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Ex-NBA Player Etan Thomas Calls Out Charles Barkley On Ferguson Case

Obama+Discusses+Fatherhood+Mentoring+UkpzUsIlRgcmEtan Thomas played nine seasons in the NBA, but he always was more than a basketball player. He was an advocate for kids, a poet, a thinker. A smart, conscious man, Thomas authored the 2013 book, “Fatherhood: Rising to the Ultimate Challenge.”

When he read about Charles Barkley’s support of the Ferguson grand jury’s decision to not indict officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, he was disturbed enough to write this open letter to the Hall of Famer in

Dear Charles,

Let me say first that you are among the basketball greats. I remember rooting for you in the ’93 Championship Series against the Bulls along with one of my hometown heroes Richard Dumas. You have achieved a level of success on the court that will be cemented in the basketball history books permanently. Eleven NBA All-Star Game appearances, 2x All-Star MVP, once voted NBA MVP, one of the 50 Greatest Players in NBA History. Dream Team, two-time inductee into the Naismith Memorial Basketball Hall of Fame. You are basketball royalty.

Your book “Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man?” is sitting on my bookshelf right now. It’s a powerful book that takes on the issue of race and racism in a way that many would’ve shied away from.

“Racism,” you said, “is the biggest cancer of my lifetime. And I know I can’t cure the cancer, but doesn’t somebody have to attack it?”

In “Who’s Afraid of a Large Black Man” you compiled a very impressive list of fascinating opinions and personal stories from then-Senator Obama, Michael Wilbon, Tiger Woods, Morgan Freeman and many other famous personalities on their ideas about race and other issues in America. Your words were to the point, with little of your trademark humor. It’s clear that the audience you most hoped to reach with this book were young black men and women, and I commend you for using your celebrity status and influence to positively effect black youth.

You have never been afraid to speak your mind and I commend you for that. But with that comes great responsibility.

During an interview on 97.5 The Fanatic in Philadelphia, the day after the Ferguson decision was announced, host Mike Missanelli asked you to express your thoughts about it and why “Black America” didn’t trust the ruling. Your response was quite surprising to me. You said: “The true story came out from the grand jury testimony.” You explained that you were made aware of “key forensic evidence, and several black witnesses that supported Officer Darren Wilson’s story…”

You went on to say:

[W]e have to be really careful with the cops, because if it wasn’t for the cops we would be living in the Wild, Wild West in our neighborhoods…we can’t pick out certain incidentals that don’t go our way and act like the cops are all bad…. Do you know how bad some of these neighborhoods would be if it wasn’t for the cops?

You continued to refer to the Ferguson looters as “scumbags,” and further praised police officers who work in black neighborhoods, and reiterated that you support the decision made by the grand jury not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting.

Mainstream America was falling over themselves with joy at your statements. They couldn’t be happier.

The headline from Young Conservatives read, “Charles Barkley Speaks The Truth about Ferguson, Calls Out Media, And It’s Epic.”

The Tea Party Network wrote “Former NBA star Charles Barkley slams Ferguson rioters, left stream media and Obama.”

When the wolf begins to praise the sheep, it would be wise for the sheep to undergo some serious self evaluation.

The fact that they were praising you should have made you take a long look in the mirror. I’m not going to disrespect you by calling you an Uncle Tom or putting up a big picture of Samuel L Jackson from Django Unchained, nor am I writing this to “slam” you, although I am sure many writers will attempt to frame it this way. I respectfully disagree with a position that you have every right to take.

The reason why your latest comments were so surprising for many in the black community is because they appeared to echo Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox News. That’s not what we expect from Sir Charles.

It’s like in Animal Farm where the other animals looked in the window and the pigs were walking upright like the evil humans.

Sir Charles should never appear to be taking on the characteristics of Rush Limbaugh.

This wasn’t the first time either. I did a double take after your statements after the Trayvon Martin  verdict. I actually thought I was reading one of those satire articles when you told host Maria Bartiromo on CNBC’s Closing Bell: “That’s probably not a popular opinion among most people. But just looking at the evidence, I agreed with the verdict.”

You went on to say, “I don’t think that guy (George Zimmerman) should have gone to jail for the rest of his life. Because something happened bad that night.”

As a result you will be praised by many who search for a black face to reference who is in agreement with their regularly pushed agendas. It’s the “Rudolph Guliani and cops are always right and the black community is always deserving to be treated as criminals” doctrine.

They’re going to invite you to speak on all of their shows and attend their events. You’ll be awarded admission into their extra “exclusive” golf club memberships. They may even ask you to publicly endorse Ben Carson. You’ll be the “Voice Of Black America” on their shows. It’s like the Don Lemon fast-track to stardom playbook.

You’ll get more commercials, movie roles, hell, we may see you running through the airport jumping over suitcases or starring in the modernized Naked Gun movie with Tucker Carlson as Leslie Neilson. (Just be careful because all that love and admiration could dissipate in a flash.)

How much confidence can you have in a decision to not indict Darren Wilson when the leading prosecuting attorney was Robert McCulloch, who has never in his entire 23-year career indicted a police officer for killing someone in the line of duty? This was the fifth grand jury McCulloch presented evidence to in a police shooting, and still not a single indictment. And there are other reasons to question this outcome.

As far as the police are concerned, we all (black, white, Hispanic, Asian, all communities) want the same thing: we want good, honest, committed police officers who are actually serving and protecting everyone. We’re not indicting all police officers, but we do want criminal police officers removed. To view the police completely as “good” is just as dangerous as viewing them completely as “evil.” Both are very far from accurate.

But there is a reason why people are hostile. There have been fourteen black teens killed by police since Mike Brown. Twelve-year-old Tamir Rice killed in Cleveland, 14-year-old Cameron Tillman in Louisiana, VonDerrit Myers Jr. not far from where Mike Brown was killed, 18-year-old Jeffrey Holden in Kansas City.

In addition, a never-ending reel of police brutality and beatings is constantly shown on social media. And, in most cases, fails to result in any type of punishment for the cop. They typically are put on paid administrative leave (as was Darren Wilson for over 100 days) which is in essence a paid vacation, and yet you have the nerve to praise the police as a whole for their work in the black community ?

And while we don’t condone breaking the law, burning or looting, let me remind you of a quote from Dr King, who said, “A riot is the voice of the unheard.”

You have to take into account the everyday living and existing in a state of  inequality that has led to the riots. The outrage and disgust of feeling helpless. A community who sees no justice. You’re focused on the reaction and not the cause of the reaction.

Dr King also said, “Our greatest stumbling block toward freedom is not the Ku Klux Klan, it’s the white moderate who are more devoted to ‘order’ than to justice.”

