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5 White Cultural Appropriators Who Have Remained Silent on the Grand Jury Decisions

Iggy Azalea

With her “hood” rapping voice and promotion of her ample behind, the Australian has benefitted from Black culture in more ways than one. But it hasn’t gone unnoticed that the “Fancy” songstress has yet to speak out against the injustices that have been affecting the African-American community as of late. Rapper Azealia Banks took to Twitter to call Azalea out on her cowardice.

“Its funny to see people Like Igloo Australia silent when these things happen … Black Culture is cool, but black issues sure aren’t huh?” she tweeted on Dec. 3, which then sparked a Twitter war between her and Azalea.

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43 thoughts on “5 White Cultural Appropriators Who Have Remained Silent on the Grand Jury Decisions

  1. People we have bigger problems. That's like white people saying Darius Rucker isn't doing all he can for poor white farmers in Texas. After all he performs country music. And isn't that a "white culture" music. Point is NONE of these artists have to do ANYTHING political for Black people. And the more we nitpick what others are and are not doing for us, the LESS people will respect us. I'm more concerned about all of this looting…er I mean "protesting" going on in your own neighborhoods. How does that help our cause. I'm more worried about that than what Katy Perry said or didn't say. Did or didn't do…. I could care less……

  2. Sundiata Keita says:

    anybody talk to their white "friends" about this subject recently?
    as a result of my conversations, I no longer have any.

  3. Sundiata Keita says:

    ^^ Malcolm X called yall Frankenstein Negroes

  4. Marcus Matthews says:

    You would think Eminem or Justin Beiber would say something.

  5. Bwire Vincent says:

    Where is the church?

  6. Ira Jackson says:

    Why do we need them to speak up for us? It's nothing new for them to copy and capitalize off of something we started; they've been doing it for years. We spend billions of our dollars each year making other communities richer, do they speak up for us? We need to start moving our community forward, building up our political and financial clout so we can be our own voice. In this day in time we shouldn't still have to march hoping someone will sympathize with us in order to get things done.

  7. They're so ignorant aren't they? Not all, but most.

  8. I know it may be me being biased, but I've never had a problem with Eminem. Unlike all of the others, he isn't pretending he's something he's not and just exploiting African Americans.

    That said, I think it is right to call these people out. They're "black" when it's convenient, and can always go back to being The Brady Bunch kids at the drop of a hat.

    WE need to do our part to not be enablers. We are the only race of people who let anyone in to exploit us and leave us used up and dry. It needs to stop!

  9. Why do we want white artists to speak up on racial issues when we cant even get most of our Black artists to do that? It would be way more beneficial to put pressure on our own first

  10. Cp Reid says:

    this article is a total piece of trash.

  11. Abdul Che says:


  12. Kemet Ra says:


  13. Kemet Ra Skinhead? I never heard that one before.

  14. Que Hampton says:

    I don't look for entertainers to speak up for black people. I'd rather an entertainer not speak on certain topics, than open their mouth spewing some sambo talk. It would be selfish ass hell to ask someone to put their livelihood on the line without any kind of safety net for them. Also we don't know every single thing going on in these entertainer lives. Someone of them would have endorsements, contract clauses, stipulations, or any other obstructions that prevents them from speaking out on sensitive, controversial issues. It's not what you say it's what you do. If an entertainer only gives or does for other races instead of his own, then I'll call them out. Until then, we can't get mad at every entertainer that doesn't do what we want them to.

  15. Destiny Glitz says:

    More crap spreading hate and negativity.

  16. Eric Graham says:

    This is the dumbest fucking thing I've seen all day

  17. Abdul Aziz says:

    says the white person.

  18. Fade troll…….go pick up a book while you are working under that bridge in the wine country.

  19. Jeremy Uwah says:

    I agree with the list but woulnd't neeeeecesarily call eminem a cultural apropriator though.

  20. Jeremy Uwah says:

    I agree with the list but woulnd't neeeeecesarily call eminem a cultural apropriator though.

  21. Ashley Wilson says:

    Wtf does tweeting a response to the verdicts do? Nothing. Who cares. This article is a waste of space.

