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8 thoughts on “Is Randy Short Right About The Film Industry’s Role In Dehumanizing Black People?

  1. Bj Strongforu Tillman says:

    Yes, he is absolutely right!

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    if yall want to get more info on how these Jews used Hollywood to demonize black folks, please youtube "Irritated Genie Poltergeist" or google the documentary " "Hollywoodism: Jews, Movies and the American Dream" or read the book, "How the Jews Created Hollywood."

  3. Randall Leggins says:

    is there anywhere I can see the this interview in it's entirety?

  4. John Fleming says:

    Hmm some of the stuff you've said I correspond with but the "King Kong metaphor" is a bit far fetched… King Kong was just a big, or oversize Ape place in a movie of legions about it. Try not to read to far into somethings hahaha… Leave the monkey out next time you'll sound much better in you explanation of depicting racist nonsensical fickleness.

  5. Dessalines DaMohr says:

    clearly you havent done your research do the work before you speak

  6. Bayindo Zibula Menso says:

    yep, Right on the point.

  7. Amutow Djet says:

    Just look up Randy Short on YouTube, it's there

  8. Kyikyi Lnu says:

    The Birth of A Nation is another example

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