Why do you think President Obama asked for $263 million to provide police departments with body cameras? Because sometimes the “scumbags” are in fact the ones with the badge and the ones deserving praise are the ones in the Black communities who survive them.

So, as a federal investigation by the Justice Department into the shooting death of Michael Brown continues, in addition to an investigation into allegations of unconstitutional policing patterns and practices by the Ferguson Police Department; and with the inconsistent officer testimony to the grand jury and the continuing mistrust between the black community and the police in mind, you can understand why your statements disappointed, angered, sickened and disgusted many in the black community. Because it felt like betrayal.

You weren’t afraid to ask that all-important question, a question that confronts people who look like Michael Brown, Eric Garner and myself: “Who’s afraid of a large black man?” Tragically, it now seems like the answer might be you.


Etan Thomas

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170 thoughts on “Ex-NBA Player Etan Thomas Calls Out Charles Barkley On Ferguson Case

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    When the wolf begins to praise the sheep, it would be wise for the sheep to undergo some serious self evaluation. –Not when the sheep has deluded himself into thinking he is no longer a sheep cuz the wolves haven't yet eaten him. Usually sheep like Barkely get their wake up–he betta ask Cosby, Michael Jordan, Kobe & some others.

  2. Thank you for illustrating what the Black community is feeling. I'll be the first to say he is a sell out and so is MJ. Investing in Private Prisons (Geo Corp.) I hope the whole Black community hears me. Uncle Toms in Bed with the oppressor. Have you no shame? The same people who supported you, you desert and abandon them. Let them walk in shame!

  3. Corey Marcinkiewicz says:

    So Etan Thomas believes just because Charles Barkley is black he should not form his own opinions which happen to be similar to the republican point of view. Instead he should blindly follow what the majority of fellow members of his race believe even though most of them including Etan Thomas have failed to read the facts of this case only what the media wants you to hear. Ryan Thomas should use some of that free education he received from Syracuse university to dive further into the facts instead of blindly following the masses that he is asking Charles Barkley to do. He should be asking his community why there is such an aversion to police officers trying to do their job and why people in that community find it acceptable to continuously disrespect officers trying to do their job.

  4. Very very very great article! Well written! Well said! I completely agree.

  5. Jay Contreras says:

    I agree with you but I think he's more like a buy out..he's been bought, lock stock & barrel. And I hate to nitpick–but Uncle Tom was the good one..Sambo was the traitor. Words are powerful & having those 2 characters reversed is another form of programming in my opinion. I'm sure it wasn't intentional on your part. I used to do the same thing. As far as Barkley, he will get his wake up call. They always do. No matter how blinged or pimped out their gilded cage is, they still live under this racist system too. And that's the point we need to all understand: the delusion of inclusion tries to divert our attention from being captains of our own ship & wants us to settle for being cabin boys on the Titanic. We must stop being so short-sighted. Land is just over the horizon.

  6. Larry Lorden says:

    Why don't you people find something else to do like maybe working!

  7. Mr Corey what facts have you read to say there shouldn't atleast be a trail please let me know. Especially if you have read the transcript. Let me know how you bag your own evidence!!! Who does that or leave a crime scene or wash off evidence which is on your person. Anyone can have their say speak their mind but the facts are put out in the open they don't add up either way so at the least a trial should take place. Oh yeah and no gunshot residue on the victim but was shot a point blank range is amazing never heard of it and have been in law enforcement. I'm not saying he is guilty but it has been handled wrong and the whole truth is not in his conflicting and changing testimony even in the transcript he changes some answers

  8. Euphemia Lewis Shelton says:

    Well said!!

  9. Dan Cox says:

    This just more of the same old… RACISM! Enough of this non-sense, look past color and understand that we are all part of the Human Race. Stop singling out every incident that occurs to a Black person and start seeing the bigger picture. We are all diminished by the idea that you have… that we should segregate the issues that important to "the Black Community" from what is important to us all. As long as you segregate yourselves as different and not a part of the whole… then you have created your own Racial Bias. When AG Eric Holder is only involved in Court Cases that involve Black people and he ignores other serious infractions of people Rights…there is a problem. When President Obama speaks of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown… but not of the hundreds of Black people that are killed every year, in Black on Black Violence, in his Hometown of Chicago…there is a problem. The agenda of the Liberal Press is to make the violence a "Gun Control Issue"… but we all know it is really a people issue. Until the people of this nation see each other as the same and until Black people stop seeing only the color of their own skin, this place will stay divided.

  10. How can U say black women stink when the stink one was U while grandmama whipped yo narrowed stanking azz..Nigga drink the KOOL-AID

  11. James Crump says:

    Another, OJ.Forgot what color he was.

  12. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    But we are to blindly follow what white America deems as correct? The reason for the aversion to the police is that we should not have to shuck and jive to appease them. Show us respect we show you respect. The problem lies in the fact that when question how we are talked to and treated if we question them. Why is it okay for you to have the right to question, but nit us? Why am I supposed to just accept the unacceptable. If this whole situation had been reversed would you still feel the same way? I get sick and tired of hearing people who will never be black tell me and others that we should just be grateful for what exactly being followed around stores because I am black? Being denied a job because my skin doesn't reflect what you want even though I am more qualified. Or maybe just maybe I should be grateful for the poor schools in my neighborhood with outdated books? What say you now sir? This is our lives everyday not yours. You can't see beyond your privilege you don't face obstacles everyday you not a suspect from birth we are. For one moment move beyond your comfort zone and realize that at the end of the day for you, you don't have to look over your shoulder. In your world you say well they have the same opportunity as me! No, some do I did I grew up all over the world I have seen the good and the bad. But what I won't do is down play the plight of my fellow black man or female just because I was fortunate enough to have grown up with the best.

  13. Jew dicial system, Jew vinil Detention Center, Just Us….Dred Scott Decision! Who you lying to?

  14. Calling people by a name like scumbags!! That's the reason this country is the way it is now. It wasn't smart in the short term but down the road the community itself might be better off. He don't know them people didn't offer to help so I think, who gives a shit what Charles Barkley thinks!!

  15. Gregory S. McNeill says:

    Dan, Mr. Thomas told it like it is. Mr. Barkley did that to earn points to run for political office. Etan Thomas is correct.

  16. Gregory S. McNeill says:

    I am glad that people like Etan Thomas and John Carlos had called Charles Barkley out. I agree with Jay Contreras that Barkley will get his wake up call. Look at what is happening to Bill Cosby. I am not knocking Mr. Barkley's choice of political affiliation nor his marriage to a White Woman, I am against Barkley's stupidity for making those comments. Let him try to say that to Eric Garner's family.

