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10 Richest Countries in Africa

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10. Ghana

Ghana has a GDP of $109.4 billion. Ghana has been one of Africa’s richest countries for a while now, after it became West Africa’s first country to gain independence from the colonialism that had taken over in 1957. Ghana is Africa’s second-largest producer of gold and the world’s second-largest producer of cocoa.

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10 thoughts on “10 Richest Countries in Africa

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Well I guess it obvious why the CIA is going so hard at Nigeria's infrastructure with their manufactured Boko Haram–black folk controlling their own destiny WITH oil revenues & surpassing settler-run S. Africa? lol..

  2. Clement Mulovi says:

    I think this information is not accurate

  3. Arcy Sone says:

    make sure you tell every body you know to join www, this is the beginning of black economics and we are going to organize

  4. Malcom Tourets says:

    Maybe it's time for Ghana to repay its past debt forgiveness and time for the US and UK to stop foreign aid.

  5. nigeria can not be the richest where is libya and the like of seychelles.

  6. Lilson Son says:


  7. Hosn Hussein says:

    which z afracan's richesh.

  8. Henry Morris says:

    They need ton build these countries up, they should be looking better than Dubai. I want to some day move to Nigeria, but the quality of living need to be much higher.

  9. Please there are better and more unique locations in Nigeria and why use this one???? just like the ususal sabotage of her image and this is upon her achiement as the richest country in African which had been long overdue despite her flaws. I can upload better pictures if you want .

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