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Chicago Police Have Killed Unarmed Civilians in Extreme Ways, But Will Not Reveal Number of Officer-Related Gun Incidents

Uptick In Chicago Gun Violence Continues To Coincide With Hot Weather

The Chicago Police Department, like other law enforcement agencies, isn’t required to report the amount of incidents when an officer fires his gun or when someone is killed in police custody, leaving in question exactly how rampant such situations occur.

Justin Glawe, a contributing writer for The Daily Beast, had his Freedom of Information Act request for all officer-involved shooting incidents in the last two years denied by CPD because the task was “unduly burdensome.”

What he was able to get from the department showed that in 2013 43 people were shot by Chicago cops in 42 incidents, resulting in 13 casualties. Larry Merritt of the Independent Police Review Authority (IPRA) clarified that incidents where more than one person was shot explains the different numbers.

In the first half of 2014, Chicago police shot 27 people, seven of them died. The IPRA reported 32 officer-involved shootings investigations for the first 75 percent of this year, Glawe found.

“But beyond the numbers are the actual incidents, which often include more concerning uses of lethal force than the Garner case in New York or Michael Brown’s death in Ferguson,” Glawe writes. “In some cases, cops have been off-duty or drunk. In others, victims have been shot in the back, contradicting police accounts.”

“One pressed her gun into the back of a man’s head and blew him away. She’s still on the job, earning $100,000,” according to Glawe.

“In most cases, IPRA has decided in favor of the officers. In all cases, lives have been altered or ended, and facts have been disputed endlessly in the courts as families try to figure out what happened when their loved ones died,” G;awe writes. “With police versions of events overwhelmingly taken at their word by investigators who are often former or current members of law enforcement, those facts can be skewed to benefit those behind the blue line.”

Unfortunately, the problem extends beyond Chicago: A devastating new report reveals that the nation actually has no idea how often police kill Americans because a huge number of police departments—including some of the largest in the country—don’t report police killings to the FBI.

An analysis by the Wall Street Journal found that more than 550 police killings were missing from the national tally, meaning the richest nation on earth seems unable to account for how often the police gun down Americans in the streets of the U.S.


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6 thoughts on “Chicago Police Have Killed Unarmed Civilians in Extreme Ways, But Will Not Reveal Number of Officer-Related Gun Incidents

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    So private businesses are required to report industrial accidents & deaths each year but police depts–which are funded by THE PUBLIC–are not? Something is wrong with this picture.

  2. Jay Contreras says:

    So private businesses are required to report industrial accidents & deaths each year but police depts–which are funded by THE PUBLIC–are not? Something is wrong with this picture.

  3. I find it very hard to believe that they don't have that statistic. I work in public safety. We are required to report/ account every statistic imaginable. It's called accreditation. I'm not familiar with chicago, so maybe they don't. What do I know. I do know that reports like this, videos all over social media, bad talking of law enforcement is rampant. I recommend that instead of sitting around and doing nothing but spreading hate and discontent, get off your but and find a way to solve issues. Don't riot violently and burn down an innocent business. Instead, go to your local PD and work on solutions. How to strengthen relations. How to eliminate crime. How to work with the community to solve racial tensions. I know that to get anything resolved, it's better to be and part of the solution, and not part of the problem.

  4. Jay Contreras says:

    I think the police depts need to stop hiring psychologically damaged police officers and perhaps train them to deal with the communities they are PAID by the PUBLIC to serve as fellow human beings instead of as enemies of the state. Police depts have known for a long time what constitutes 'good policing' and they on the whole, have chosen to go the OPPOSITE route. And people are speaking out (which is still legal..on paper anyway)..and they should continue to until there are fundamental changes in the system. And cops having a LONG, nefarious history of murdering black men in cold blood, is what's leading to racial tensions..don't try to blame those who are subjected to police brutality and systemic racist profiling for CREATING the problem. Pointing out injustice DOESN'T cause injustice. Get that straight. What people like you who troll on black sites specifically on topics like this for us to suffer in silence..keep your dirty secrets since the world wide web exposes US dirty laundry..too bad…and it's amazing to me that out of ALL of the probably billions of sites online..that you people show up like clockwork on topics like these ON black sites…it's almost as are monitoring what we write…wouldn't that be surprising?! lol…

  5. I had no idea this is a,"black" site. The fact that you label it as such is sad. You yourself said people are still free to speak. I agree that there probably needs to be a better way of testing psychological issues at hiring. It should coincide with the testing of people allowed to buy guns. Society as a whole (not just police department) is becoming more lawless everyday. It reminds me of a batman movie. Most of the police out there have morals and standards. Same as most of society. But it's hard to find and line of where force is necessary versus not. Our police have rules of engagement. Our criminals do not.
    I'm sorry you feel I was trolling. I was trying to offer a few words of my own opinion. Good day sir

  6. Jay Contreras says:

    William Workman Labeling a site that CLEARLY covers topics aimed at BLACK concerns & issues is anything BUT sad; it's stating the obvious. Act obtuse if you want. Again, there are probably BILLIONS of sites on the internet(s) and I just find it more than curious that people like you WITHOUT fail, can always seem to navigate your way to sites like this ON TOPICS like this. Amazing time or is it just good Fed monitoring? lol..CoIntelpro lives. And society is BECOMING more lawless everyday? lol..dude, you are speaking to the wrong person…this country was FOUNDED on the trifecta of THEFT, GENOCIDE & SLAVERY…it was a failed experiment from the start and has ALWAYS been violent in it's dealings with black people and other color of people GLOBALLY. So this ain't nothing new. Do I need to NAME how many sovereign countries and elected leaders the US has toppled or assassinated? And either you are being deliberately obtuse or you are really daft—the police have rules of engagement? Yes, in the same way that slave patrolers had rules of engagement. In the same way that the military has rules of engagement when dealing with enemy combatants. This is the SAME way that the US police deals with black people in this country. The criminal INJUSTICE system is operated by CRIMINALS who make a LOT of money off the peddling of black flesh. Privatized prisons are VERY PROFITABLE and are simply engaging in an amerikan tradition–from the peonage system of old to the modern day amerikan gulag–it's all the same. This system is rotten and racist to the core. You don't have to agree with me cuz your opinion means NOTHING to me. I know what I know. And apparently, whites know it to, under all that posturing and lying, otherwise, the govt wouldn't need to flood black sites with all of these paid trolls. No need to respond. Won't make a damn bit of difference. I don't need you to co-sign my truth.

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