  22. Saadia Coleman says:

    My church Jubillee Christian Church spoke about it, and pulled all men of all ages to speak to them and pray with and for them. So churches are speaking out.

  23. Dre Hummingbird says:

    amen. thankyou for making this article.

  24. Kymmie Jre says:

    I'm sorry, but this article is ridiculous. We don't need "White representation." We need everything else BUT that. Just because someone that is not Black takes the most surfaced and unimportant aspects of Black "sub-culture" and makes money off of it doesn't mean that they are supposed to understand or necessarily empathize with us anymore than the next White person. Damn. This type of attitude irritates me. Why are we always boasting this "Well, what are YOU going to do to fix our problems?" attitude? When are WE are going to fix our problems? Whether people like/respect us or otherwise?

  25. Jason Males says:

    So if Afrika Bambaataa appropriated Planet Rock from Kraftwerk. . .

  26. The point is they don't support you why support them

  27. Tim Sandifer says:

    This is the stupidest fucking article. People like yo Christina Mntford, you are just as much the cause of racism as anything else. Jump off a cliff.

  28. Sifu Tungi Martyn says:

    But you're here lol.

  29. Labushca Mudusna Flasnasky says:

    This doesn't matter because black ppl are dumb. I say this because whites will band together to make a point, not blacks. We need to stop supporting these ppl,stop buying from white owned bbusiness, hit them where it hurts, there pockets. They haven't said anything because they know dumb ass black ppl only care for a split second then they back in the club banging they head to FANCY. Pathetic. They killing us and being set free, and we want to make a point. Stop shoping, buying their music, etc. You know how many black ppl make uo the customer community in walmart???????? A big ass percentage, take them out of Sams club, walmart , heb, nail shops, and malls, forfeit spending our money, and let's see how dumb and dis valued we are in society? ????

  30. Samuel A. Waters says:

    Monsieur Jonathan Augustin they are the devil actually

  31. Samuel A. Waters says:

    why do you care what Kay Perry said? Frankly, I couldn't care less.

  32. Jacob Rini says:

    Monsieur Jonathan Augustin how ignorant it is to say most white people are ignorant

  33. Sundiata Keita says:

    Jacob Rini something must be wrogn with your ass if youre following us all around the internet. now why are you here?

  34. Ranaa Bishop says:

    What does responding and protesting to these verdicts going to do? The decision has been made! The marching in the streets and speaking out against does nothing. The change needs to come within "our" selves and the black community. We will never be truly equal if we don't learn how to overcome our hardships and clean up our act. Quit pointing fingers my African American community.

  35. This is why we have the problems we do. Let's solve the problem instead of dwelling on it. They are entertainers, not political reformists. Let us recognize we are all human, and stop discriminating each other based on race. Everyone is their own individual, doesn't matter what color skin you have. Not a fan of this article, it's lighting the fire, causing more racism and problems than anything else. Love and respect one another, and the world will be a better place.

  36. Samuel A. Waters You are being the racists. Then you get mad when you are called on it.

  37. Sundiata Keita says:

    Angel Rodriguez why are you worrying about black people mexican?

  38. Samuel A. Waters says:

    Angel Rodriguez lol I was joking. I am white. Although, I could very well be the devil.

  39. Incorrect Katy Perry, actually spoke about it Brefly via Twitter.

  40. Etheleen Lawrence says:

    White artists benefit from racism/white supremacy, as it does all white peoples. So, they're not going to speak out against something that clearly benefits them. It doesn't matter if they know it's wrong, it feeds their ego, and they have protection of the complexion. And they are thrown a carrot or sugar cube, by the elite white supremacist that's not allotted and or allocated to blacks. And this keeps the general white population in line to help in the continued racism/white supremacy. Black artists don't speak up because they know that it would be economic suicide to do so…see the thought of speaking out about the injustices done to blacks, causes flash backs to where they once were, and where they are looks a lot better. So, I can't.blame them, however, those who don't put some of their good fortune back into black communities and or neighborhoods, not that I have an issue. You may not speak out because of economic suicide, but use your money to better your race.

