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57 thoughts on “The Emotional Anguish Don Lemon and His Mother Faced After Tracing Their Ancestry Back to Ghana Is Gut-Wrenching

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    I wished they woulda killed that coon and left him to die over there.. I'm gettin tired of his bad cop routine when it comes to this ferguson ordeal.

  2. is that enough reason to wish for someones death. Grow up, just because you don't agree with someone is no reason to wish harm upon them. The world is complex enough to withstand multiple diverse points of views and ideas. You'll never learn anything if you only heard things you like.

  3. I visited Elmina Castle last year. It's a very emotional experience.

  4. Joan Coulter says:

    Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! We are the most REMARKABLE people who ever graced this planet. We need to assure our children of that. They need to KNOW & BELIEVE they are extraordinary.

  5. Need to turn the volume up can't hear what saying

  6. Nicol L Lami says:

    this is always heart wrenching when I watch. I have to find a place in my heart to forgive again.

  7. Kairo Kidd says:

    i see you've learned hatred well from our european progeny.

  8. Why the hell would you call on jesus, that mother fucker never did a damn thing for us! We are remarkable, because we are remarkable it is in our gene. We don't need no white man jesus! We stil believe in a religion that was forced down our throats. Afrakan Spirituality is what made us survive and strong. Haiti is the proof of that! Get over it!

  9. it is about the damage that nigga does on CNN. He is a sell out uncle tom coon, and his ass needs to be exposed for who and what he is. Afraka don't need to see him or his mama no more! Stay here in ameriikkka with you white people!

  10. You are veritable gods!

  11. Sundiata Keita says:

    Mayowa Art Adegboyega fuck you white boy. i know yall come on here under these african names

  12. Sundiata Keita says:

    Kairo Kidd well, feel free to love your enemies kid. love these coons that go on tv every and justify white people shooting us down everyday, hell you can jump in don lemmons bed and help him suck his white mans dick. im sure thatll work out fine for both of you

  13. Panton Witter says:

    Ok, ppl need to get over this now. It has been hundreds of years since the slave trade Era. Move on man!

  14. Ja'von Brown says:

    Those are tears of joy on his part! He hates his own people and shows it daily and were supposed to believe this caused him anguish? Please, he enjoyed every minute of that shit.

  15. Uyai Udeme Botchey says:

    Yes Ase' only the truth will set us free. I've been free since.

  16. Shawn Mc says:

    there are large groups of black folks who want to feel like a victim and are actual proud to be victims

  17. Shawn Mc says:

    but Don is trying to relay that you can do anything you put your mind to it considering you came from a group of survivors

  18. fool,white supremacy has shaped and continues to dominate the world to this day.Slavery and most importantly ,white supremacy,just did not happen here.It was transported around the world.It is why white people are the richest and most powerful people in the world today.Go ahead forget about the worst case of murder, corruption,fraud,greed,arrogance,rape,etc.that led to the worst wars the world has ever known.Some black people are too stupid to know when they are getting fucked over.Ignoring cancer does not make it go away.

  19. Shawn Mc says:

    Angel Macedon what you just said is interesting but it amounts to nothing, you may generalize all white people as powerful evil people but its not accurate and its useless information, you act like your going someplace where there is no white people still have to work with them.

    how do you feel about east indians, hispanics, asians ? how pure is their history ?

  20. Shawn Mc I am not for a moment saying that all white people are evil or racist or anything else for that matter.In fact,racism is made up bsthat was used to justify stealing other peoples shit..Pure and fucking simple.I do not advocate victim-hood but neither do I advocate forgetting history as a way of making it.I am fully capable of demanding justice and accountability from my government and being successful too.Black people who have been convinced that denial is the way the go do their ancestors and themselves a grave disservice.We are the only people who do that dumbass shit;forgetting who they are to be American.No thanks.Just look at the bullshit the President is going through right in front of your eyes.

  21. Ade' Shabazz says:

    Question… What did the Mediterranean Yeshua do to you personally to deserve that name? Is he responsible for the dominant society's wickedness?

  22. Ade' Shabazz says:

    Did the jewish community move on before financial reparations were granted by the West? yes or no?

  23. Lamont Dowell says:

    Has America moved on from 9/11? Would you tell a rape victim to stop complaining, its in the past. People are very weird. The past is the only thing that exist. the future isn't here and the present is fleeting. There is no such thing as the past in the human mind. Everything we are and everything we will be is because of the past.

  24. Adeyemi Omo-Ogunkoya says:

    How can any one say "move on", we must never forget what happened in the past so the future generation know their past and learn from it and ensure it never happens again, Ask the Jews and tell them about 2nd world war, or ask the Americans to move on and get over September 11. Think before you write brotha man, be enlightened not filled with hate etc…

  25. Panton Witter says:

    I can say what I feel because we are entitled to our own opinions on this situation. I have Jewish friends who are friends with Arabs and video versa. Do u think the black South Africans go around thinking about Apartheid everyday? Do those of us who live in the Caribbean walk around everyday looking at the old colonial buildings crying and saying why were our ancestors were brought here? In my opinion, I would rather be where I am now than in some of the countries who have ruthless, selfish dictators who leaders who care nothing about their ppl. Move on from slavery!

