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Fascinating Study Reveals White People Have Far More Negative View of ‘Blacks’ Than ‘African-Americans’

no_racism_i_dont_see_color_only_people_tshirtIs there any difference between “black” and “African-American?”

Apparently in the minds of white people the difference is enormous, according to a fascinating new study conducted by a research team at Emory University.

At a time when many people of African descent view the two descriptors to be interchangeable, researchers devised a series of experiments that enabled them to determine that white Americans have a profoundly more negative view of people of color when they are described as “Black” as opposed to when they are described as “African-American.”

The results have profound implications for the Black community, where there is still considerable internal debate about which term should be used to describe the group—with many people still of the mind that either one is fine. While many Black people may not care which term is viewed more positively by white people, the study results could prove helpful in understanding the peculiarities of white racism.

The results were revealed in the latest issue of the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology, where the research team led by Emory University’s Erika Hall argues that “the racial label ‘black’ evokes a mental representation of a person with lower socioeconomic status than the racial label ‘African-American.’”

“The content embedded in the black stereotype is generally more negative, and less warm and competent, than that in the African-American stereotype,” the researchers write. “These different associations carry consequences for how whites perceive Americans of African descent who are labeled with either term.”

The first experiment involved 106 white people who were given a list of 75 traits—words such as “aggressive”, “bold,” “athletic”—and were asked to choose the 10 they felt most accurately described people of different groups randomly assigned to them. In the end, just one-quarter of the evaluators selected the best traits for “blacks,” while the rest assigned the best traits to African-Americans, whites and Caucasians—with very little difference.

“The stereotype content for blacks was significantly more negative than for African-Americans,” the researchers write. “In contrast, the stereotype content for African-Americans did not significantly differ in perceived negativity from that of whites.”

The second experiment asked white to complete a profile of a typical male Chicago resident described as either “black” or “African-American.” The respondents estimated the income and education level of the “black” person to be lower than that of the “African-American”—and significantly were far more likely to think of the African-American as being in a managerial position at his workplace.

Another experiment saw 90 white people express more negative emotions toward a 29-year-old crime suspect when he was identified as “black” rather than “African-American.”

“The choice of racial labels used in courtroom proceedings could affect how jurors interpret the facts of a case and make judicial decisions,” the authors write. “Black defendants may be more easily convicted in a court of law than African-American defendants.”

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86 thoughts on “Fascinating Study Reveals White People Have Far More Negative View of ‘Blacks’ Than ‘African-Americans’

  1. This shows how stupid people are.

  2. Bwire Vincent says:

    This shows how stupid this article is.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    What I take from it is: For the very same reason WE started using the term Black in a positive & empowering way during the civil rights movement & changed it from a negative to a positive, they view the use of the word & that period of this country's history as a negative and a time when we as a group rejected their perception of 'our place'. So I can see why they view the term black negatively..& plus..every other term we've been called: ni&&er, negro, nigra, colored, etc…THEY came up with. I'm keeping BLACK. It affirms,in my mind, what God made me & I embrace what the Creator has made. And I don't need any affirmation from any man to do that.

  4. Mark E. Gunn says:

    I've always described myself as "Black" because of the very power in the word. "Black Power" "Black Panther" seems to have always invoked fear in racist Whites. There's a book called "From The Browder Files" that explains the power of the word

  5. Dejah Fortune says:

    Yall need to stop caring what they think and concern yourselves with how our elders view us.

  6. Tom Townsend says:

    Perfect answer.. Follow the advice of the ones who fought and died for you to be able to be on Facebook debating sillyness.

  7. Bleu Woof says:

    Tom Townsend This is an insignificant article but it does state an interesting fact

  8. Ezra Taylor says:

    Amazing. I can't believe this shit.

  9. Not caring what others think is a strategy that works really well when you sign your own paychecks and don't need cooperation from others to get where you want in Life.

    But for the rest of us, IMO if we are not aware of how others who have resources that we need perceive us, and consider ways that we can persuade them to respond to us in ways that help us get what we want, then we are losing out on opportunities to make our lives easier and losing opportunities to better get what we want in Life.

  10. Eddie Bell says:


  11. Ira Jackson says:

    Ken Granderson : You have a very valid point but how many times do you have to reinvent yourself trying to gain the approval of someone who doesn't like you anyway and who is just going to find something else wrong with you after you've fixed the last thing they didn't like about you? We spend billions of our dollars each year making other communities richer; when are we going to start helping ourselves so we don't have to depend on everyone else for our survival? It's time out for all of the excuses that we make for ourselves as to why we can't move forward as a community. Things like:" Black people need to understand", "Black people just don't realize", "Black people need to learn", Black people just don't know", Black people don't stick together". We've been over here for almost 400 years and we still don't know, we still need to learn, we still don't understand? If we can make millionaires out of other people why can't we do it for ourselves? The hair care industry for black woman alone in this country is 9 billion dollar a year industry but yet our schools and neighborhoods are suffering everyday. We buy $600.00 iphones and $200.00 sneakers but our kids don't have enough to eat. It seem we have money for everything but the right thing and that needs to change so we won't always be at the mercy of others.

  12. Dejah Fortune says:

    Ken Granderson That would make sense if we didnt already know how they view us. We waste time on silly debates. The answer is obvious. Blacks folks need to stop kissing ass and focus on improving ourselves and our communitys.

  13. Montely Wilson-Bey says:

    The conclusion to this story is BS! In a court of law they don't go by what you call yourself. If there is any bias in the jury it doesn't matter if you call yourself black or African American. The bias will manifest regardless of how you distinguish your ethnicity. I don't go by what people think I am. I go by what the intuitive spirit that dwells within me tells me. I don't find myself in court rooms. I define myself in business, and community. I get what I need from society and I keep it pushing. I support my people, and according to white people I am a racist for doing so. That doesn't make me a racist that is just more white supremacy BS. Just like this article. That is why they continue to make movies regarding the history of our ancestor depicting the people as them. That is white supremacy propaganda. I'm not buying it. People don't even know what black and white is, and ethnic groups trying to be us by calling themselves what they are not. Study and show thyself approved. Ethnic designation is a western civilization invention for population control. Find out who you really are. For starters: This article doesn't even scratch the surface.