  17. Eady Trice Morgan says:

    Prior to reading this article, I had not heard of this gentlemen. I still needn't forget Shi be is now. Mr Barkley is No different from the house slave Shi decided that it's in his best interest to take the side of the oppressor Than to join the struggle for the betterment of everyone. He will not lift a finger to anger the people that keeps him fat and fed. I get it. Every revolutionary, from Harriet Tu man, tl Martin Luther King, Jr. Had to encounter people likeMr. BBarkley. And it's a damn shame.

  18. Yes barkley…like Etan Thomas said, you are…….your afraid of a large black man.

  19. Carl Hewitt says:

    Yeah, until Mr. Charlie had him by the collar up against the wall.

  20. Eady Trice Morgan says:

    I apologize for the many typos. Using my stupid phone today.

  21. Carl Hewitt says:

    This place will stay divided as long as white people like you enjoy white privilege and Black men like me are perceived as threats, militants and terrorists.

    Standing up and demanding to be treated as a human being doesn't make a person a threat, terrorist or militant.

    You can't understand white privilege because you live it. It's a natural human state for people like you.

  22. Doug Anderson says:

    I will, somewhat, echo what some other commentators have written: this is a well written article. Unfortunately, that is the most praise I can muster. I will emphasize that all involved, and all of us on the sidelines, must read the facts, as much as is presented to us. I have read much of the Grand Jury material (or at least in summary- there is alot of material). I believe Officer Wilson did what he thought he had to do in those moments to save his own life. Was this fair to all involved- most notably, Mike Brown? Probably not- this world is far from perfect. Was this racially motivated? I have no idea- I cannot get inside the head of Officer Wilson, nor Mike Brown. On this, or perhaps another thread, someone had asked if white America (sorry, paraphrasing) would feel the same if a white youngster had been killed in this manner? My thought is, we probably would not have heard about it; at least not here in California. For whatever reason, when a white person gets killed by the police (or someone else) it is not nation wide news. I think, if I remember correctly, Barkley had also slammed the media in his comments about this situation. I think he was spot-on with those remarks. The media spread much disinformation about this case before much of the information came to light- or at least, that is how it appears. I think media sources like to sensationalize this type of story- and it appears that they, at least (the media) got exactly what they wanted. A story with "legs."

  23. Lloyd Blackwell says:

    Jay Contreras thats what a sell out is.

  24. Dave Mills says:

    There he goes again, Overseer Barkley keep massa happy.

  25. Eloquently stated. Charles Barkley is a genuinely uneducated buffoon, without a ring, and a speech impediment……Token Black churlish idiot!

  26. Grand Jury system needs to called the Grand Wizard System!

  27. La'Maze Johnson says:

    So Barkley is a "sell-out" because "mainstream" Americans and "conservatives" happen to agree with him on the facts of this case?

    Blacks are not free to have opinions that conservatives or "mainstream" Americans agree with?

    Tell me again who the intolerant people are?

  28. La'Maze Johnson says:

    I'm sure you will remind him.

  29. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Cecil Max-George Looks like someone has a problem with Jewish people.

  30. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Have you heard Al Sharpton speak?

  31. Kingston Howard says:

    Mr. Cox i agree with you that it shouldn't be a race issue. you sir are right in saying its a human rights issue, but i am torn as well because i am a black man i have seen and felt the sting of racism. i think sir that men like yourself need to lead the way in the much need discussion concerning race in america. i see and feel as though you are trying to take a common sense approach, that is good. i must ask you sir, first find out what it really means to be black in america, what it is truly like for a black person on a daily basis. the problem that blacks have with whites that they are so quick to dismiss what a black person has to say without truly trying to understand.that's like you and i telling a woman to stop her belly aching during the delivery of a child. you and have no basis to tell her to suck it up simply because she is making a lot of noise. with the majority of us its not about finger pointing or passing the buck, its trying to get "white" america to truly under

  32. Delores Trutlin says:

    Dan, stay in your lane.

  33. "Tell me again who the intolerant people are?" People who support and uphold white supremacy.

  34. "Tell me again who the intolerant people are?" People who support and uphold white supremacy.

  35. "Tell me again who the intolerant people are?" People who support and uphold white supremacy.

  36. Jay Contreras says:

    Have we strung you up or lynched you? Castrated you? Denied you a job? A mortgage loan? Stopped & frisked you? Amoebas like you will always play this false equivalency game. It doesn't work. It doesn't take a half-wit to see that there is NO equivalency to what you are implying. If we don't like what Barkely says, then WHO are you to question that? Nobody, that's who. You have no credibility or authority to tell me what tha hell to think & whom to agree with. Point blank. Period. You trolls are so tired. In more ways than one.

  37. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Conservatives and tea party supposedly uphold "white supremacy", and yet the prosecutor in this case is a democrat.

    Etan didn't even bother to explain how what Barkley said wasn't true, only that conservatives agree with it.

    As long as the liberal echo-chamber is in agreement, it's cool for a black person to say it.

  38. Jay Contreras La Maze wasn't born white. To quote the Great Chuck D…"Every brother ain't a brother cause a color/Just as well could be undercover"

  39. La'Maze Johnson I could give a fuc about red or blue. Both sides support and uphold white supremacy.

  40. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras Everybody is free to have an observation and an opinion. It is my observation that his problem with Barkley isn't the truth of what he says, but who happens to agree with it.

    Conservatives and the "tea party" are the "oppressors", but the prosecutor in this case is a democrat.

  41. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jayson Darensburg Tell that to Etan Thomas. He hasn't gotten the message.

  42. Jay Contreras says:

    La'Maze Johnson Wrong, poindexter. I don't need 2 appointed slave apostles to tell me what to think. I can do that for myself. If Barkley said something I agreed with, I'd agree. If there is a lock-step echo chamber going on, it's coming from both sides but to imply that WE couldn't have just independently come to the conclusion that we disagree with Barkley & are simply parroting disapproval b/c of some arbitrary political spectrum that somebody else has come up with, is arrogance and white boy entitlement bs.

  43. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jayson Darensburg I would love to know what the requirements for being a "brother" are. Please enlighten me.

  44. Jay Contreras says:

    La'Maze Johnson I don't give a damn what color the prosecutor is..there are PLENTY of black handmaidens that tote water for the devil. PLENTY. I don't like the nigra. Period and it's rare that he says anything I do agree with. Has nothing to do with some conspiracist agenda. I simply disagree with the damn system, the pigs that murdered Eric Garner and sambo Barkley. If you don't like that, tough. Nobody needs your approval or consignment to THINK and have a damn opinion. Again, white boy entitlement delusion bs.

  45. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras Why the need for name-calling? These are Etan's own words:

    "You continued to refer to the Ferguson looters as “scumbags,” and further praised police officers who work in black neighborhoods, and reiterated that you support the decision made by the grand jury not to indict officer Darren Wilson in the Michael Brown shooting.
    Mainstream America was falling over themselves with joy at your statements. They couldn’t be happier.