  26. Maame Boamaa Asamoah says:

    I grew up in Cape Coast…nice quiet place with a lot of African history

  27. Elle V Elle says:

    Panton Witter don't get confused with being empowered with history and legacy, and "forgetting" and "moving past" history. Slavery is more of the oppressors history than ours. However, it is a part of our's. Not the whole, yet the story must be told. Egytian – Arab – Christian – Spain – Portugal – Europe -Asia – Africa… slavery is a fact in history, not easily blotted out. Would you say to a ethiopian or european jew "move on from the holocaust". Who's crying? History strengthens you. Makes you stronger… better…. greater. The story of slavery needs to be told, as slavery is bondage of mind, soul and spirit, therefore a person needs to know their roots, where they come from, their heritage in order to build upon their inheritance. Surely you must want to know why your surname name is "witter"… and yes, South Africans remember apartheid. Yes, Jamaicans remember slavery and racism. Arabs are enslaving sudanese today. Jews rob the diamond mines of Liberia annually along with african militia. While many african countries remain in poverty. American and European countries still oppress many african countries through trade embargos and IMF debt. And yes, there are still many dictators. Still doesn't negate why Africans, especially "black" africans should remember and tell the story of slavery and and the racist system that permeates western and eastern societies and civilizations today. Not only should the story of slavery be told, but of the strength and endurance of a very powerful people brought from the dark continent. There is more to "black" African culture than slavery, but slavery needs to told and understood. THEN, move forward… without shame and hatred of our our past.

  28. Adeyemi Omo-Ogunkoya says:

    Panton Witter true bro, i guess as they say "Ignorance is bliss", keep on living in planet ignorance, it will do u a world of good. You are free to think, feel or even say what u like, imagine the poor souls who fought suffered and died to enable this and for them to think now this is what their own great great grand children think of all they went through, I imagine they turn in their graves weeping, Africa still suffers today and the West indies even much more so with a lot of lost souls who don't have a clue and only motivated by material things and not really thinking. Keep on bro guess you don't need to educate your self, for me, I search knowledge it helps me to be reborn so i can be better equipped and can pass this to my young un's and they theirs, as for you, guess you will be just fine with rose tinted glasses and living happily in IGNORANCE. Bless.

  29. Panton Witter says:

    I c ur points and I respect them, as u should respect mine. I can't go on talking about slavery and all that transpired from those terrible events. My ancestry, as it seems, is more complex than yours. I know where my surname comes from. I also know where my mother's maiden name comes from as well. While land of us in the Caribbean have just African ancestry there r those of us who has experienced something else, like myself. I have European, Arab and Indian ancestry on both sides of my family, which are the groups u have highlighted. How should someone with such a history feel? And when I don't mean hundreds of years ago, I mean grand and great grandparents. Thx

  30. Kairo Kidd says:

    Ade' Shabazz Take some time to look at Yoruba and Vodou, you will find the root of the stories we have come to know through the various slave religions we know as Abrahamic. Wake up. The Romans, the Ashkenazi and the Arabs have lied to all of us.

  31. Kairo Kidd says:

    Sundiata Keita I never said love my enemies. However hating them sure isn't helping our situation and is a waste of engery. White people shoot us down and pan African people shoot other pan African people down. I'm more mad at my own people doing it. We already know how many white people feel about us. It should come as no surprise if they become violent at this point. We need to stop fighting amongst ourselves and start to wake up. I don't even care for Mr. Lemons reporting style. You need help. Seek it soon my brother.

  32. I don't give a Damn about Lemons history! He's made it crystal clear he's not one of us. To Hell with him….

  33. Ade' Shabazz says:

    Kairo Kidd Do you see my name? Its Adekoye Shabazz. I come from a Nigerian family that is Yoruba / Islamic family so you "Wake Up" if you think I dont know my history… I watched my father pray to Ogun for years and he is still a very unhappy person. I don't worship a white jesus sir, never will. and I don't practice religion. My question remains and can someone answer it, What did the Mediterranean Yeshua (not greek white jesus who we both do not worship) do to you or to anyone historically to deserve disrespect? I guess the ancient Ethiopian Coptic /Jews/Christians who were never enslaved or colonized by Europeans are worshiping a white jesus too right??

  34. Ade' Shabazz says:

    Kairo Kidd By the way. I also grew up around Santeria from a young age as well. My upbringing is last of dying breed so I cannot be told much from others not having a similar background. sorry but I don't believe in paganism at all and I am against systematic white supremacy in all forms. There is only 1 GOD and he does control the spiritual realm that we have tapped into through African/Native American culture which I support too. Respect to you brother.