  14. Patrick Ndanji Mutia says:

    Do they know that immigrants from Africa (those blacks) are the best educated in the US? This is pure ignorance, but what can be expected of people educated to be ignorant.

  15. Did the person that wrote this article actually get paid?

  16. Eryc Unk Bonner says:

    F*** what white folks think??The nerve of them to have an opinion is proposterous at best. Especially considering the fact that they were the ones who labeled and named us in the 1st damned place. But, then again, how can you blame them because that's what devils do. Divide the people and conquer them is their goal….

  17. King Mas says:

    Invoking the name of Afrika means you are a part of a nation. There is no land mass that "black" people "come from" per say. A black man is a homeless man in the geopolitical sense. An Afrikan is tied to a land mass, history, cukture, and a nation. That commands a different level of respect.

    #Salute the brother who made the central point. We need to be living do the approval of our ancestors and to be great ancestors for our descendants. If we had our own identity and economic power base it wouldn't matter what others think of us.

  18. Scott MacHardy says:

    I am extremely curious what the results would be if the same study was done with "whites' and "european americans" as the choices and 106 black people as the respondents. My guess is that results would end up similar, but I may be wrong. My suspicion is that the results here have less to do with racism and more to do with the impersonal nature of a color as a descriptor.

  19. Negative vs Positive .. If only everyone understood this basic.

  20. Angela Holman says:

    I usually refer to black people as black but just see them for them.but I grew up in an area of detroit where it was prodominatly black ad became accustomed to "black" instead of African American being of the things I remember clearly to this day is one of my babysitters who I viewed and cared about like you would an aunt got called the n word and she pointed out that the "n"s were the punks on the streets getting in trouble all the time, she was just black! So I guess the stereotypes were killed early on for me by my reality at one time, i guess.

  21. Delvin Edwards says:

    It doesn't matter what white people think about us. We have to care about ourselves. If you are unrealistcally waiting for them to like us as a whole you are sadly mistaken. Deep down inside we are their enemy and always have been. Who enslaves people that they inherently like or honestly care about. It just boggles my mind why articles like this have legs. If black people, African American or your real identity that most dont have a clue about is Hebrew Israelite. We still get pulled into the labels that Willie Lynch said we would for 400 years. First we were Negroes, colored, Afro American, and then African American. Helloooo … whites knew you weren't African when you were brought here to America and didn't call you that. Your true nationality has been stolen and millions are spent annually to keep it away from you. Have you ever took time to wonder why? And also why you were the only slaves in history kept from reading for 200 years ? Had your names taken away from you? Brainwashed blacks will cling to the people that enslaved you and believe what you were taught and continue to. Its called Stockholm Syndrome. You are connected to the most respected and holy people ever created, but you don't know it or have the courage to accept it because there is much responsibility that comes with it.You would rather live a heathenistic lifestyle which is what placed you where you are instead of accepring your called as priest and teachers of the most high's word. This fact is more dissapointing than debating what white people think of two made up nationalities that are not even close to who Black Americans really are. This article is worthless because it has been already proven what white people think of us and it has been media driven worldwide from day one. Ronald Reagan financed the Iran Contra weapons scandal by placing drugs in our communities starting in 1983 and who gets the bad wrap? Black people. One more how can a nation of people of color accept being named after two white men as a nationality "Amerigo Verspucci" and Sipio Africanus. How can any of you even accept this if you have any type of pride and intelligence. This isn't about white people liking you, its about you continuing a cycle of ignorance of who you are as a nation. Hell even Africans know you are not origunally Africans but you dont. Read people

  22. The black man could care less what white people prefer to call us.
    How about calling me an AMERICAN!

  23. Deborah Thomashill says:

    We are part of a nation. The USA! My ancestry goes back to 1825

  24. back in the day, did they Lynch black poeple or African-Americans?

  25. Thats my point it shows a place of origin we the only people in the world that been stripped ofbour language and history with culture but aslo have a problem identifying with our country of origin due to a lack of knowledge

  26. Deidre CreativeSoul says:

    i mean Africa is over 50 nations but i understand that it's hard if not impossible for most of us trace back to one nation and the modern african nations are mostly colonizers creations vs traditional kingdoms and ethnic territories.

    but to the lady who responded that her ancestry goes back to 1825, why would you do that to yourself let alone your long line of ancestors who lived of the north American continent prior to the last two centuries. it's one thing to not know their names through no fault of our own but to just act like they didn't exist… for what purpose? my ancestors stretch back to the dawn of time. far longer than the usa was even a notion.

  27. Delvin Edwards says:

    We are originally from Israel bro. That is the biggest hidden piece of information

  28. King Mas says:

    Delvin Edwards let go of that book brethren. The christian god-spell (gospel) has caused us to seek to identify with israel when really we are Yoruba, Fulani, Oromo etc. if you want to fight another man for his identity, go right ahead. Insisting that we look to the Judeo-Christian world for our identity and not our own indigenous spirituality from the river Nile bank though is a bit misguided. Bless.

  29. Deidre CreativeSoul says:

    King Mas and Delvin Edwards i think these categories are hard to pinpoint when talking about millions, even billions over the centuries/millennia. idk why folk insist that either we are israel or kemet or moor when it's more likely that we are all combined, especially in the diaspora, just we cannot claim to be ONLY yoruba, fulani, oromo, akan, fon, etc. because our lineages have been mixed up. even if you just go by the male seed (though some of our ancestral ethnic groups were/are matrilineal as far as descent), you cannot say for sure that you belong to one group. so why debate what someone else believes him or herself to be?

