by African American former CEO of Mcdonalds, one of the largest Food Corporations in the world. Etc – Just sayin…

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