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Parents Say White Bus Driver Yelled ‘Ni**er Sit Down’ at Their Elementary Students in Mississippi

Elementary school students traumatized by racist bus driver Parents of students at a school in Moss Point-Jackson County, Mississippi, are now getting help from the NAACP after the elementary school students said a bus driver screamed a racial slur at them.

The incident unfolded on Monday and ended with at least two young girls in tears, according to the students.

The students said the driver of bus 55 called them the N-word after they wouldn’t sit down on the bus.

The parents voiced their concerns and brought the allegations to the school’s attention, only to discover that nobody seemed interested in the incident – at least not until the NAACP stepped in.

Local NAACP President Curley H. Clark has been working with the families to make sure they are not pushed aside in the midst of such serious allegations.

Clark was told that the white male bus driver shouted to some children towards the back of the bus and eventually screamed “something to the effect of ‘Ni**er sit down.’ “

The slur isn’t acceptable under any circumstances but the fact that the children were so young made Clark even more concerned about the allegations.

“These are elementary school kids,” he said, according to Gulf Live. “It traumatized some of the little girls, who went home crying to their parents.”

While those little girls were left in tears, the school insisted that without the incident being caught on tape there isn’t much they can do.

The students’ parents weren’t buying it.

“They felt like they were getting the brush off,” Clark said. “They felt that the safety and emotional concerns of their children were being ignored, so they called and asked us to get involved.”

So far Clark has obtained written statements of parents and students and he gave one parent instructions to provide Superintendent Maggie Griffin with a written report of what allegedly happened.

The parent followed through and submitted the report on Tuesday, according to Gulf Live.

Griffin is now assuring parents that the district will take a thorough look at the incident and attempt to get to the bottom of what happened.

Griffin also argued that “Mr. Clark’s statement is inaccurate,” in reference to the accusations that the school was merely brushing off concerned parents.

Meanwhile, it turns out that this isn’t the first time the bus driver has been accused of hurling racial slurs at students.

“There have been more than one occasion where [he] spewed out racial epithets toward the Black children riding bus 55,” Clark added.

Despite the superintendent saying he would look into the matter, Clark wants to ensure that parents receive justice or answers at the very least.

The NAACP is requesting that the school district looks into the safety issues and racial issues that seem to be stemming from incidents on bus 55.


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