  30. Troy Jackson says:

    I'll say this again… I have never seen a white or black man in my life. If you look at a black stain or marker you will notice that you haven't either. When looking at a piece of white paper you will notice there's not a single person on this earth that color. Not saying the color black is ugly , but our minds have been trained to okay what's not. We have dark brown skin complexions and they have a pinkish orange complexion . Me personally I choose to call them the pink ppl because that's their true color. Calling the pink ppl white is giving them superiority over the original man. White means purity stained not and the only one that deserves that color to me is the creator. Stop calling yourselves black and stop calling them white. If anything call them Europeans pink people or Caucasians , but never white. Don't be a fool!!!!!

  31. Delvin Edwards says:

    The facts are the people in Israel right now are imposters. They are European Khazarians. They have stolen the identity of black America
    ns and they dont even know it. In fact through the Christian church, they even send thrm money when in fact these people hate Christ and worship lucifer through a talmudic babylonian sect of rabbis. We don't need to fight another man or people for our God given heritage. Our ancestors would be turning over in their graves. They came over worshiping the most high God and through Yahshua. The Christians in America forced their version of Christianity gave us a white Jesus . For those that don't know Jesus actually means "Hail Zeus" so they have you praying to and through a pagan greek God without even realizing it. Christ' real name is Yahshua. The picture of white Jesus geandma had on the wall was Ceasar Borgia son of the Pope at the time. Caesar Borgia killed his brother, had sex with his sister, was a homosexual who had sex with Leonardo Divinci. This is the man that the Catholic Church presented to the world as Jesus Christ. Black Hebrew Israelites ruled Europe for 1000 years. during the Renaissance around the 1500's when Europeans took over they painted over many black images and also presented Christ as white as part of the ultimate plan to eliminatr Gods real chosen people. In 70AD the Romans destroyed Israel and over a million Israelites from the tribe of Judah, Benjamin and Levi escaped into Africa. Thats how you got there. These Israelites escaped slavery to the Romans but they eventually found them after settling in West Africa. They were not African, they spoke Hebrew. They were successful in areas like Timbuktu and Southern parts as well and always battled the local Africans. The Israelites were warriors and survived but was gathered by Africans and Arabs and sold to America. Another fact that might help you tie these things together is the fake Jewish people in Israel today actually financed the slave ships even sarcastically named the main ship " The Good Ship Jesus" as a slap to our savior and Gods face. This was a spiritually battle that is still going on today. As proof google the Jewish talmud and look up statements made about Jesus. It states Jesus is burning in his own fluids and his mother was a whore in their equivalent of the bible. The Talmud. White people in America think they are Gods chosen people but they are frauds. They hate Christ. This is a lucrative deception of the world for them at your expense. In fact 80% of slave owners were Jewish. But they own the media and play us so that you think that a majority was regular white people. These Jewish slave owners personally requested slaves that were from the tribe of Judah and the tribe of Benjamin are in Jamaica. LEVI is in Haiti …we are the lost tribes of Israel but people will deny it until they die. Our people hate themselves ao much and have brainwashed so bad that they would find it hard to accept a black Christ because they have Stockholm Syndrome. If you want to wipe a nations history away you make sure they dont read for 200 years and change their names. We spoke Hebrew when we were brought here in 1619. Its not about mixing with white people because their genes are recessive and their genes cannot sustain years of breading because our genes are stronger. The Vatican has our records and know exactly who we are. We were suppose to be a tribe of preist and biblical scholar that spread Gids true word around the world but we have been tainted on purpose and as soon as you make progress they will do something else to us. Who else is done that way ?? Ask yourself that ? Africans sold you …not their cousins, neighbors or sisters. Have you noticed that no one ever tried to save us or buy us back? Read. Dueteronomy 24:68.. some will throw out Bs Statements about who you really are but they have no freaking clue. We will always have traitors planted among us with misinformation that cannot be proven with facts or artifacts. Google russian icons images. They couldnt whitewash all of our historical records. You have a more glorious history than they do. The bible is your history book..people will say King James was white, no he was painted white during the rebirth. They will say he was gay but he had 9 kids by the same woman. The Vatican put these stories out to cloud the truth. Google black King James… in the crest you will see Jacobus…representing the tribe of Judah. He had the bible translated for you so that you can find out who you are retake your place. Open your mind and do the research. Hiw many black men have been slandered? King James knew what would happen to us. This is who you are accept it or deny it at your own peril. God chose you to be a light but satin runs the world but once you wake up it doesnt matter what they say or do.

