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10 Black Philosophers Who Helped Spark Black Consciousness

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bell hooks

Born as Gloria Jean Watkins, bell hooks is best known by her pen name. She authored a vast collection of notable works focused on race, capitalism, sexuality and feminism through a postmodern perspective. The types of ideas and social concepts that hooks explored in her works remain popular today and have sparked a higher level of thinking among many women, particularly Black women, all across the globe.

Black Panther Party - 1960s

Angela Davis

Angela Davis is another controversial figure who shaped Black consciousness. The activist, scholar and author is one of the most prominent figures in counterculture activism and a well-known radical who served as a leader of the Communist Party USA. Davis also had close ties to the Black Panther Party and was actively involved in the Civil Rights Movement. She later founded Critical Resistance, an organization that works to abolish the prison-industrial complex.

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