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17 thoughts on “It Doesn’t Stop: Another Shocking and Aggravating Case Of Unnecessary Police Brutality Against A Black Man

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    if you pay attention throughout history, white people were always allowed to conquer us with the aid of the white woman and the coon.

  2. Linda Taylor says:

    I pray that that recording got into the right hands.

  3. Will Jackson says:

    Punk ass police

  4. This guy has a cell phone, so that makes him an expert on what is and isn't necessary to make an arrest? The guy was clearly resisting arrest, and the cops used the minimum force necessary to arrest him. Are blacks supposed to be above the law?

  5. If only there were some way to disseminate that video…

  6. Silence Dogood says:

    What is shocking is the amount of patience that the officer showed. With not only the guy being arrested but the guy behind the camera as well. Police are under no obligation to inform you of your charges before arresting you. Anyone that thinks they have that right is just dead wrong. The camera guy also needs to learn something. It is not being in the way. It is being a safe distance away from the officer so that their attention is not divided. And a couple off comments about the Black officer. Disgraceful.

  7. Basil Malik says:

    YOu have a right to know why you are being arrested,,, it is the very nature of democracy.. Are blacks supposed to give up their rights.. we have tried that.

  8. Basil Malik Actually, you are wrong; cops don't have to tell ANYONE why they're being arrested.

  9. Errol Cooper says:

    yeah! they had their Black Juda with them as if they wouldn't do the same to him, if given the chance! n Only in Ameri-klan!

  10. Errol Cooper says:

    Yeah! Brother , you're right , you know they wouldn't even dare think about approaching us with that BS if they didn't carry those weapons!

  11. Errol Cooper says:

    when those laws where written, there was not one person of color that sat in on the makings of these corrupt laws. Henceforth we can only surmise that they were written by a gruop of Racist!

  12. Basil Malik says:

    Charlie Willock I no longer debate with certain internet types as it is of no benefit to myself or society. HOwever, I will point you to a sentence within the information you provided "So every legal arrest must be based on probable cause that a suspect has committed a crime." I would also suggest that you read the fourth amendment. While you and folk like you have allowed the erosion of those protections due to willful ignorance, fear, bigotry.. many of us see clearly that this is not a democracy for people of color, and before your snide, low information bigotry says the first simple thing that enters your mind, the fact is it is barely a democracy for those that look like you.

  13. Errol Cooper Good point; you can always tell who is racist by the color of his skin.

  14. Basil Malik Needing probable cause is not the same as informing someone why he's being arrested, nor does the fourth amendment say that a cop has to inform a perp of the reason he's being arrested. Even a Miranda warning doesn't include the reason for the arrest. BTW, cops don't have to tell non-black perps why they're being arrested either.

  15. Basil Malik says:

    Charlie Willock here's a concept to sophisticated for a bigot to understand… when someone becomes a cop, they become blue… trained, conditioned, indoctrinated and mandated to adapt the same hatred, disdain and contempt for men of color as their white counterparts.. Its a requirement….


  17. If obama use the time he used to fight for gey………..for his black people I think things will be…………..

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