  32. That's because we're harder on ourselves.

  33. Delvin Edwards says:

    Deidre CreativeSoul Brother it is not that hard unless you want to hide the truth or will accept over 100 million of your ancestors died for nothing. Frankly, MOORS means nothing more than black, it was not a nationality. A majority of these people were Israelites that migrated to these areas and actually were Kings of most of Europe for 1000 years prior to the renaissance when Europeans took over Europe. The Islamic Moors were mainly Israelites that either converted or were forcely converted to Islam when they were ruling. during the mid to late 1500's all of the images were painted over but not all of them to hide the prominent history. Google Russian Icons and Black King James … His pictures were painted white, just like Bethoven, William Shakespeare, and many other Israelite rulers at the time. Every prophet in the bible were Israelites and they still have descendants who escaped Israel in 70AD. You say they were mixed as if their genes disappeared, thats rediculous. We do not have recessive genes. The Israelites kept their faith, their records and spiritual customs and beliefs and part of that was not to mix with other people. In 70AD they escaped the Romans and became nomads in Africa continually fighting different African tribes but they continued to speak Hebrew and some learned Arabic for business reasons but they never abandoned their real heritage and beliefs. They finally settled in West Africa which is where they were gathered by the Africans and Arabs and sold to America during the Trans Atlantic slave trade. The bible supports this the historical artifacts in Egypt support and manly the prophecies in the bible document each of these events.. Dueteronomy 24:68 …. Thoroughly. The bible is the history book for Israelites and still is today but most brainwashed blacks think they are gentile. They don't even know that they are from Shem and not Ham. The biblical dictionaries prove it as well. You just threw out general information with out hard facts. Mixing doesn't mean anything your lineage will follow you. Mainly the only people we mixed with were whites and their genes are recessive and our genes eventually overtake those over years so that is not valid. Bottom line is Africans did not sell their own people, they knew who we were then and they know who we are now. Why didn't they try to get their people back or save us? The Portugese who also participated actually called us " The people of the Bible or Book" … The Vatican knows who we are as well. Brother sorry but you have to bring more than that. People try to link us to African but who sells their own people and even if we were would these people be who you would want to adopt? Do they treat us like their own people when they come to America even though we paved the way for them to come here? Our ancestors deserve better. That explanation is insulting. No disrespect brother…

  34. Deidre CreativeSoul says:

    Delvin Edwards I am a sister lol. where do i begin?

    1. i did not say that mixing lineages means anybody's genes disappeared. but if an ewe and a yoruba have a baby, and then that baby has a baby with someone who was the product of wolof and hausa mixing, and that baby has a baby with someone who has four different ancestral lines rolling in their dna, AND we are displaced from the land, to which ethnic group does the last baby belong?

    2. the israelites did not keep the faith. now that is ridiculous. in 70 ad they got booted out of judea. but that wasn't even the first time. they were so horrible at keeping the faith and not adopting other folks customs that the kingdom got split and then both the north and south kingdoms were carried off into bondage. abraham, moses, isaac, joseph, samson, solomon and a bunch of other broke the rule against mixing with other people into pieces. i do actually know the bible fairly well. the whole idea of black folks being israel and in bondage today is rooted in the belief that israel was so disrespectful and disobedient that God let white folks and arabs scatter us throughout the earth and treat us horribly for several centuries.

    3. the rest about us not being real africans but israelites, i have heard it all before, even entertained it for awhile, but today i say again: if dark skinned people could have been israelite OR kemetic OR from punt OR canaan OR nubia/cush then how can you say ONLY the israelite brand of black got over here? how did akan names make it to places like jamaica if akan people were not enslaved? how did other african customs make it to the americas? matter of fact, how did yoruba religion and dahomey religion (vodun) make it to the americas if only israel was taken?

    4. why didn't africans come get us? perhaps because they were getting their asses kicked by the colonizing forces after they 'graciously' abolished the trade that brought us over here. every african was not selling africans to the whites — some were fighting the whites to maintain their independence — some were very lucky that they didn't get brought over here themselves.

    5. who sells their own people and would these people be who you would want to adopt? crack that bible open and re-read Joseph's story. how he forgave his brothers who jealously threw him in a well and sold him over a coat and told his daddy he was dead. and he had power to kill them but he had compassion. .

    and i have had good relationships with numerous africans from various parts of the continent. but some african people are just as brainwashed about and mean towards their distant cousins in the diaspora as some of us are about africa. it's not accidental neither!

  35. Delvin Edwards says:

    Deidre CreativeSoul The point is these people were following their culture of not mixing so that was not relevant on a large scale to the people that were brought here on slave ships. Not all Israelites kept the faith but they scattered all over the place and some did. You do not know who did and didn't, you read that they did not which is lot of truth and a lot of propaganda. The Limba tribe from Judah is live and well in South Africa and kept the traditions. Our faith and traditions were beat and forced out of us. We were forced to give up what was left. In some cases we were forced to submit to Islam but they did it to stay alive and kept their traditions at home.

    2. The Northern tribe was booted out which consist of the North American Indians, Puerto Ricans, Mexicans ect… They were continuing to sacrifice human, babies ect.. Judah, Benjamin and Levi consisted of the Southern tribe. Get it right Bro

    Judah, Benjamin and Levi were the last tribes left in Israel before the Romans destroyed and that's when over a millions black Jews, tribe of Benjamin and Levi escaped into Africa in 70AD. Get it right bro….

  36. Delvin Edwards says:

    You are wrong… Bro. I see where you are going. You are one of those Kemetic apologist guys . They made a mistake and the bible clearly indicates that they will have to deal with those mistakes.

    I have friends from Africa and they are aware of who we were. There were areas named after Judah in many places..Enjoy your day. I appreciate the banter though. You are an African apologist. Let them apologize themselves….. They didn't send millions of their own people into slavery. The bible documented thoroughly and I have read it many times. The information you are delivering is opinion and not based on true facts. The fact that you mentioned the Northern tribe getting booted out when the only three tribes left to fight the Romans were Judah, Benjamin and Levi. This confirms for me that your information is inaccurate.

  37. Deidre CreativeSoul says:

    Delvin Edwards get my gender right smh. then let's agree to disagree cause i have said what i had to say and i doubt either of our minds will be persuaded by this exchange. peace

  38. Deidre CreativeSoul says:

    Delvin Edwards how do i unfollow this post cause i already see this will be going on till the sun comes back up. the northern tribes were scattered before nehemiah and ezra and them returned to the south to rebuild the wall and gates of jerusalem after the southern kingdom was carried off into babylon by nebuchadnezzar and them. one of the ghanaian presidents apologized back in the 90s. but you can't even see that i am not a bro, let along where i am going or coming from. peace.

