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8 thoughts on “Watch How Nancy Grace Reacted After She Looks at Darren Wilson’s Evidence

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    He's lying and it doesn't take a former prosecutor to see he was coached. But that's fine b/c there is a higher court that will not be denied.

  2. Tatiana Ch says:

    Since he has received a lot of donations. I hope Mike Browns family she's him and takes all of his donation money. Lying killer!

  3. Bwire Vincent says:

    White privilege.

  4. Nancy's on point on this one.

  5. Tim Rain says:

    Thank you Nancy Grace for standing on the side of truth.

  6. Went to your page. You might want to do some checks and balances on your members. Look like u got some nosy infiltrators. Lock that down Bruh. But friend me if you want to keep me posted.

  7. Arcy Sone says:

    Chasity Johnson We see that brother, you shouldn't worry, because we know where they from. what I can tell you is everything is secure and we'll delete these people if they ever try to cause any trouble. We know they infiltrate us everywhere. but Ima tell you this though don't let no one stop you from getting to where you want to be and remember fear no one but the creator cuz he's the only one that can get rid of you. And the reason why we're in the situation we're in is because most of us don't believe in the creator because if we did then we wouldn't been better off by now.

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