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6 thoughts on “You Will Completely Change Your Perception of a Homeless Black Person After Watching This Tear Jearker

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    I feel for this brotha..most of us are simply ONE paycheck from his situation. But for the grace of God, go I…

  2. Donna Hamilton says:

    This is very sad.

  3. I try not to take things for granted. I hope he gets back on his feet. that can be me.

  4. Whats sad is that in this country there are homeless people and no one cares. With times getting worse they are totally forgotten…..

  5. Carmella Bolen says:

    What bothers me the most…When I see American Citizens of Any color…And they are homeless… In a Country where we give Billions of dollars in Foreign Aide… And we allow millions of Illegal Immigrants to cross our borders… And are given Food and Shelter… Something is Wrong that our Government Officials don't know… That Charity Starts At Home…

  6. Joey CoCo says:

    I could not agree more, Ms Bolen.

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