  39. Bobby James says:

    who cares what they think, they are more likely more foolish than the "young" stereotypes

  40. Delvin Edwards says:

    Deidre CreativeSoul I'm not concerned if you are persuaded. The facts are in the bible which was also part of the plan. The bible speaks for itself, was meant to open up the secret that was prophesied and it was opened. When everyone was mislead, the bible just needed to be decoded and it was through the spirit. Sorry about the gender, my bad. I can be persuaded with facts but when you stating that the Israelites were booted ALL booted out, see this is the same propaganda stated by the imposters that are in Israel today and others who want to believe they are the real Israelites, when in fact Dr. Erin Elheik of Johns Hopkins has proven that 99% of them are not of any of the tribes and are European bloodlines. To naive folks who don't do research or simply accept word of mouth this is a way to replace the true lost tribes with themselves. See to speak on this subject, You would need to know which tribes were booted out of Israel and who was not if you were accurate. These are facts not gesture.

  41. Dorothy Goldsmith says:

    Black, Identify's me and my continued journey here in America, the legacy of legends still live because I am here, I will never detach myself from my home Africa even without ever setting foot on it soil, I know my blood was shed there in the days of slaver and today due to the unsurmountable struggle we suffer because of many levels of fear other feel, not because I have harmed them but because they have and continue to find ways to harm people of color. It is to each individual to define who they are because it's the American way as well, but to deny I am American solidifies the journey and history until the last breath and the last drop my African blood no longer exist, the fear here is my oppressor will find that his DNA is attached to mine regardless of Color, the fear of my Majestic Spirit is ever evolving and does not survive on Hate.

  42. King Mas says:

    Deidre CreativeSoul He's got a point to prove and is not responding to logic. Let him be. The bottom line is, no matter how mixed up we are we are not generally from the nation known as isreal today and we did not generally have these biblical explanations for our origins until religion was brought to us forcefully. IsiZuli literally means "interplanetary space" and the origin mythology of the Zulu nation is one that includes space travel and coming from the star known to the white man as Sirius B. We weren't from no garden of eden nor did we want to identify with the twelve tribes of Isreal until we were told that that was the origin of mankind and had to find a way to see ourselves in a narrative that does not actually include us because it is not ours.

  43. King Mas says:

    Deidre CreativeSoul Also, the need to pinpoint your genetic point of origin is not the relevant point. It's like saying if you don't know the exact variety of a loaf of bread you might as well put in the dairy section when you say that not knowing precisely to what nation you belong means that you are not Afrikan and should not seek to embrace the traits that are generally associated with the majority of Afrikans culturally, philosophically, and spiritually. Until we at least begin to seek knowledge of who and what we were before western contact we will be basing our identities on top of theirs and thus we become "black" and not "Afrikan" which lowers our prestige in the eyes of the world as we seek to be accepted in the lands and cultures of other people.

  44. Delvin Edwards says:

    King Mas Do what you feel. You opened up the can of worms and now you want to run. Run on sister…..Think before you speak on a serious subject like this. This is what happens

  45. King Mas says:

    Delvin Edwards Run to isreal and see what they do to you there.

  46. Delvin Edwards says:

    King Mas Bro having faith and believing in a the most high and the savior Yahshua is not a religion. Religion is the false story that was forced on us. Decoding what was taught and finding the real story is the point. Some of you lost your faith and adopted this make believe heritage in Africa where neither of you know exactly in a continent that has countries and you cannot pinpoint one place your ancestors were from. Your statement means absolutely nothing if you cannot give a better rebuttal than same none believer in OUR SAVIOR comment of the religion we forced to believe. It was our heritage and history book from the beginning not the people that forced their story on us, that was part of the brainwashing. The bible condemns them.

    lol Prove me wrong is all I can say. Today is a different Israel but that is the original home. We were visitors in Africa which why we were sold. People that support Kemet, Africa ect are the people that debate and try to refute what really happened because they know what the bible said about those that sold Gods silver and Gold, I understand. It's more of a power move when their bubble is busted. Selling millions of people that had the same skin color as you who were" God's Chosen People" into slavery for gunpowder and weapons showed some advanced philosophical understanding? They couldn't make their own guns ? They sold and traded little girls for wine ….. You cannot make this look good. Israelites didn't believe in worshiping idols and had distinct values that differed from Africans. Homosexuality is against those values but it wasn't in Kemet or Egypt. There is a distinct difference between the value system. It's no different than comparing a Russian to an American white man. They look a like but have different views on most things. Pigeonhole yourself and you will never discover who you are. There are different blacks. God made them different. You had Ham, Shem and Japeth. Shem are the Israelites and Ham are the Africans and Cushites. The differences have nothing to do with what religion you were taught.

  47. Delvin Edwards says:

    King Mas Do you know that America was founded by freemason that worship lucifer and they based their foundation on Egypt. Even placed a pyramid on the back of the dollar. Israelites were slaves in Egypt for 400 years so that's ironic. We were slaves here for about 400 hmm. We slaved and built Egypt until Moses helped us escape bonded there. It's funny how we ended up being gathered in Africa and built America as well. Read Deuteronomy 24:68…. Bondage again…..? The same people that built Egypt's pyramids built the Whitehouse and the infrastucture and economy of America. We were the first commodity on Wall Street and got this economy started with free labor. Save the philosophical crap and give me some facts. I gave you some….

  48. Delvin Edwards says:

    King Mas You have no clue who I am and what I believe and what I know. I'm not a religious freak, I believe in our savior Yahshua who some call Jesus Christ. I believe in The most high God. Thats it…. Not tied to some religious faction so save that anti bible stuff unless you can debate about facts. None of this pie in the SKY Africa the motherland crap unless you can pinpoint exactly where you are from. I have discovered where my ancestors are from and can prove it. If you want to debate facts lets do it otherwise keep following and claiming to be the people who come here and despise you and who sold your ancestors for wine and weapons.

