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10 Funniest Black Comedians Ever

Richard Pryor

Known for his bold, insightful examinations of racism and topical contemporary issues, Pryor also was famous for his use of colorful vulgarities, profanity—and the N-word. Jerry Seinfeld called Pryor “The Picasso” of American comedians.



Bernie Mac

Bernard Jeffrey McCullough was revered for his uproarious stand-up routine. He was part of the Kings of Comedy tour and movie and, in 2001, he starred in an influential sitcom on Fox that was a fictional version of his own life.

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4 thoughts on “10 Funniest Black Comedians Ever

  1. Richard Phillips says:

    Yes it is time, because some people want that and nothing is going to stop them. Nothing is proven , but he is guilty and let's hang him now and decide later, if we are wrong we will apologize. God's people what a nation we make men and distroy them when we fill like. It's tragic, but we don' t need God to save us, not even the devil can claim us , we are beyond redemption. May the sprite of our ancestors save our stupidy.

  2. Robin Harris and Flip Wilson better than WhoopiG Golsberg.

  3. Jean Young says:

    Really, did you forget Richard Pryor?

  4. Trevor Henry says:

    This list is fail without Eddie Griffin and Paul Mooney.

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