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8 thoughts on “In His Own Words: Are These Fred Hampton Speeches Still Relevant Today 45 Years After His Assassination?

  1. Theresa 'Tammie' Parrott says:

    This was a heavy, heavy brotha! He was 21yrs old when he was murdered. Learn what he stood for, how he brought people of all colors together against racism and capitalism. You couldn't join the Panthers in Chicago if you didn't go through Fred Hampton's political classes. He educated the people rather than march with no purpose.

    Understand why people like Fred Hampton, King, Malcom were killed, they told the truth, they stood for something. People like Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton talk a good game, but they both have been bought and paid for a long time ago.

    I know for a fact if Fred Hampton had lived, there would not have been a crack epidemic in Chicago. The filthy music and video's young black males and females would not have happened.

    Fred Hampton was this countries worst nightmare, that's why he was killed. He was killed a year after King. Ironiclly, King was killed because of his Vietnam speech.

    All this talk about being nonviolent is a part of mental slavery, they are in your head. We have no need to be violent. Violence happens when one doesn't know what else to do.

    Wake up, know your history and his. Know what the political issues are. Don't just listen to people tell you to go out and vote, know what and who you're voting for and hold them accountable.

    The last thing is, Fred Hampton were was setup by someone right under his nose. Understand, just because these so called leaders today claim they are marching in step with the masses, isn't always the truth. They are smiling in your face and marching with the enemy for their own gain.

    Thanks Alanta Black Star for putting Fred Hampton story out there, young people really need to know who he was and what he stood for.

  2. Angela Chieves says:

    Thanks for truth…very refreshing. At 21 ,Hampton was a mature man, unlike what is able to develop today. The latter will change before our eyes , in the most positive way. Revolution is in the streets across America.


  4. AJ Flok says:

    Power to the people!!!!

  5. AJ Flok says:

    Power to the people!!!!

  6. AJ Flok says:


  7. AJ Flok says:


  8. Dion James says:

    Like everywhere in New york the saga many of US they've killed already & still killingjustUS!

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