  49. Delvin Edwards says:

    King Mas Obviously you are an idiot….. To think that because I pinpointed where our history lies is saying go back there right is just dumb and stupid which says a lot about your thought process. In the bible it does say that twelve lost tribes would be sifted and regathered and delivered back to homeland after it has been destroyed but obviously you have never read the bible none believers like you wouldn't know that. You just lowered my brain cell count reading your post.

  50. Delvin Edwards says:

    King Mas Do me a favor locate where you are from and go back there. If we use your reasoning you can end up in any of the countries. Meaning you have no clue who you are and what your purpose is and will just simply adopt anyones purpose without knowing or researching it. Because if you knew you would have said it and backed it up. You can't and will not be able to…… No disrespect bro but you are just talking but have no depth in your conversation. Prove me wrong with facts…..

  51. Jeff Jackson says:

    I'm BLACK. F*ck what they think. This is the ideology that created the paper bag test and the house n***er vs. field n**er. Its this seperation in the mind of whites that make blacks seperate from eachother and seek white approval. This articles shows the fragile mind of humans and how something as small as this can cause a person to get a warning vs. jail, shot vs. apprehended, employment vs. poverty. I would love to see if darker people would trigger black or african american in the minds of whites. Im sure the darker we are, the more black and less african american, which is less american. Knowledge is key to end our slavery.

  52. Caneron Berai Sontana says:

    First off, I am Black, nobody is going to force me to answer to anything else! I know that my ancestors were Black from Mother Africa. No slave master-mentality is going to steal this from me and my children. The oppressors may rule this government but I am an individual, proud each day when I look in the mirror and see that wonderful, strong black female image reflected back at me! This POS article is just another ploy to frustrate the peace of a proud group of people who were made in the image of the true Almighty Creator, we are God's original people from whom ALL others originated! It is anthropological truth. Naysayers? Don't waste your time. It will not work with me! ASE`

  53. Randy Beaty says:

    So you racists think a study of 106 people represents the feelings of all whites? That study has no significance at all, other than to reflect the feelings of those 106 people. You are more racist than the whites you try to generalize and judge.

  54. Randy Beaty says:

    So you racists think a study of 106 people represents the feelings of all whites? That study has no significance at all, other than to reflect the feelings of those 106 people. You are more racist than the whites you try to generalize and judge.

  55. Fear doesn't make you a racist if it is for a genuine reason, not stupidity such as skin color, hate makes you a racist and groups like the KKK and the Black Panthers are not short on hate mongering!

  56. This racism is taught…As for me I am BLACK and proud. Why has the world been taught ti hate black you ask? Because JESUS is JET BLACK…and now you hate HIM…satan wins!!

    Wake up world!! Black people rejoice your reatiration redemption and return to KING and QUEEN status is Certain. Rev 3:6

  57. Delvin Edwards says:

    So we were enslaved for 400 years by your ancestors. The first commodities on wall street establishing the stock market. 100 million died during the slave trade and your sorry delusional ass calls someone else racist.

  58. Randy Beaty says:

    Someone who hates others because of their race is a racist. Someone who presumes to put someone else in a category, as you have tried to do to me, is a racist. The groups roaming the streets in Ferguson looking for whites to attack are racists, no better than the KKK. And this article that attempts to say what "white people" think based on 106 people is racist. Who is this "we" that that you speak of that was enslaved? Just how old are you? You were enslaved? That has been illegal for about 150 years. And why would I or any other white be responsible for what people did hundreds of years ago, ancestors or not?

  59. Delvin Edwards says:

    Your definition is fundamentally incorrect A person that loves their own race is a racist, that is the definition. Look it up. Secondly an unarmed man was shot 6 or 7 while his hands were up. This is where the delusional comment came into play. See your vision is imbalanced when it comes to fairness unless it happens to white people. The majority of those people are protesting non violently but you will always have a few that cross the line. Thirdly it doesn't matter how old I am, my ancestors will never be forgotten. Did you forget about 9/11and 3000 people, even though GWB and other insiders had a hand in it? Do you forget about Pearl Harbor or do the Kharzarian Ashkenazi Jewish people forget about the holacaust? 100 million people were killed lynched or died an we are suppose to forget because your foreparents are no longer here? This behavior is a build up 93% of the cops were white with a population that is 75% black. 3 black cops. You think 400 ywars of free labor so you sit back and make condescending comments about something you kniw nothing about ?
    You are still responsible because you never paid for those crimes and any black person that forgets about their ancestors are traitors.
    You come off as an insensitive pompus idiot. See it only matters if they are your people which means you are racist. This country wad founded by freemasons who owned slaves and still black Americans listed as 3/5 of a man when we know this is total BS. The founder of the KKK Albert Pike has a statue as a hero in Washington DC today. He is the hero of current secret society people who run this country. The federal bank isn't even owned by America. Your freedoms are in danger not because the people in Mo. They are in danger by your own people that sold the country out to international bankers who are about to start WW3 and create chaos in America for their benefit. They could care less about you and plan to turn everyone into debt slaves. You are focused on the wrong people. This was a forum for not really meant for to even chime in. You need to expand your thinking bro.

  60. Delvin Edwards says:

    Awewome sister you are absolutely correct.

