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5 Coping Mechanisms Black People Used to Survive Slavery

enslaved people dancing


Inspirational music became key for enslaved Black people trying to keep their spirits high. Songs and dances from the African community were uplifting, and dancing served as a way for many people to come together in a joyous moment even as they lived out history’s darkest ages.

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7 thoughts on “5 Coping Mechanisms Black People Used to Survive Slavery

  1. Elizabeth Grilley says:

    Really how in the world would you know this? YOU HAVE NOT NOW AND NEVER HAVE BEEN NOR HAS YOUR PARENTS OR GRANDPARENTS BEEN A SLAVE. GTFOI – Grow up and be responsible for your own actions.

  2. Meek The'haitian-King Zamor says:

    Our history is sacred you gotta be a BROTHA OR A SISTA to understand the struggle, dumb ass Caucazoid!

  3. Elizabeth Grilley says:

    REALLY THATS YOUR RESPONSE. Name calling? We are Gods children that makes all of us brothers and sisters. So unless you happen to be 150 years old (which by the way was when slavery ended in this country) You have never be owned by someone (not if you are an American) your parents were not, nor your grandparent most like not even your great-grandparents. YOUR PEOPLE ARE AMERICAN…Start acting like one. BTW: What the hell makes you so special that your history is more "special or sacred" than anyone else. How about the Jews where over six million of them were killed. You do not hear about or see them using the Holocaust as an excuse to act a fool. Really "YOUR PEOPLE NEED TO SHOW SOME COMMON SENSE"

  4. Shaq Jones says:

    True, the people that were slaves may not be alone today, but it wasn't that long ago. My grandmother was around to see the oppression as she was born in 1950. My great grandmother was born in 1912 or around there no one knows because there isn't a record of it. But my great great grand parents probable knew from their parents what it was like. The stories were passed on just like the wealth in some families. As much as some may try to act like it was so long ago it really wasn't. We have people living today that can tell you want it was like to be segregated and discriminated against. So, while I never got to meet my ancestors, I have a grandmother that grew up in the middle of so much hatred. Why come here and ask how do we know this? Do you question the bible and the other history as well? How do you know these people didn't get this from a slave that kept a journal? You probably believe the story with no problem about the little girl Anne Frank. Do you know that not every slave was illiterate?

  5. Shaq Jones says:

    Also, why does it have to be about numbers? When Jews say how proud they are of their people no one ever says anything. You talk about being American, and how we're all brothers and sisters yet you speak of us as if we are different people. Which side are you going for? To dismantle Pro Black people just to for being proud of their race? If we are all one why did you feel the need to bring up Jews? Actually, whenever someone does their people wrong they stand together and no one ever tells them they shouldn't be proud of where they came from. Also, you should do some reading up on King Leopoldo. That evil man killed so many blacks they lost track. He's been said to kill 15 million. Smh shame on you for trying to use Jewish history to bring down Blacks when you don't have all of your facts.

  6. Slavery in America and all of its horrific violence is why America is suffering today. The Appalachian mountains of Kentucky, West Virginia, and other southern states are the poorest regions in America which are all white is no accident. And that more whites, not blacks are moving to low income areas. This is retribution from God for their wickedness and horrible things they've done to the children of Israel. Europe is suffering a major recession right now especially Portugal and Spain. And they will continue to fall cause the Most High said that he would make a full end of the nations where he scattered us but not an end to us. The God of Israel ain't nothing to play and my God delivers on his word. And when it's all said and done the masses of people will eventually pull together and make this world a better place. The illuminati had plans to depopulate the earth by 3,000,000,000.00 people. The earth's population is 7 billion people and rising. The earth is still underpopulated cause many parts of the earth are still desolate and can use people. So the illuminati has missed the mark by far. No matter what anyone does or try to do, God's creation: man, woman, child, beast, plant, or natural resource for that matter will always survive and thrive.

  7. Elizabeth don't make because black still get treated bad in the USA , I am very glad I was black British Caribbean. That's a fact.

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