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One thought on “Watch The Heartbreaking Words Of Mike Brown’s Parents As They Struggle To Understand How The Justice System Works

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    I cannot imagine the pain these people feel..they haven't even gotten a chance to properly mourn the loss of their child..but I have to disagree with their lawyer…I never accept ANYTHING coming from their courts b/c it's all run by criminals. Criminals write the laws, they hire other criminals through out the system from the cop on the beat to the prosecutors, to the defense lawyers who act in collusion, to the judges..from the top to the bottom the system is NOT DESIGNED to exact justice. It's a BUSINESS. AND a VERY PROFITABLE ONE that will remain that way–OFF OF OUR BACKS & low cost labor–in EXACTLY the same way that the Slave system did. I WILL NEVER acknowledge or accept it's legitimacy. It's borne of criminality and injustice so how do we REALLY believe we can EVER get justice from it? And If we do happen to get justice from it, believe me, it's the exception, not the rule. And we usually have to go thru a bunch of changes to even get that.

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