  61. Delvin Edwards says:

    Randy Beaty Your priorities are backwards. Your own people have undercut America and the people you respect the most in Washington DC have committed treason and sold the country out to the Rothchilds and the federal bank thugs. Those are the guys you need to worry about. Not the people in Ferguson who have been treated like dogs. China, Russia, Brazil, Germany and India are forming the Brics bank which will separate them from these wall street thug bankers that is trying to enslave the world with debt. These are the people you should hate or despise. My ancestors only positioned the country to start wall street with their blood sweat and tears and these are the people you hate? The helped your foreparents get rich or have a foundation for it with their lives. Your elected representatives are bought and paid for and are now scrambling with fake CIA backed groups like ISIS to escalate WW3 so they can created chaos and by playing both sides and killing millions so they can take advantage of what is left. Read or google Albert Pikes letter…. This is what these idiots want, people to be distracted and start hating each other so they are not aware of the plan to enslave everyone including you and your grandchildren and kids. America is not listed as a country it's listed as a corporation paying taxes to England and the Queen. They along with China and The Rothchilds ect own this country. They want Upper and lower class only, no middle and they are succeeding. While you are distracted by Fox News who are owned by these people your beloved country is being turned into a modern slave state. They want a race war…. You need to re-evaluate your thinking if you really love America because the dollar will be done shortly and chaos will ensue. While Brics bank get's rid of paying for oil with the dollar these evil banksters will gut our economy and take retirement money and continue taking your rights not black people. Wake up and stop taking the bait. Your fangs are showing…

  62. Gary Gray says:

    White people are just dumb and we keep on believing in these dummies.

  63. Keep crying Delvin, Blacks cry a lot!!!

  64. Delvin Edwards says:

    Kimberly Moseberry Thats right Kim, we should ignore anything they say. We need to focus on building our families back up. Each time we make progress they introduce something else in our community to hurt us and we blame ourselves. Can't trust them anymore just trust each other.

  65. Delvin Edwards says:

    Kimberly Moseberry Thats right Kim, we should ignore anything they say. We need to focus on building our families back up. Each time we make progress they introduce something else in our community to hurt us and we blame ourselves. Can't trust them anymore just trust each other.

  66. huh am so confused..i even dont know what to believe in right now…if u could only back up on your opinions i wouldnt mind to stop being arrogant.

  67. Delvin Edwards says:

    Brother because you have no clue who you doesnt mean I have to prove anything to you. The historical facts are there. The bible describe each and every nation. We are the only nation that have lost their identities and names. They are so lost that even when you give them clues they doubt it. Do some research like I did, I'm not pulling this information out of my butt. Its in the bible and if you don't believe the bible I can't help you. The bible is actually our history book. If you have specific questions I can answer each and every one of them. Organize your questions and I will reference every single question. The brain washing is a serious road block. The Catholic church has our records they know who we are. Brother do not let your confusion stop you from gaining a very important piece of understanding.

  68. Delvin Edwards says:

    Bishop Charcoal Adi Chimpmonk I gave you a few references but if you are truly interested in the truth you have to be willing to research it. The arrogance you sense is confidence because I can back up every word with true references and solid facts to back up every single word. Dr. Eran Elheik of Johns Hopkins University has done DNA GPS groundbreaking research and has published his work through Oxford University publishing. He has discovered that the current Jewish people that occupy Israel today are 99% European, Khazarian – Ashkenazi German, Polish and Russian. In order to be a true you have be of the bloodline of the tribe of Judah. Christ was from the tribe of Judah. They converted to Judaism centuries before even setting foot into Israel in 1948. The UN, The United States and Britain did not fulfill Gods prophecies by placing them in Israel in 1948. No scripture supports and it was done based on a promise the Rothchild's after convincing President Wilson to join WW2 against the Germans. The president took a bribe and also and gave the Rothchild's control of the federal bank. They converted to Judaism to avoid being forced into Christianity and Islam at the time and for political reasons. Here are a few excerpts from the Jewish Babylonian Talmud in which they study as their bible …. You can find this yourself if you really want to know the truth. The Talmud that was written by THEM AND is consistently updated by Jewish Rabbis and studied by followers. This has nothing to do with Christ or The Most High God and I will prove it., they are the internal enemy of real Christianity and Christ. People have been deceived and continue to be because they are afraid to confront the truth. They are not Semitic people by blood.

    Erubin 21b. Whosoever disobeys the rabbis deserves death and will be punished by being boiled in hot excrement in hell.

    Now who is a Rabbi to make this determination?

    Shabbath 116a (p. 569). Jews must destroy the books of the Christians, i.e. the New Testament

    Baba Kamma 113a. Jews may use lies ("subterfuges") to circumvent a Gentile.

    Sanhedrin 57a . A Jew need not pay a gentile ("Cuthean") the wages owed him for work.

    This mess is associated with our God? These are their beliefs based on writings created by the Jewish Rabbis. Not by God…

    Sanhedrin 57a . When a Jew murders a gentile ("Cuthean"), there will be no death penalty. What a Jew steals from a gentile he may keep.

    This crap is not of our God… This is self serving Babylonian evil.

    Yebamoth 98a. All gentile children are animals.

    Sanhedrin 106a . Says Jesus' mother was a whore: "She who was the descendant of princes and governors played the harlot with carpenters."

    Shabbath 104b of the Soncino edition, it is stated that in the "uncensored" text of the Talmud it is written that Jesus mother, "Miriam the hairdresser," had sex with many men.

    While it is the standard disinformation practice of apologists for the Talmud to deny that it contains any scurrilous references to Jesus Christ, certain Orthodox Jewish organizations are more forthcoming and admit that the Talmud not only mentions Jesus but disparages him (as a sorcerer and a demented sex freak). These orthodox Jewish organizations make this admission perhaps out of the belief that Jewish supremacy is so well-established in the modern world that they need not concern themselves with adverse reactions. Not because they are Jews but because they have so much power and control over the media and banks. This is not of our God.

    Baba Kamma 37b. The gentiles are outside the protection of the law and God has "exposed their money to Israel."

    Now this is just a small example to show that these people are imposters. There is more disgusting oral law writing by these people.

    Bishop…send me what you need me to back up and I will… There are scholars who wrote books that will confirm all that I have written. Research it for yourself. You cannot limit yourself to books that fit your beliefs, you have to be willing to step outside of your bubble to get the truth.

  69. Delvin Edwards says:

    Bishop Charcoal Adi Chimpmonk These are not opinions and can be supported. The Vatican controls all theology schools in America and around the world so to expect the truth to come from the Vatican is naive. They are tied the International Banks, Illuminati and other secret societies that want to enslave the world.

