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7 Common Excuses Some White People Use When They Give the Job to Someone Else

Of course there are all kinds of reasons for why you might not be chosen for the job, no matter how qualified you think you are. But for Black people, there are also undoubtedly those situations when you just KNOW the job wasn’t offered to you because of the skin you’re in. When that happens, the person in charge of hiring has to be creative with the rejection. These are some of the things you might hear instead of “You’re hired.”


You’re Overqualified

How many times have we heard that one? It’s seen as a handy way of letting you down with minimal sting—but it hurts nonetheless. Especially when you badly need a job. Studies have shown that “black” sounding names are less likely to be called in for the interview. But once you make it past the first gatekeeper, sometimes that’s as far as you’re going to get.

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10 thoughts on “7 Common Excuses Some White People Use When They Give the Job to Someone Else

  1. Sheena Talbert says:

    This is why the development of black businesses are important. We can't get upset. We have to stop trying to integrate ourselves into a system that was not designed to support us.

  2. There can never be other candidates as good as or better than blacks, can there?

  3. Dee Rock says:

    Sheena you're right. More Black OWNED businesses need to be created in order to build up the Black Community. Also, Blacks have to SUPPORT these Black Owned businesses as well to build up the Black Community. It works BOTH WAYS.

  4. Diane Ollie says:

    So why call one in for an interview, if one is not qualified?

  5. Diane Ollie They shouldn't.

  6. Sundiata Keita says:

    all he did was copy and paste Dr Dr. Umar Ifatunde

  7. Listen to the knowledge of my people

  8. They are giving the jobs to their own. They are looking out for them.

  9. A lot of the jobs are our jobs, government jobs, the system belong to us, but it is control by white supremacy. I like the first part of what said.

  10. Roger Alston says:

    I'm a little confused on something. We make mention of white people giving the job to other undeserving whites as a reason to build and support black. Which means we're not hiring qualified non-blacks to hire Blacks that are not qualified. Exactly how does that make us any different from the people this article is written about? I'm curious.

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