    The headline from Young Conservatives read, “Charles Barkley Speaks The Truth about Ferguson, Calls Out Media, And It’s Epic.”

    The Tea Party Network wrote, “Former NBA star Charles Barkley slams Ferguson rioters, left stream media and Obama.”

    When the wolf begins to praise the sheep, it would be wise for the sheep to undergo some serious self-evaluation."

  46. La'Maze Johnson Not fighting over to see who going to get the hottest butta biscuit would be a start. Stacey Dash just stepped in front of you.

  47. La'Maze Johnson says:

    I buy my own biscuits homey. 1/3 of the people that look like us rely on Uncle Sam for theirs.

    And I'm supposed to be the slave?

  48. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jayson Darensburg I buy my own biscuits homey. 1/3 of the people that look like us rely on Uncle Sam for theirs.

    And I'm supposed to be the slave?

  49. Ck Sanders says:

    You just don't get it. Why did you have to say, "…use some of that free education he received from Syracuse?" If you don't think your interjecting that into the discussion is problematic, then like I said, "you just don't get it." Wow.

  50. La'Maze Johnson You are just in the house.

  51. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jayson Darensburg Yeah, the one I bought.

  52. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jayson Darensburg Yeah, the one I bought.

  53. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras Do you really think Barkley gives a damn?

  54. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras Do you really think Barkley gives a damn?

  55. Gigi Lamour says:

    This was so well said. Very, very well said.

  56. Who is goin to read this insighful and deep letter to sir.charles. LOL

  57. Tony Conner says:

    Gregory S. McNeill I agree 100% …..Barkley is Building is Political Resume…..he has on more than one occasion stated that he wants to run for Governor of Alabama…..for those who live in Alabama……..Yikes

  58. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    Please go away. I have been following you and you don't have anything constructive to say coon. I have heard Al Sharpton speak. Not a fan of his but see you your that type of black person that got a head and forgot where you came from. I was born with a lot didn't grow up on welfare and lived all over thanks to my father. I however would never down play the black experience because I am black. I am proud of my heritage and I would never disparage another because they have less then myself and those I know. You don't know why they did what they did but you do know that the people he called scumbags for looting that the vast majority of them were not from Ferguson?

  59. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    Why do they rely on it? 1/3 really don't get that. More blacks are kicked off the system a lot faster and quicker than you can blink an eye at. Please there are way more of them that get assistance then us. Oh that's right I forgot you never had any issues in your life that could have caused you to have to rely on a little help. You are sad. You have no empathy for your own kind. Try some compassion and understanding.

  60. Well said..I hope CB , reads. Then look into the mirror.

  61. Corey Marcinkiewicz says:

    I work in an inner city school and the myth that the books are outdated is another unfounded fact that your community wants other to believe. The fact is that schools in inner cities are funded primarily by the state while suburban schools are funded by local taxes. The problem in the schools is that inner city students have been raised in a culture that shows them it is alright to defy authority when asked to do school work and take exams. Students feel it is acceptable to flat out refuse to do assignments because that is the kind of behavior they have raised on. It actually makes my job twice as hard because with the shift in education in this country my job is evaluated based on test scores from test inner city students refuse to take. Tell me where that is fair. Why is it so hard to respect authority in your community? Cops are around to keep people safe. Mike Brown had a criminal record and thus the eye of the police have been watching over him more carefully because it is a fact that someone with a criminal record is more likely to commit a second and crime and so on. Profiling is a known police tactic that even though you may not like it does prove to be successful. They profile those who are known to pose a threat. Mike Brown was a known threat and menace. The fact that he was black had no bearing on the circumstances. Bad people are targets, not black people. And please do not bring up the passed over for a job because of race argument. Their is a black president who has been in office for 6 years. Use him as an example of hard work and dedication getting you somewhere. He did so why can't you?

  62. Corey Marcinkiewicz says:

    And are we really blaming the jews for this, That is just laughable. Why even bring it up?

  63. Jay Contreras says:

    La'Maze Johnson Nope, I'm sure Barkley cares less what I think but that won't keep me from voicing my opinion. Just like the fact that probably most on this site don't give a damn what you think, but I'm sure you'll keep posting. Opinions are like a-holes..everybody's got one..but my question is, why are certain people so overly concerned about what comes outta ours & what we are thinking? What vested interest DO YOU have in my opinion and what black people as a whole think? I don't even believe you are black. There are too many trolls on this site posing as black but their words follow a consistent trajectory that is always anti-black or pro-status quo or pro-system. I don't disagree with people like you b/c you peddle faux news talking points, I disagree with you b/c I disagree with you. I am decidedly anti-imperialism, anti-racism, anti-apartheid, anti-injustice & anti-people-making-damn-excuses-for-all-of-the-above. Period.

  64. Darvis Muhammad says:

    Charles Barkley needs to understand the scumbags in Ferguson, Mo., are the militarized SWAT teams who roamed the area setting fires and ruining property. These scumbags blamed the innocent demonstrators for that damage. There is film footage available proving my point.

  65. Jeffrey Walker says:

    Thank you Etan…well said.

  66. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    So I was waiting on that. The books are outdated. I know I used to send my kids to schools like that but I put them some place where they would have a fighting chance like I did. Black kids are not raised to defy authority but the ones that do is due to them seeing to much in their life time. You can't even relate to them that is the reason they won't listen to anything you have to say. I have a friend that is a teacher in the inner city schools and she has a diverse group of students and they all act up. For you to say we just don' t respect authority is disingenuous at best we respect those that treat us like something. See your saying it is making your job harder tells me that even as an educator you need to take a REAL course in diversity when it comes to those children. How are you talking to the students you don't have to kiss their ass or take disrespect but at the same time don't expect them to respect you when they can sense you already don't care your just their for a paycheck. You already have deemed them as unredeemable. They know that. I guarantee if you changed your approach with these students some not all but some would probably do what you requested. You don't know why they refuse to do as they are told they could have just been beaten that night. They could have missed a meal and been hungry they could have just witnessed mom or dad even getting beat that night. Now back to that line there is a Black President in office who has been subjected to the most nasty displays of attacks since before he entered office they vowed to make this hard on him and they have fought with him tooth and nail. I love the fact we have a black president bought it brought the racist to the fore front in droves you know and I know it. That does not mean that we have overcome anything. He is depicted as a monkey with big ears and big lips, he is called a Muslim, atheist ,communist that doesn't love America or her values. So yea you needed to come up with a better argument than that. That dog won't hunt her sir. No not at all. See in my world how I was raised and what I saw were successful black families all around me I so used to that lifestyle that it never dawned on me that black people struggled so to get ahead because everyone I was raised around had college degrees or had very well paying jobs. So I didn't grow up improvised however it doesn't negate my responsibility as a black individual to look my nose down on those who may not have enjoyed what I did nor is it yours to judge a whole race based off your job experience's when there is a lot of world and communities that are predominately black that have none of these issues. Research mister teacher research that is the lesson of the day for you. Stop trying to justify why you feel that blacks are just so out of control. Start this same dialogue about the white neighborhoods that go through this very thing each and everyday and have more issues than the inner cities but you won't see them on the news because they don't people to see that just the animalistic Negros need to be put on display but your folks are dying in droves to heroin and meth. Once you have that cleaned them come and sweep around my front door. Good evening to you.