  70. Oju Ymani Efunyale says:

    You can drop the American and just call me African. (Yes I was born here and so was my parents' parents' parents' parents). I'd rather identify with my place of origin than a color that dont even apply to me.

  71. Rabab Messay says:

    Randy Beaty Are stupid?

  72. Rabab Messay says:

    Amen sister

  73. Sedina Gyan says:

    Same here. We are ONE Afrikan people.

  74. Jason Bacon Thompson says:

    Delvin Edwards Yet you have no qualms talking about being from Kings and Queens in Africa who took slaves. Or let me guess you think the pyramids were built by aliens. (◔_◔)

  75. Jason Bacon Thompson says:

    Delvin Edwards What "They" Say? Really?

    You act as if you want to secede from America. Plus the way everyone is talk as if Every White person had and owned slaves. My ancestry on both sides has Native American making me 1/8 (16th on both sides) Not to forget the many other countries my ancestry emigrated from in the late 1800's. So am I to claim I am Native American since I have more that in me than any other race? From your picture you look light skinned. So do you ignore your ancestry?

    If you read all the other comments people talked about being striped of their culture and heritage. What about the millions of Americans as I with vast mixed heritage? Does this mean millions of Black Americans ignorant and brainwashed because they celebrate the same Holidays that millions of other Americans celebrate. Barak Obama celebrates Christmas, is he brainwashed? I can go on and on with a long list of educated Black Americans who do. What about Whites who live in Africa? Can they claim to be African too. I keep reading from posts that every evolved from Africa. So what is the deal then?

    Indeed, who could forget the dulcet tones of Al Sharpton’s 1994 speech at New Jersey’s Kean College, where he lavished an audience of students and professors with pearls of eloquence and sensitivity like this:

    “White folks was in the caves while we [blacks] was building empires … We built pyramids before Donald Trump ever knew what architecture was … we taught philosophy and astrology and mathematics before Socrates and them Greek homos ever got around to it.”

    Are people just upset that a bunch of cave Dwelling Neanderthals evolved up and conquered Egypt? You know the Same Egypt that people point out they are from "Kings and Queens" the same Kings and Queens who had slaves and used them to build the pyramids for thousands of years. People want to ignore that part of history also.

    Many of you are talking like a bunch of bigoted Xenophobes.

    F.Y.I. the word "Bigot" does not mean racist.

  76. Dejah Fortune says:

    Jason Bacon Thompson You as a white man feeling you are justified to have an opinion on how we feel is the problem. The white supremacy system you benefit from. WE dont need your opinion, support or acknowledgment to more forward. Yes our community has ways to go , either you add on and help or get out the way. We are tired of people like you.

  77. Delvin Edwards says:

    Jason Bacon Thompson If a country you lived in was responsible for 100 million of your ancestors deaths without an official apology or respect and all you hear is get over it. Would that be ok with you ? If young brothers continue to get murdered and treated like dogs in the street, would you want to secede? For one you are speaking on a subject you should just avoid in the first place. With regard to mixed heritage, there is no mixed heritage, you are what your father is. For you to even bring up Al Sharpton confirms even more why you should just avoid this discussion, he is nothing to black people, the guy is a paid CIA operative. At this point we've have done the let's get along crap and it doesn't matter so no biting the tongue and no one should at this point. I don't owe this country anything, my ancestors worked for free for 300 years and were the first commodities on Wall Street and started the stock market that made a mass majority of white people in this country rich so I will say what I feel. I'm aware of where white people were when we were rulers which is what pisses me off in a forum targeted to blacks and people want to have condescending opinions. I will let them have it. This has nothing to do with being a bigot, who are white people to call anyone a biggot? Only when someone speaks up for themselves and tell the truth they want to play reverse psychology but not with me. No your place and they should know theirs and who cares what you or they think as I said.

  78. Delvin Edwards says:

    Dejah Fortune Exactly brother, no more biting of the tongue. That didn't work and neither did we shall over come. The only thing that happened is our businesses were lost and we never got them back, now we are stuck in a cycle spending money outside of our communities. We need to love ourselves first before anyone or any other group. My ancestors didn't die in vain in my mind…..

  79. Raziel Ratcliff says:

    Never heard of"African American"power….that's a made up moniker whites…I mean,European- Americans like….black is what I am, FUCK them!

  80. It's all nothing but word play, white people are under a strong delusion of white supremacy, they can't even see the forest from the trees. I used to work at a Memorial Park and they used two racial categories for people that are described as African, which were African American and Black African American. Is this just another way to divide us as people? The term African American could be applied also to white South Africans that have migrated to USA and become citizens and have children and they all could be classified as African Americans. White people have even called themselves Black in the past and even currently in Archaeology and Anthropology circles for Political and Economic gain and to also claim someone else's history. White people have stated that the ancient Ethiopians, Egyptians, Libyans and Canaanites are actually Black White people, Dark Skin Brunettes and not Negro. This is precisely why W.E.B. Dubois ask the following question. Then who is the Negro?

  81. Ira Jackson says:

    Jason Bacon Thompson : Hey why don't you talk to some of these people. Also, who was it talking about seceding in 2012, it wasn't us?

  82. Mark H. Golding says:

    Ken Granderson IF you can cogently explain to us how is it that Asian Americans have and created their own success without concerning themselves with what others think or the opportunities other should afford them in order to be successful ? If the Asians can do it so can we, you are just another weak minded black person who has no clue about their history and are just a beggar and a fool looking for a handout. Have you ever heard of financial aggregation through numbers ? Whereby 2 or more people coming together can create economies ? I suggest you begin researching more of our/your history and maybe you can get some sense……………k

  83. Dejah Fortune says:

    Ken Granderson luckily I sign my own paycheck.

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