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3 thoughts on “This Man’s Commentary About The Focus Of Young Black Men Is So Crystal Clear, It Would Be Silly To Ignore It

  1. Ibanga I-b Inyang says:

    Our business establishment, our business associates and myself have always been involved in every Black Community that we serve in America and Africa. Here are the various locations: North Richmond California, San Mateo California, Satellite Communities around the capital city Abuja, Nigeria, East Palo Alto California, Bayview Hunters Point San Francisco California, East and West Oakland, California.

    Presently we are planning cultural exchange programs for 2015 for Youths and Women Education, Entrepreneurship and Sports tourism between our Black Communities residents in America, The Americas and African Countries.

    This project we believe will serve as a needed trigger to Inspire, Inform, Educate and Motivate our young boys and girls, Women and Men to do more with their lives by effectively utilizing their God endowed right brain super talents.

    Contact us at: MOSPORTS – Africa ([email protected]). Remain Productively Blessed!

  2. Jay King says:

    HE'S RIGHT. EDUCATION IS THE KEY TO A BRIGHT FINANCIAL FUTURE. But this is much more than a black problem. It is A NATIONAL CRISIS.

  3. beautiful. this video was made before the financial vultures were let out of the pen by deregulation, making education a tool of enslavement like home mortgages.

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