  67. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    Now I will agree with you on the Jewish situations not sure where they fit in at in this conversation but hey to each his own. Maybe I need to do a little more research on this so yea.

  68. Jeffrey Walker says:

    @Dan….the only problem I see is white people such as yourself who have a tendency to run some silly crap that makes you feel good but doesn't do a damn thing for my murdered brothers nor me. May I suggest you go wherever whites folks go and run that silly crap to the most dispictable race of people on the face of this earth. If you want to start a dialogue on race…look in the mirror and start talking.

  69. Sabrina Green says:

    He is from Alabama. He knows.

  70. Sherell Lee says:

    Kingston Howard Very well stated! I wish those that think it's just black American "belly aching" could experience walking in the shoes of a black man for a week. Then come back and report their experience. I think they would be traumatized!

  71. Robin Fabrega says:

    I concur. Thank you for your respectful dissertation to Mr. Barkley.

  72. Nicole Samuel says:

    Dan I understand your point and I wish things would get better, but it's difficult for you to understand what African American men go through everyday. You just don't understand their struggle.

  73. Kingston Howard says:

    Sherell Lee thank you.

  74. Nicole Samuel says:

    One more thing Dan. If people stop judging people based on the color of their skin, we wouldn't be having this discussion. If you don't see a problem with racism, especially poor people and African Americans then we will continue to have this problem. The truth hurts. It has to STOP!

  75. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras You don't believe I'm black? What reason do I have to lie about my skin color?

  76. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Nikita Cherie Stiggers A person calling someone a "coon" has the nerves to talk about "constructive" speech.

    Oh, the irony…

  77. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    Negro please!!! Yes, yes I called you by your name. That is exactly correct I said it. You are what you eat. You sir have not only drank the Kool Aid you ate the pack it came in. Stop with the buffoonery. Like I said you, obviously from your post, are not disparaged you have everything you need and you did it all on your own. Because that's the type of person you are. I am with Jay are you really black. I have re-read some of your posts and you just don't seem to be of the black persuasion.

  78. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    Negro please!!! Yes, yes I called you by your name. That is exactly correct I said it. You are what you eat. You sir have not only drank the Kool Aid you ate the pack it came in. Stop with the buffoonery. Like I said you, obviously from your post, are not disparaged you have everything you need and you did it all on your own. Because that's the type of person you are. I am with Jay are you really black. I have re-read some of your posts and you just don't seem to be of the black persuasion.

  79. How often does it occur in the white community?

  80. I did and I'm posting it.

  81. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Nikita Cherie Stiggers I think what you mean is I don't sound like the echo-chamber who doesn't blame FNC and the Tea Party for my problems (or lack thereof).

    I'm just as black as you are. No shame in my game.

  82. How many people were killed when whites rioted in New Hampshire recently? How many are killed when they riot if their team wins or loses a game? HOW MANY?

  83. Nikita Cherie Stiggers says:

    I don't blame them for my problems. You didn't see or hear that come from me. No that is not what I mean you have no empathy not sympathy but empathy for your fellow black man as I have stated before. Because you don't struggle or maybe you never had to struggle so in your mind if you didn't experience it must not be real. See its black people such as you that annoy my soul. You would have been the one on the plantation telling on everybody and would have wound up shot by Harriett Tubman for your views and stance whilst she was trying to usher others into freedom. Nobody on her is blaming the tea party no one. We are talking about Sambo aka Charles I can't articulate properly but I am going to tell you how you should live Barkley. Thank you for your participation you are not longer needed. Good evening to you.

  84. Kim Calbert says:

    Sherell Lee Heck tramatized? Hell they would kill themselves #weakindividuals they could not handled being in our skin and living our everyday life experiences…I agree

  85. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Nikita Cherie Stiggers Oh, I've had my share of struggles. But none of them were overcome by me pretending I'm some victim of an oppressive system. I was born in the 70s. Not the 20s.

    And a person like me probably wouldn't have taken very well to life as a slave. I'm a very autonomous person. I'd prefer death over a life of servitude or kissing butt. Thankfully neither you or I have to speculate about such things.

    I honor those who live and died as slaves by taking advantage of the fruits of their labor. Different strokes, different folks I guess.

  86. Kim Calbert says:

    Kingston Howard your comment is so on point…luv it

  87. Kim Calbert says:

    Kingston Howard your comment is so on point…luv it

  88. Uncle Tom sic Charles Barkley should be using what little influence he has to be a voice for justice and equality in the black communities, not siding with the oppressor.

  89. Omega Payton says:

    Indeed, most people do not realize that it was not the people of Ferguson doing the rocking throwing, looting and burning, it was the police and the military, whom were acting in the capacities as Agents provocateers. This is an old trick from the COINTELPRO days of the 60s and 70s. In fact, I have been screaming for a couple of years now that some of the murders committed in Chicago are been done by the police and by gang members acting in direct concert with the police. In fact, I have spoke with people from that area and the involvement of cops in gang murders in Chicago is common knowledge.

  90. Omega Payton says:

    Americans just get dumber and dumber:

  91. Jay Contreras says:

    Omega Payton You and I are <———> on this..I totally believe most of the violence going on in Chicago since Rahm got in there is being orchestrated by govt agents/cops..I remember seeing the documentary, Bastards of the Party & there is a part in there where gang members said they saw for themselves, LAPD, impound known gang member's cars, then do drive bys in them I'm assuming to get them to abandon the gang truce that had been declared at that time. Apparently, it worked. And yes, it most definitely is thte FBI's CoIntelpro…just like all these paid trolls who swarm to sites catering to us like roaches.

  92. Jay Contreras says:

    La'Maze Johnson Still passing for black, huh? lol..

  93. Jay Contreras says:

    La'Maze Johnson I'm sure you would. That would make your trolling duties much more effective, wouldn't it? Well, white boy posing as a 'brotha' are going to have to take your affirmative action FBI hire a ss somewhere else to get insight on negritude. I'm not giving lessons to white shill boys and especially NOT for free. Y'all ain't too good about paying up your debts..we STILL waitin' on those 40 acres you reneged on.

