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Zimbabwe Wants Reparations for the $100B It Claims to Have Lost Due to EU Sanctions

zimbabwexxZimbabwe lost more than $100 billion in potential revenue from exports and tourism due to sanctions imposed by the European Union (EU), a Cabinet minister has claimed.

The EU slapped President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle with a travel embargo in 2002 for alleged electoral fraud and human rights violations.

A few State owned companies accused of aiding Mugabe’s regime in violating human rights were also embargoed.

The EU has since started relaxing the embargo and will next year begin giving direct aid to the Zimbabwean government.

However, Tourism minister Walter Mzembi said removing the sanctions would not be enough on its own.

Mzembi suggested the EU had to bankroll Zimbabwe’s economic turnaround as happened with the “reparations period that developed Germany and Japan” following the end of World War 11.

“It is instructive to note that in all this, diplomatic engagement between Zimbabwe and the rest of the international community has remained intact, with no single initiative to close missions from our end,” the minister told State media.

Mzembi said EU had been forced to re-engage Zimbabwe because it had realised that it was missing out on economic opportunities in the mineral rich southern African country.

“Besides the good intentions of the re-engagement efforts, one can be forgiven to conclude that the recent commercial diplomatic thrust by British business persons, the EU revocation of Article 96, and other seemingly nice gestures are a response to the Chinese and Russian excursions, in themselves not the ultimate panacea to our challenges, but certainly a necessary bargaining leverage,” he said.

“The Zimbabwean counterpart to re-engagement must engage in this exercise, which I put at no less than $100 billion since the turn of the millennium,” he continued. “We were robbed of this income intellectually and materially.”

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9 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Wants Reparations for the $100B It Claims to Have Lost Due to EU Sanctions

  1. That is good what Zimbabwe is doing. According to President Mugabe the sanctions were illegal, made up claims. Things must be pretty bad in Europe for them to lift the sanctions I felt they were going to keep the sanctions on Zimbabwe, they kept them on Haiti for over 100 years for nothing. They also will be looking at lifting the sanctions against the president , and other individuals as well in 2015. My man Robert Mugabe.

  2. Barbara Gibson says:

    "The EU slapped President Robert Mugabe and his inner circle with a travel embargo in 2002 for alleged electoral fraud and human rights violations." The South African 2002 Elections report details the electoral fraud and human rights violations – hardly "alleged" – the evidence is well recorded and documented.

  3. Freddy West says:

    Mugabe should be executed for being the thickest african leader in the history of stupid people.

  4. Freddy West says:

    Your man is dumb lmao

  5. Barbara Gibson Oh really, human rights violations, I bet you have never talked about human rights violations whites committed against black Afurakas from the day they set their evil foot in Afuraka, and still going on today, for over 500 years. No one want to hear you a white talk about President Mugabe like that, there is no proof, if they had any, as much as they hate him they would have hauled him off to the Hague by now. How come the EU lifted the sanctions on Zimbabwe last week, and will lift the travel sanctions on the president and other by 2015? Look unfair woman you need to speak about the human rights violations Cecil Rhodes and his band of thugs, committed against the blacks of Zimbabwe, and the rest of the thugs who came after Rhodes, the millions of black Afurakans they murdered, and took the Africans country, then Robert Mugabe comes along and took his country back. Voter fraud, you are kidding right, what about George Bush, down there in Florida where his brother was governor, and how they stole the election for him in Florida. Of all people, you said South Afuraka report detailed these violations, SA would be the last country to be talking about human rights violations, blacks could not even vote in their own country in SA, and Zimbabwe either. You need to sit down and listen to yourself, and wonder if you are under some kind of delusion, to say what you are saying about President Mugabe. What you say, is the same thing most whites say about black people, that we are freeloaders, don't want to work, violent, who in the hell is more violent than whites, that is the only reason whites run the world because they took other people's land and resources, and held people in slavery, that is how you all get to be on top of the world. You make yourself look like a lying delusional racist. Hands off Robert Mugabe, most blacks love him all over the world, because he refuse to allow whites to continue to live in his country they stole, and made the people slaves. I cannot put it any nicer about him.

