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Family in New York Wins Lawsuit Over Police Officer Who Killed Their Teen Son


Leonel Disla

Leonel Disla

In light of the discord in Ferguson, there was intriguing news out of New York City as relatives of Leonel Disla, an Hispanic teen shot dead by a white New York police officer, won a lawsuit Tuesday against the offending officer.

A day after the Missouri grand jury decided not to indict police officer Darren Wilson for the murder of Michael Brown, a jury in Bronx Supreme Court unanimously decided that the city of New York and NYPD were at fault in Disla’s death in 2005.

According to the family’s attorney, Ilaan Maazel, the Bronx court will meet with a new jury in January to decide how much the Disla family will receive in damages.

Maazel noted strong parallels between Brown’s case and Disla’s.

“In both cases there was no special prosecutor investigating the police, and I think that’s a problem,” Maazel said via Reuters. “Police have a hard job but it’s so important that when a police officer violates the law that he’s held accountable.”

Ferguson police confirmed that Brown was unarmed during the incident but said that he tried to reach for Wilson’s gun. In Disla’s case New York police said he waved a 7-inch knife blade at officers trying to break up a fight.  The police’s claim was later tried at the civil trial, according to Reuters.

After Disla died in the hospital due to a fatal shot to the abdomen, no criminal charges were filed. Just like Wilson, Barnett was a veteran officer who claimed to have shot the 19-year-old man because he feared for his life and safety.

With no criminal charges filed against the officer, Disla’s mother Candida pressed forward with a civil suit.

“The family has waited a very long time to get some justice in this case,” Maazel said.

Law experts believe that the winning of this suit could set the stage for a similar resolution should Michael Brown’s parents decide to go the same route.



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6 thoughts on “Family in New York Wins Lawsuit Over Police Officer Who Killed Their Teen Son

  1. D Oliver Martin says:

    LOL, revolting minds…rofl

  2. Arcy Sone says:

    D Oliver Martin What are you a troll or just lack critical thinking. I guess we have a lot of work to do. A lot of us are just too dumb to understand what revolution of the mind actually mean. Anyway enjoy your life MR/MRS institutionalize.

  3. Mohammed Shakur says:

    Another small victory but I'm glad they got something.

  4. One sure deterrent against reckless use of force by the police is to punish them as individuals, and to punish the system from the mayor and governor on down the chain; a chain of command that systematically promotes a knee-jerk visceral response to others based on skin color or ethnicity.
    By punishing irresponsible and gratuitous use of violence by policemen, those policemen and their leadership will make doubly sure to seek other, less lethal, means to quell a disturbance.

    Of course, governing bodies in each locale must forever be prepared to protect society adequately against criminal behavior. But we must do so in a responsible way. A sense of balance must be implemented along with better secular and spiritual education to lessen the need to have to respond so often to wrong-doing and deter would-be criminals from making a decision to commit crime.

    "O Son of Being! The best beloved of all things in My sight is justice. Turn not away therefrom if thou desirest Me, and neglect it not that I may confide in thee…" (From 'The Hidden Words', by Baha'u'llah).

    Just my thoughts.

  5. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    Youn Black people, and not so young, I am talking to YOU! It is time for YOU to not only march in protest but RUN for legislative positions where laws, that are passed to oppress us, are MADE, so that YOU can effect the CHANGE that society as a whole in America NEEDS! I am past that age, though I have worked to do my best! BUT YOU, younger Black people CAN DO it! DO IT for the future! Please do it for our survival as a race and for society which MUST include US!

  6. Doris Day says:

    Is this considered justice, tax payers paying large sums of money to the families of these people being shot? I hope not. Perhaps we should pass laws of liability that any officer who shoots a unarmed victim should be sued civilly for his personal assets, house, cars, any monetary assets and their pension. Maybe if there was a personal liability these officers would be a little more reluctant to fire on citizens.

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