  94. Jay Contreras says:

    La'Maze Johnson Why do white people lie about 99% of their existence? I don't know, you tell me?

  95. Jay Contreras says:

    Nikita Cherie Stiggers If it quacks like a paid troll, it's a paid troll..all of these trolls recite from the same FBI/Storm Front talking points..they ALL do and if you pay attention, they will reveal themselves..this one THINKS he's slick by swiping a stupid 'black heru' spoof pic & pretending to be black but again, same talking points..they have NO imagination. None. Apparently, the FBI is too lazy to fund an upgrade their training manuals or maybe they are too busy setting up young black and arab males in fake terrorist plots–whatever the reason–these fools are so transparent.

  96. Cynthia Daughterofaqueen Isaac says:


  97. This is a great post, but dumb butt Charles Barkley did not right that book, Others did the work and because listing to him today, he is not capable, doesn't have the intellect and is just too plan stupid to create such a detail and accurate stance on racism in this country.

  98. "The reason why your latest comments were so surprising for many in the black community is because they appeared to echo Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity and the rest of Fox News. That’s not what we expect from Sir Charles."

    Even calm and collected comments as the above excerpt shows are sometimes betrays the deep bias and distrust and the herd mentality… While I agree that the right, especially in the Trayvon Martin case were insane in rallying behind Zimmerman and while I agree that from the visual evidence in the garner case should have merited an indictment, I do not understand how you all are rallying behind Micheal Brown as your poster Boy! Where are these so called leaders when everything is normal? What have they done for the advancement of the black community other than showing up when something goes wrong… they keep sucking the vacuum, patronize their fellow tribe, and keep poisoning the discourse so that no advance happens and the status quo remains… which is great for their self advancement. And to continually label opposing views with racist connotation (uncle tom, plantation…) is both sad and disgusting and betrays your own closed recalcitrant thinking and doesn't help make any advance toward any solutions… Of course the greivience industry is out there to make sure that the necessary progress does not happen…

    I do believe that there is a grievance industry in the black community led by the ever present Al Sharpton and His likes that continues to hold the black advancement.. You really need to find real leaders and role models… I sure hope that a bunch of them would start popping up and start working on.

    Even if the officers involved were indicted and I would have liked that to happen so that the case could be tried out in court, at least in the garner case, and possibly the brown case, and even if found guilty… I believe, it will have done nothing to change the fundamental problem of of the deep seated distrust and it would not change the stark realities facing the black community.

    "You have to take into account the everyday living and existing in a state of inequality that has led to the riots. The outrage and disgust of feeling helpless. A community who sees no justice. You’re focused on the reaction and not the cause of the reaction."

    Are you seriously saying that the feeling of helpnessness and the sense of injustice, while understandable to an extent, has not been whipped up into a frenzy by the Media, the president and Eric Holder, and the other "leaders" and media heads by constantly feeding and fueling into this racial divide above and beyond what would have otherwise existed?

    I hope and Pray for a new generation of honest, god fearing, inspired leaders and role models who can uplift the black community who can lead by example…

  99. Regarding Charles Barkley he is still a fool.

  100. Please tell me why ony black people have been killed in this way with not consequences. The only case noted where the police handled a white man in such a manner and he did not die, the police officer was fired without a grand jury, or anything else. Please you need to really look into this. You think they told the truth, then you are as foolish as those who let that killer off the hook.

  101. You are lost sir. Black man are killed sensely by police everyday. There should never be a day that a man should loose his life because he talks back or steals something. The only case where a white man was mishandled like this and he did not die, the police officer was fired immediately, no grand jury, no trial nothing and that man got paid compensation for the improper handling. That is how the law is supposed to work. We must keep this going as there has been over 170 cases in the past year. Now those are the ones we know about. I am sure there are twice that many never told.

  102. Jay Contreras Did you see the video when the protester caught cops in the crowd in ferguson and stop them from throwing rocks and bottles at the cop in uniforms. Then a spokesman for the police admited it that those three guy where cops and nothing was done about it.

  103. Huh?..are u retarded?…Mike browns criminal record?.. u have to be retarded..because Darren Wilson gad NO IDEA who make brown was or his history. .the a only reason have harassed make and his friend is because they where walking while black…PERIOD…darren wilsonhad no idea about a cigar or anything ekse…u do realize that right?…then again..u probably don't. ..I would hate for u to teach my kids anything. ..seeing anything you're retarded

  104. James Walsh says:

    I cried after reading this. So eloquent and righteous. I think Obama should rename his house The Black House

  105. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras I sent Nikita a friend request. No need to lie about who I am. Sorry I don't fit your preconceived notion of what a "brotha" should think.

    My dad was a Frankie Beverly fan and hence the name.

  106. La'Maze Johnson says:

    Jay Contreras Says the man with the white silhouette for an avatar…

  107. Rick Diggs says:

    Carl Hewitt I actually get where Dan is going, but what he fails to realize is simple … until there is equal treatment for us in the black community there will be no ONE, us for all. That we can work with you but not eat at your tables is very clear. I'd love nothing more than to come together as one under the scope of a constitution that is not for us. I propose this to those faces not of color … those with power and privilege – command and institute – bring equality to all and change the views of the police to not see people of color as a threat or terrorist or thug. Reunify the nation as one and maybe after a 100 years we could let down our imposed loathing and trust. Not as easy a thing to do now is it. But I get where he is going. Utopia does not exist.

  108. Dale King says:

    Jeffrey Walker Proving that racists come in every color. Thank you!

  109. Jd Green says:

    "Better to remain silent and thought a fool, than to speak out and remove all doubt". The irony here, is that Abraham Lincoln said this!

  110. Jimmy Batties Not surprised. Omega Payton said it right: agent provocateurs. They also are doing this with these fake, manufactured terrorist plots. Entrapping these young boys and men in plots that the FBI is basically setting up & orchestrating themselves. Apparently, they don't have any REAL & legit crime enforcement duties so they have resorted to creating them. And yes I MEANT CRIME enforcement cuz they SHO ain't doing no LAW enforcement.

  111. La'Maze Johnson I don't need a FAKE, swiped pic of BLACK Heru to PROVE I'm black white boy–MY WORDS SPEAK my negritude for me. And YOURS betray your lie.

  112. La'Maze Johnson And what does that prove? james brown has a lot of white fans too I'm sure, and MJ and wilson pickett & marvin gaye..again, your words betray you..and that spoof pic is the kind of thing FBI/Storm front trolls like to use..and the uniquely perceived black names like Jenkins or Johnson..white boy, like I said, No imagination.

  113. As I said before, I sent Nikita a friend request. I'd send you one too, but for some reason your account doesn't allow it. The pick you see here is me minus the flowing locks and facial hair. Halloween wasn't that long ago.