  6. Barbara Gibson says:

    Read the 2002 report : . The human rights violations are black against black and this is what the EU and the UK is objecting to. Democracy and freedom for ALL – color or race doesn't even enter the picture.Race has nothing to to do with the report that was issued by South Africa, it was about human justice for ALL.

    You have completely ignored my point and perfer just to have a ranting session about race which is completely irrelevant to the point I raised.

  7. Barbara Gibson No you missed my point, and I will repeat, you talked about human rights violations, President Mugabe is suppose to have committed, my point is how can you utter anybody committing human rights violations, if you know the history of Zimbabwe, and how whites ended up controlling the country, by committing human rights violations. I will tell you again, you cannot criticize anyone for violating people's human rights when you had hundreds of years of human rights violations by whites, against the black people of Zimbabwe, as for the report, obviously it is not creditable, like I said, if it was, President Mugabe would have been hauled off to the Hague for those international crimes, why are you pushing these lies about President Mugabe, if this happened he would have been arrested. Obviously, you are refusing to believe what I am saying, and would rather believe a bunch of criminals who did this report, the report was done by a bunch of criminals who invaded South Africa, they did the same thing in Zimbabwe. Look if you want to respond back on what I had to repeat to you, feel free to do so, but this will be my last response to your nonsense and lies, you are pushing lies on President Mugabe, if it is true, why they haven't arrested him, ask yourself that question, and then maybe you can let it die, their lies will not put President Mugabe in prison, it there was any truth in the report he would be sitting in Jail. Obviously the EU and UK, do not believe their lies anymore, they are doing business in Zimbabwe, Europeans was in Zimbabwe just a few weeks ago, looking to do business with President Mugabe, they met with him, sure you know this and still pushing a bunch of racist lies about the president. You whites hate him because he took his country back, and he wants all whites out of Zimbabwe, that you cannot deal with so you push lies about him, it is not going to happen, not with us blacks.

  8. Barbara Gibson says:

    Nzingha Shabaka Heads of states have certain rights and diplomatic immunity, so while they continue to be in power the cannot be touched. This is a key reason why many people who surround Mugabe have a very specific interest for him to remain in power, for should he loose power it is highly possible many of them would end up in the Hague. I also question the West’s role in this; the EU, Britain and America. While Mugabe was unleashing his 5th brigade on the Matebeles in the early 80s, the West completely ignored and reports coming out of the country and made decisions not have it published in the newspapers. I told people about it at the time, but I was labelled a “white racist telling lies” just as you are telling me I am a “white racist liar”. Mugabe was the darling of the West then, Britain had got rid of its little problem and the World’s attention was on freeing South Africa, so it seemed blacks killing blacks in a neighboring country wasn’t worthy of any attention; this is a good example of the hypocrisy of the West, including America – I feel very strongly about this being ignored by the West and I have spoken to lots of people who have lost family members because of this. Google “gukurundi” – there is a lot of information on the net including You Tube clips.

    By hook or by crook, Mugabe had to stay in power, the opposition with Morgan was enormous and that report I referred to details the things of how he stayed in power. The report was written by a black South African electoral monitoring team in a free democractic South Africa – the country had been handed back to the black South Africans, it certainly wasn’t a bunch of criminals who invaded South Africa – it is signed by a black South African judge. Have a look at the report, read it for yourself , .

    Google the net, investigate. Speak to Itai Dzamara on – he is a black Zimbabwean campaigning for human rights and freedom of speak in Zimbabwe; it is a peaceful campaign. He and his human right rights lawyer were beaten unconscious in the street a couple of days ago – read his facebook page, look at his pictures and you can communicate directly with him. He will tell you how it is – for me, I was born white, so you don’t believe a word I say, so talk to a black person and find out. You have preconceived ideas about me, you hate me because I am white, so speak to the black guys there, find out about the lack of human rights there, the lack of democracy – please, for all Zimbabweans seek the truth rather than being blinded by your hated of white people.

  9. cuando el govierno de sud africa estaba a mano de aparthed , los europeose los estado unidences colaboraban con el estado de aparthed.
    pero cuando robert mugabe retiro la terra a los invasores europeos , todo el mundo filmaron un ambargo contra gimbabow,,, donde esta la democracia europea o ee uu? los occidentes son criminales e ladrones organisadores de guerras fuera de sus payses para vender sus armas.

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