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8 Black Celebrities You Didn’t Know Had Organ Transplants

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Tracy Morgan

In 1996, comedian Tracy Morgan was diagnosed with diabetes. In 2011, he received a kidney transplant from his ex-girlfriend Tanisha Hall, saving him from having to undergo dialysis. Some sources have claimed that Hall wanted to get back together with Morgan, which, they say, may have been some of the thinking behind her decision. According to his brother and mother, Morgan didn’t tell anyone in his family about the surgery.

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Natalie Cole
Natalie Cole, daughter of jazz legend Nat King Cole, contracted hepatitis C after struggling with a heroin and cocaine addiction for many years. The treatment to battle the hepatitis cured over 80 percent of the disease but compromised the singer’s kidneys.

She received a kidney in 2009 through nothing short of a miracle. After appearing on CNN’s Larry King Live and talking about her struggle, a nurse who had once cared for Natalie Cole reached out and offered her late niece’s kidney, which just happened to be a match.

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