  114. Jay Contreras You have 5 friends and no pic as an avatar, but I'm the one with the fake account? Come on now!

  115. Tell me who did President Obama give Reparation to? I think the Indians. Where was Obama at during the night of the news Eric Gardner was not indicted 2 nights ago when he have his little speech about the news? At a Indian Tribe Conference. Look at the back ground. Just because there are black on black crimes doesn't give the right for some white officers to beat up on young black youth.

  116. @Dale….learn who a racist is u ignorant fool! It'In this case it's any white person who has allowed the mistreatment of black people whether you participated , was silent or posted some sh&$! Now what category do you fall in?

  117. Charles wants Validation from Whites. He wants a raise from his white Sponsors. That's what keep him rich.


  119. Jay Contreras "I LOVE HOW YOU THINK" you are so right, they're going to eat his ass alive it's just a matter of time, personally I'm looking forward to it. Oh and maybe Chandrasekhar Ghanta took your advice about her "Dalit" situation…. after she looked it up of course! LOL! Don't stop givin it to em Jay!, hit em where it hurts! Non blacks always have an opinion about what our problem is…THEM!

  120. Much better than Kenny Smith's softball letter to Barkley, way to tell it like it is…. A "sheep" might buy his way into the pack but don't think for a second that the wolves forget that you are a sheep.

  121. The way Brother Thomas articulated the facts does display what charles barkley is missing, and that is a sense of righteousness. barkley like many other extremely financial stabled blacks fail to realize they are one bad move from being a NIGGER. He may want to be accepted as a rebel or "I'm not one of them" but the ones he called a scumbag supported him when they mocked him as a fat vountry thug. How quickly we forget.

  122. Hello Shirley, I appreciate that you are expressing your opinion, as I am expressing mine. In Fullerton, CA, not too far from where I live, a mentally disabled man was beaten to death by Police. They were tried and acquitted. I think we heard about the case on local radio here, but it was not (at least, I don't believe) a nationwide case. I was shocked at that outcome because I felt that that case was very strong against the Police. I was not shocked at the outcome in Ferguson, particularly after reading the Grand Jury testimonies. I'm not sure which case you refer to when you mention the truth- and I am not foolish. If you are referring to the Michael Brown case, and the Grand Jury testimonies, who do you think lied? Was it only the officer lying, or perhaps the witnesses that backed his testimony? I tend to look at facts if I can get them- if I cannot, then I look at as much as I can. But I will not listen to rhetoric, or the loudest opinion, or the first story. Put it all together, and try to, if possible, take any bias out of the equation. It is not easy to do.

  123. thank you Etan Thomas, for breakin it down, everything you expressed should be common sense for intelligent thinking Americans who only want the same treatment as the privledged class receive on a day to day basis!

  124. Thank you, very well said.

  125. Michael Brown is not "OUR" poster boy. Our community is rallying againt the killing of an UNARMED black man by the hands of a officer of the law who took an oath to PROTECT AND SERVE. 12 shots, 6 hitting an UNARMED citizen is EXCESSIVE.

  126. Tee Holmes says:

    Charles Barkley has been an idiot Sambo all his adult, celebrity life.

  127. Thank you… Sir Ethan.

  128. This article makes me want to watch basketball. Barkley can dance and jig as well as Etan Thomas juxtaposes root-cause-analysis with media propaganda.

  129. Sir charles you were always a bitch thats why jordan andhakeem always beat you. I believe this should be viewed as racism,in fact all brown,asian,black,communities should all come together to fight the.rasict powers. We all know if michael brown was white and the officerblack, the officer would have been hung.from his balls. Our founding fathers wanted a land where every man was equal and every man had opportunity. To this day white America is scared of change, scared to loose the power,so they squeeze the rope harder. Wjy dont we get more representers from our backgrounds in the system and make their opinion and word count, real peope representing the unrepresented people. I cant even grow my dreads in peace wothout a white person telling me , all the reasons why I shouldn'.

  130. Mr Cox I totally understand why you said what you are saying. coming from your perspective of what should and should not be what should and should not happenis totally limited to you're experiences as an African American black person which makes you experience is 0.Mr Cox your comment is that of 91% of the white populace in this country and around the world you will never you know what we feel until you walk in our shoes. the human race yes Dr Martin Luther King spoke about that ever so eloquently but it is not the African American blacks that don't understand old one to grasp a hold of that idea and that concept and live it's that 91%that refuses to get out of the front seat or at least share it. thank you and may God bless your soul in Jehovah's name Amen.

  131. to all of the readers of my comment please pardon me for the typosI should have written it a lot better.but I would like to say one more thing to Mr Cox as a black American or as an American of color that has the right to carry a concealed weapon it is a very frightening thought when you consider exercising that right. the current in America at this time with the police and men of color would basically make that a death sentence. so Mr Cox when you talk about black people need to stop allowing our color to hold us back because that's always seeyou almost sound like you're from another planet.Mr Cox good next time you consider giving people of color African Americans black people directions on how to get it together just keep it to yourself.

  132. Iv been reading the comments and all I can say is wow, over and over people on here have been agreeing that Charles is a sell out, sell out? what of his race? its crazy how as soon as a black man with a differing opinion shares you all decide that he's working for the "system" and he is a sell out. No, he's just ahead of you all in thinking, when OJ wasn't convicted how many riots were there? none. why? not because he wasn't guilty, because the people offended obeyed the law. Mike Brown turned on a Cop, after robbing a store the jury full of black people decided this. I'm sure there all sell outs and uncle Toms too though. Things wont change until minorities decide to take there own neighborhoods. we are all created equal, start acting like it, for your own communities and families.

  133. Gregory S. McNeill its notwhite people keeping blacks down, its black people keeping blacks down, your a great example.

  134. Carl Hewitt an innocent man does not deserve a conviction for your perceived lack of privileges.

  135. … so.. the swat teams set police cars on fire, and raided Liquor stores… come on man.. think for once.

  136. I doubt very much he wrote that book, it was probably a ghost writer.

  137. Macho Wan says:

    A nigger with a few dollars in his bank account , gets to his head and gives him memory laps,

  138. to Mr Jack Metcalf I think what the lady is saying is that if you're not talking about a solution you're still talking in the problem if you don't understand a situation you really h are a citizen or with a you are a citizen or not I not a singer or composer so when the subject of composing a song comes up between a composer and a singer I don't feel that just because I can open my mouth and make a sound that I haven't a real input on how to compose or sing the particular song that they may be discussing that's exactly what you're doing.

  139. Carl Hewitt says:

    Ironic how when Stephen A. Smith said what was alleged to have been offensive to white feminists, ESPN suspended him for a week without pay. Why hasn't TNT done the same thing to Barkley? Despite saying what he said off the air, he is still bound by a personal conduct clause in his contract with the network.

