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7 thoughts on “You Won’t Realize How Truly Unjust The Darren Wilson Grand Jury Decision Was Until You See This

  1. Arcy Sone says:

    We were in hibernation mode and now our people are starting to wake up to be the leaders they once were. The revolution of the mind has begun and brothers and sisters we want you to join us on black Facebook to keep this up and lead this earth again like we did before. see you there. sign up today at we need your endorsement don't be shy, crazy things happening more often now.

  2. Cedric Casher says:

    This guy hit it on the head.

  3. Cedric, I absolutely agree with you. Had the correct information been given and not muddied would the outcome the Grand Jury came to have been the same? Possibly but I highly doubt it.

  4. And the world sees and hears what the Devils have unlawfully collaborated to do. No Justice No profit! We are not gonna get any Justice in their courtrooms, police stations, school system…nothing is good it's rotten to the core! 400yrs! We tired! No Mas!

  5. yellow journalism. that is not ALL that statute says; it talks about persisting in apprehending suspects the officer reasonably believes has committed a crime. well attacking an officer, wrestling his gun away, and firing the gun inside the car are all crimes. read it for yourself:

  6. This Shit started when they said we were only 3/5 of a human! But were smart enough to show them the way to find the land they took over.

  7. Diane Weiss says:

    so that's their excuse; 1 down, a million other corrupt grand juries left. Please. Common sense. Grand Jury was white. Impossible for them to convict a white man for murdering a black. They say all but the truth.

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