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9 thoughts on “Do You Agree With Ben Carson That Obama’s Immigration Policy Will Do More Harm Than Good to the Black Community?

  1. Herb Wilcox says:

    this guy should stick to passing out pills.

  2. Cecelia Baskerville-Elamin says:

    I know one thing if they did leave a lot of jobs would open up…Also corporate wants them here in this country…low wages and they work like the slaves use to work…so…go figure..

  3. Will A Million says:

    Mexican is the new Black… Black people need to understand that america had a problem with him since slavery was ended..

  4. Absolutely agree, there was a time when AA's were the number 1 minority in this country and we were treated like shit. Enter the Hispanics and Asians and now we are the number 3 minority. Common sense tells us that if we were treated like shit while being number 1 it will only get worse at number 3. Our number 3 status is largely due to immigration. President Obama's policy will exacerbate the situation…

  5. It's not just Hispanics it's Asians as well. We are competing against them both and black folks can't compete with all theses groups of people. Our situation is dreadful…

  6. Cecelia Baskerville-Elamin says:

    We didnt put together FB to unify, 1 purpose of FB is to keep a hand on the pulse beat of all of us…whats on our minds…..The plan has been in the makimg for a while….Allah swt is the best of

  7. He may be correct but he's not putting forth this perspective on any altruistic sense, he's a divisive far right Uncle Tom with some kind of shady agenda. Examine the source.

  8. Lamont Yeakey says:

    Ben Carson should be the last person on the planet to be commenting about race and attitudes in this country because he is what we used to call back in the day as an "educated Uncle Tom". No self respecting black person should ever wear the Republican label because what have they done for us lately except to legislate ways to diminish our power to be able to VOTE. Time and time again, we see those like Paul Ryan, who keep trying to find ways to again diminish our quality of life with his "Ayn Rand" BS. We will never regain our number one standing in the world as long as Democracy and equal protection under the law is being denied to any American citizen in this country..

  9. Susan Szoke says:

    Anyone who has gone from poverty to top ranking neurosurgeon in the world while facing prejudice is worth listening to. The man knows how to be great while fighting uphill. He shines under pressure. And he's not communist or Islam-favoring.

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