    You can say anything you want about Blacks, but you better not say anything offensive about homosexuals, Jews or white feminists.

  140. Thank you, Etan Thomas and also Kenny Smith. I hope more prominent sports figures will step forward and provide therapy for Barkley before he self destructs. He has lost touch with reality. If he is not willing to be a role model for anyone, then he forfeits the right to be a spokesman for anyone. I always thought Barkley is missing something in the morals department anyway!

  141. Charles is funny, outspoken, well liked, ( at least until recently) and successful but we all know he isn't very bright. Half the things he says come blurted out of his faucet before he thinks to turn the water on. Consider the source people! His latest statement deserves a segment on Shaqtin a Fool! Etan Thomas^article was tremendous. So poignant, so intelligently written. Very impressive! indeed

  142. As far as Barkley's political ambitions goes, just let him spend his time and money campaigning, he'll find out just how much they love him. They wouldn't elect him to catch only mange infected dogs! Whether he realizes it or not they seem him as someone who says what is too risky for them to say! Uncle Tom!

  143. Powerful commentary …

  144. Anthony Lee says:

    Barkley Is an idiot and clown. Always has been and always will be.

  145. Charles Barkley is worst than vomit. He is a uncle Tom. A total IDIOT. I USE TO HAVE RESPECT FOR THIS GUY BUT Charles , you are BLACK. DON'T EVER forget that. Eric Garner faith could come to you from the POLICE. REMEMBER YOU'RE A LARGE BLACK MAN

  146. When properly applied a choke hold restricts breathing very little. It is designed to place pressure on the sides of the neck and on the Carotid Artery to slow the flow of blood to the brain causing a temporary blackout. I have been choked out lots of times, without any harm. But, I never resisted. It is clear from the Video that the "choke" was improperly applied. This is and could be due to several circumstances: The size difference in the Officer and the person being arrested. The moderate resistance. And the real key….the incorrect application placed the officers forearm over the windpipe of the Victim……restricting his breathing. In effect an arm-bar………which has been illegal forever.
    In the end a tragedy……….but do you really see any intent to harm this Man? Did these officers intend to injure or kill him? I don't believe that for a minute.
    Anyone who has ever had to face someone physically much larger than yourself, who is intent upon resisting or even intent upon harming you knows how difficult it can be. It has been mentioned that the officers should have used a tazer. The effect here would have killed this Man even more quickly by causing the heart attack he died of. Would it have been more humane if only one Officer attempted to effect the arrest and was beaten for his singular attempt?
    Police Officers are human beings as well, they too have Families and they do not get paid to become casualties in doing their job.
    It too has been mentioned that they should have just ignored the cigarette selling and moved on.
    To do so is opening the door to corruption, these cops do not have that choice.
    So why did a Man lose his life? and what is to done?
    Clearly, all the officers involved need to be re-trained.
    I would even go so far as to say they could have talked their way into a good arrest without physical restraint by just having the assembled police in their overwhelming advantage convince the Man of the futility of resistance.
    In the end all of this was a real tragedy that quite possibly could have been avoided……but I do not see criminal behavior here on the part of the Police.

  147. I only hope that our young children and grandchildren didnt here what charles think of them and us,
    I no that i use to look up to him, I dont anymore, im a black grandmother of 9.

  148. I think that what Charles said has merit. I belive that he is entitled to his opinion.

  149. James Turner says:

    thank you very much for telling Charles Barkley the truth sometime people rise to the top you getting money insane they forget about what he came from example Charles Barkley is one of those people that has forgotten his own people he's at the point in his life where he hangs around the rich and wealthy he has lost contact with broke people unemployed peoples shame on you talk Buckley a man of color

  150. Dean Martin says:

    That was eloquently put!!! I am happy that someone had the good sense to put Mr. Barkley in his place, bravo!!!

  151. Sambo was the traitor …and like you say ,given the chance ,Mr. Bartley will get stomped on by the same group he praises.

  152. Charles barkley ate so much of whiteys dodo, he can't think straight. Hey barkley! pull your face out from between the crack of whiteys ass.

  153. This was totally inspiring,this should be a call for all who wear a badge, black or white not stand in silence,wrong is wrong.

  154. I don't particularly know the whole case from start to finish, but if there were black witnesses siding with Wilson, that seems more believable. But whatever it may be, I don't support the Rioters at all. Whatever atrocity has happened, violence endangering innocent hard workers is not going to solve anything. Marin Luther King and Malcom X didn't preach amd demonstrate so that we as the Black Community could attack each other or other innocent people. We should be progressing and evolving as humans, not acting like wild packs of monkeys because of a bad situation. If you all want to prove we are equal to White People and we're tired of this "injustice" we need to take a stand against Police Brutality, while at the same time cleaning up the thugs and gangbangers that are hurting the Black Community and deliberately holding us back. Do we not realize by now what we are capable of? We have a Mixed president, and Many black CEOs. Oprah is one of the most powerful Blacks AND Women in America. We can no longer use things like "White Privilege" as excuses. We are just as Capable as any race. We need to stop holding ourselves down and allowing ghetto trash to be the face of our community. We need to whoop our kids out of this ignorant Thug mentality and show them what can be achieved with hard work and education. We are systematically undying everything our great leaders worked amd sacrificed sooooo hard to achieve so all of us could have the same opportunities as White Americans, Which we have but refuse you fully take advantage of.

  155. Phill Stokes says:

    Etan is fillof shit

  156. Very powerful stuff,chances are Mr Barkley will not read this and he should maybe just maybe he'll stick to basketball commention.

  157. Todd Downey says:

    So a black man cannot agree with folks with whom Etan Thomas disagrees? While the real police seem to be having issues with blacks, it's nice to see the thought police are not.

  158. Cory Marcinkiewicz was correct in his statement, it's the Republican point of view, but we'very always known that. What you need to do is take a look at the world who have been protesting the decision in Ferguson, they definitely are not Republicans!

  159. Cyn Wright says:

    Thank you so very much for this. I'm always disturbed in these instances when an agreeable "Black" person is deemed and hailed as the voice of the Black community. Charles Barkley could NEVER speak for me. He doesn't possess the intellect!!!!

  160. Tanya Hodge says:


  161. Well Said, Etan Thomas.

  162. Charles is Married to a white woman and They have kids! And ge lives in a mansion he hasnt seen the trenches sincerre the 80s how does he have an opinion!

  163. Tom Pike says:

    How did looting and property damage help the problem. Do you think they were thinking

  164. Attention: jack Metcalf, you are the pathetic, jackass if you think Black people don't see you now, for what you are , pasty, melanin deficient, maggots.

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