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12 Interesting Things Many People Don’t Know About Africa


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There are 54 countries in Africa — South Sudan being the newest as of July 9, 2011.



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Africa has 16 percent of the world population with about 1.1 billion people.

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2 thoughts on “12 Interesting Things Many People Don’t Know About Africa

  1. Christopher Muhammad says:

    Another interesting thing people may not know is that Arabia, Yemen, Oman, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Israel, Iraq, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar was at one time considered part of Africa and at one time the Arabian Peninsula was called Ethiopia. All of these lands belonged to the Cushites at one time before the Indo-European / Persian (Caucasian) invasions. Even India was a Cushite (Black) land.

  2. Your right C.Muhammad in fact that invasion took place in 1200 BCE when waves of Euro-Caucasian peoples called Japhites in the book of Genesis first destroyed Troy and the Hittite empire and subsequently poured into the Mediterranean basin, Mesopotamia/Arabian peninsula, South Asia/Indian sub-continent this followed roughly about 500-700 years of immigration and assimilation of the indigenous peoples of these regions of course Eurocentric scholars have a different take on this! By the way it may be hard believe but prophet Daniel interpretation King Nebuchadnezzar dream of the statue is none other than the Japhetic world empires of Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, and the two 'Romes', the first half pagan followed by the so-called 'Christian' or better 'Ecclesiastical' Rome including the good ole' US of A the seat of the new world order commercial empire also called the Eighth Beast of Revelation!

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