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23 thoughts on “Could This Black Woman’s Idea On How To Deal With Cops In Black Communities Become A Real Solution?

  1. Janée Simone says:

    What is the spelling of her name?Why isn't her name in the headline?

  2. Markus Kothner says:

    Her Name is Yejide Orunmila, she left the 1st comment.

  3. John Lindsay says:

    Although most of the murders by cops are African American men, we must not exclude Black Women and other People of Color:

    Don't let White people make this into a Black vs. White issue.

    5/29/14 Asian American Press Conference Against Police Brutality:

  4. Daniel Yahraes says:

    This is way, way, way too involved and crazy.

    How about THIS SOLUTION:

    We go into all communities to enlist for the military, why don't we just go into the communities to get our cops?

    We can't create law based on conspiracy theories.

    If you have the police force actually enlisted from the community the community would respect the cops more and the "don't snitch" mentality would start to recede.

    Because, every group that has control can be corrupted: even a black task force to monitor the police force.

    My gosh, just go to Uganda where black government officials are hunting down black male homosexuals and killing them and making it law!

    Plus, I don't GET these "news" sources and websites.

    Dear Atlanta Black Star… can't you do ANY investigative work? All you did was list "BLACK WOMAN" in this article, and neither your site or the video had the decency to list the "BLACK WOMAN'S" name. Black woman who's name the journalist mentions but no one can print it.

    Another NAMELESS black woman… have you no honor?

  5. Marc Francois says:

    @Daniel Yahraes. Conspiracy theories??? As a black man, as much as I would like to even consider your suggestions I must say that this has become a black deciding for ourselves issue now. Yes I said it. We as a group, in America, in every westernized society, and even in black countries, we have been kept at the bottom of the pyramid for a reason, the same pattern keeps repeating itself with white people or lighter skin individuals making decisions for darker skin people all around the planet. Just like ALL white leaders like to pretend "It has nothing to do with racism". Well I love this lady's idea. As a group of people, we have to go into in age of defining our own rules for the survival of our offsprings. I'm talking about centuries of laws applied by us for us to nurture and protect the psyche and the honor of our children, until they grow into adult working members of society and transfer their knowledge and power to their own children. It's not up to people who are not black to police us. They have failed. We don't police them. They should not police us. WE have to decide who we want to be in our neighborhoods now, not you, you're not in our favor.

  6. Hire locally, problem solved.

  7. Daniel Yahraes says:

    I'm not going to disagree at all, it's just I see a major value in getting cops from the community rather create a separate tribunal.

  8. John it has always been a White against Black issue which began with the theft of Afrikans, and continued with the enslavement of our ancestors – The white supremacist system is still as real today as it were hundreds of years ago. We must overthrow it, or remove ourselves from it, because it certainly has continued to destroy us as a people. Our posterity is too important to allow this to continue unabated any longer.

  9. Terrance Amen says:

    The Sister is right, we should hire our own police or security force to protect our community. The money could come from the city we live in. If that doesn't work we can use the money we're already spending. Also prosecutors shouldn't be allowed to work with grand juries. This is a blatant conflict of interest. There should be a different department to handle cases, when it comes to the police. But I don't see this happening, because it makes too much sense. Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  10. Our system doesn't need to be anything like white folks. We need a system very much similar to the way African tribes handle their disputes. Our people need total separation from white folks.

  11. Semhal Goldja says:

    The problem is the elected officials she is right…they are state agencies..the officials are there to protect these state agencies not us… we need to have more of an influence on who runs our state and lower level government…and that starts with us being more involved..How many people are really voting for judges? even though they have a direct impact on us..

  12. Abena McKenzie says:

    Anyone considering this should look at ESTL, Washington Park, Alorton, all communities of East Saint Louis, IL, all Black Cities, and Neighborhoods, it is a damn shame what most of these Black Officers have done to ESTL, so dire there now, disgusting. When I lived there, grew up ther, I called the IL State Troopers, because you couldn't trust them, they still the same. All bs.

  13. Abena McKenzie says:

    To many Black Police in ESTL became rotten because of their position, and have hurt young brothers, inc my brother putting a gun to his head, put many young brothers in prison at ages of 14 and then bragged about it, their sons have killed, and till this day gotten away with murder, all because their Daddy's a cop! Be careful! Study the places where it happened. Sad book keeping, look it up. Also even the ESTL school District 189 was Horrible!

  14. Abena McKenzie says:

    What Black Officers did to the Great ESTL, and the ppl there is horrible, and they need to be brought to Justice for their Evil deeds! I'm bringing awareness to this issue on my YouTube channel http://www.YouTube/Believernu2

  15. Abena McKenzie says:

    What has happened to ESTL by Black Officers is unspeakable, sad.

  16. Sheila Merritt says:

    If you want to control the police and justice system in your area, get out and VOTE in STATE and LOCAL election! Too long the black community and other indifferent voters have allowed the RW conservatives get out and elect Sheriffs, Councilmen, School Boards and other local officials.

  17. Julian Vaughn says:

    You Will Never Get Justice From Your Oppressors, It, s Like A Sheep Wanting Love From A Hungry Wolf.Decade after Decade Has Proven That Will Never Get Justice, All The Time, It, s Been SOS The Same Old Shit.Intergration Was The Worst Thing That Ever Happen To The Black Man.If We Could Get Our Rich Black Brothers and Sistah To Buy Cities That have Been Abandonded, We Could Have Our Own Police, Businesses, Jobs, Education Etc.Slowly We Should Start To Own Cities! Think About It!

  18. They have been killing my brothers for over 400 years and nothing has been done that made a drastic change. We as a people must stop voting those people in office if we want a drastic change to save our brother's lives not only from the assassinations of the police but from the prison system as well. STOP VOTING THEM IN OFFICE! come and vote for the one that will perform the job of JUSTICE for ALL,

  19. Patrick Munroe says:


  20. Judy Harris says:

    Thank-you. Voting is the key. If we vote, we can elect who we want to represent us. Why are there only 128 new voters in Ferguson?

  21. David McNeill says:

    Voting black leaders into office has never worked for Black people. First thing you need is POWER and control and then you put people in office. If the people who control our politicians aren't us, it won't matter how much we vote people into office.

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