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5 Black Celebrity Duos Said to Be Dating Both On- and Off-Screen

Screen Shot 2014-12-03 at 5.08.12 PMMartin Lawrence and Tisha Campbell

Martin’s favorite couple had more than just an on-screen romance. The two dated briefly before Campbell dumped Lawrence and got engaged to actor Duane Martin. Lawrence became jealous, and Campbell eventually filed sexual harassment charges.

“When Tisha got engaged to Duane, Martin made things difficult for her on the TV set,” former co-star Carl Payne told “Martin and Tisha had an affair, but Martin fell in love and she didn’t. Martin used to bad-mouth Duane all the time. He always told Tisha, ‘Your man is soft.’ Tisha’s sexual harassment charges against Martin were the only way she could get rid of him.”

The pair taped the show’s final episodes without ever being in the same room.

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