  41. To have any speak out on it no matter their skin color would be helpful…
    Though I don't think Culture Appropriators is correct anymore at all… Do they say that to a Black Painter or Black Poet, or Latin Classical Music Composer..

    Seems silly all in all… Lead Belly created amazing music and that brought us many inspired artist today LIKE Nirvana for one and that was Grunge Rock,…

    Saying only a Culture Appropriators is exclusion in forms of Art, I remember who they acted when Tiger Woods was starting to play golf now he is at least in the mind of many a legend… Shouldn't the persons talent speak for them and their ability and no side should say Culture Appropriators…

    Back to topic, As I stated all artist of any color and type should speak out…
    I am also sort of truly pissed at white football players not supporting their team mates that openly protested on the field, I am pissed that other artist that are white haven't stepped out, But I do not need them to speak for me, I do not need to follow them, I do what I know to be right… Use my voice and actions to show that I am on the right side of the issue.

    I worry about the people of my country be they black,white,brown, yellow, purple, polka dot, blue stars, disabled, elderly, homeless, impoverished.
    I consider all I help extended family as we learn growing up, you always love and do anything for your family.

    However, I worry more about people excluding others from the conversation more than anything, or dismissing their care for the subject at hand.
    Nobody should tell the other person they can't speak because " they do not know what something is like" when they do not know the person.that is speaking ignorantly, but many people of all colors do that because it is a Special Snowflake Victim Syndrome, I know it sounds bad but I will explain, people always KNOW what they have been through is far worse than anyone else UNLESS you look like them.

    I have personally seen this on many site and the TERM Culture Appropriators is also a term that would in fact at some point lead to that very thing.

    I heard Stevie Wonder talk about Ferguson and Eric Garner ( Love Stevie Wonder) it was uplifting, I was depressed when Sir Charles Barkley said what he did I was upset…. No more slaves in America?! I am pretty sure the entirety of the Private Prison System is just that a Plantation….

    They arrest young black males ( Others as well, but )…Why?!
    Because they have to fill those prisons they must pay those private prison to house so many, so if they do not they are wasting money, also if they prison has to many that prison gets a bonus of money.
    So they still have slavery in America the slaves are called prisoner, the master is a corporation, the seller is the American Justice system.

    There was a case where a judge threw kids in 2008 link is

    I am sure the rest of the Judges do the same thing on some level, you got cops that openly shake down citizens ( You know it happens).

    The thing I find that is sad is that nobody points out that Police have been honing their tactics all these years on the Black Community and the poor alike (Not at same rate as black people) they have done these things in basically Training Exercises..

    The cops have been Domestic Terrorist for so long that it seems normal to Rich White people that are unaffected by the plight of others. and let's be more honest those in the Media are merely mouthpieces of the Rich White people that own them.

    Police Brutality isn't a issue… It is a staple of society, the beat anyone that disrespects them while the cops scream "Stop resisting"…
    they say body cams will help… Really will they?! Like the Dash Cams that do not function half the time, or the data from them is missing or damaged… Or how about Cellphone videos, and how they say they are all unreliable… So they want us to hear things like that so we will not be protesting, so we will calm down and simply slink away.

    1964 didn't end racism nor did it any all injustices it just removed eyes from the issue as the media left when things got quiet.

    There is 2 systems of government today, System for the Rich and the injustice system for all others.
    How many schools are actually inclusive in our nation… Not many… We have rich schools (Private, meaning we pay for our children's education) or public then we have 2 different PUBLIC schools… One for the "White Area" and one for the Poor, now by poor it will be predominately minority with a small spattering of poor white people.

    Government of all types top down, work to keep the people apart from not coming together in meaningful ways which is why Exclusionary terms like Culture Appropriators and deeming someone in eligible only when called upon and excluding them directly after is not a good thing to do, we must come together to change things, it shouldn't be based upon skin color nor who has suffered what longer or felt more pain, or didn't get enough salt on their fries.

    It should be we stand side by side Brothers and sister, arm in arm, screaming for Justice for ALL.

    I am sorry this has went on for longer than I expected. I hope this rant finds you well and enjoying the holidays with a full heart and renewed love for all (Leaving you with this massive wall of text I am sorry, just I over elaborate.)

    Peace with you always.

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