  35. Dee Dshortr says:

    African's along with every other culture believe in a higher power that put us here so you're hostility and the lack of faith in anything but man is something you need to deal with within yourself sista. There is nothing to get over.

  36. But yet Don Lemon along with Morgan Freeman is "tired of talking about black and white issues" this ignorant little bitch is fake as hell crying give me a break man! You want blacks to forget about our history and just simply immerse ourselves into white culture, where no one is immersing themselves in black culture….hell many blacks (like Lemon) prefer NOT to be black. NO I will not stop talking about the state of black America, NO I will not stop aspiring to make blacks self sufficient and independent. My voice is loud and strong BECAUSE of the fact that I do not have a "boss" or employer to silence me. Many blacks are silent because they fear the repercussions that may befall them, solution; GET YOUR OWN STUFF off the ground. Remember "if you don't build your own dream then someone will pay you to build theirs".

  37. I totally agree with you, that bastard don't give a rat;s ass about black folks.

  38. Get over it? Get over it really? No one tells the Jews to get over the holocaust or any other race that had it EASIER. The racism in America was run and operated by the Government (Jim Crow laws, even housing laws that prevented blacks who returned home from war from gaining loans for housing) NO DON'T ever forget, rather YOU need to START learning more about your people. But you know many of you still won't believe me (being that I am black) so here is a WHITE PERSON telling you that things STILL are not fair in this country;

  39. I agree him and Morgan Freeman along with many of these black actors or celebs who have forgotten about their own race.

  40. Sundiata Keita speaking the truth! It's not about hate I LOVE BLACK PEOPLE and I will try my best to help those who WANT to be free, and hopefully awaken some of the zombies along the way.

  41. Panton Witter says:

    We don't have problems like that in the a Caribbean countries, sorry. I have German ancestry so do u wish for me to dislike Germans? I also have Arab ancestry. Dislike them too? Y don't u complain about Africans who r enslaving each other at present? Or is it becuz they r black? Y don't u complain about the gays who r being tortured and killed in Africa by other Africans? Let me guess, it's cuz they're black.

  42. Tip Green says:

    you speak the truth!!

  43. Yes slavery ended in the 1800's but we are only 60 years removed from government sanctioned discrimination, Jim Crow, and Black Codes. People forget that.

  44. Traci Smith says:

    I would agree except you are wrong. The slave trade has only changed. You are young and blind to the reality. Read before you speak child then your ignorance won't show up for all to see. Our judicial system is the new slave trade, our big private owned institutions of free labor are the slave owners and American Police are the slave catchers. READ for yourself before you spout that ignorance. You and your kind of foolish people are the reasons why things will never change. You fail to see the problem.

  45. Traci Smith says:

    when you say Indian are you talking about India? So are you saying that you are different than us… I have African, Irish and NATIVE AMERICAN blood in my veins, all of which experienced atrocities and the hands of Europeans. You experience and will continue to experience the legacy of slavery whether you know it or not. Ignorance is truly bliss for some. As my Geechee Grandfather used to say… If you haven't yet… just keep on living. Your lack of knowledge makes it difficult to see the proliferation of the impact of slavery. The impact on the black family as a whole is seen daily. The impact our our financial stability as a group of people is seen daily. The impact our or presence in the Executive Board rooms and Ivy league schools is seen daily… but if you aren't looking I guarantee you won't see it.

  46. Panton Witter says:

    Traci Smith, don't even try it. U r what is wrong with America and ppl who think like u. Luckily for me, I am not American. All black Americans like to. Do. Is complain and live in the past. That is y some of the most notable black persons who have done well in the United States come from our very "insignificant" little countries in the Caribbean. I can name so many. U owe rap and hip hop to us. Don't be rude and try to get fresh with someone u know nothing about. I repeat. … I AM NOT AMERICAN

  47. Panton Witter says:

    Yes, I am speaking about India. U live in a country where black ppl r a minority. I on the other hand do not. I live in a country where race isn't so much of a big deal. Black and white ppl both sit on the executive boards of our highest academic institutions. All races coexist in my country without the perils of what u seem to experience in urs. We have very different histories. Don't forget that. So don't be getting rude and talking a bunch of trash. U seem to think u know everything. Oh yes, u r American. U ppl think u know everything when it could not be further from the truth. Don't try it.

  48. Traci Smith says:

    Panton Witter ok so let me understand this… you have no idea of what it means to be Black in America. How dare you try to speak to our experience and tell us to get over something? You are no different than a White person saying the same thing. I'm through talking to you. You are ignorant to our experience and therefore unqualified to comment at all. I would never attempt to tell you about your experience and what is valid and what is not. You should do the same. Conversation over.

  49. Traci Smith says:

    Panton Witter you are not American and have no right to comment on our experience here in America. I will invite your semi black ass over to visit for a while so you can get a taste of what we experience individually and as a group of people. You'll be in for a rude but very educational awakening. And you are right you have the right to voice your opinion but it has no validity so it is really just rhetoric.

  50. Traci Smith says:

    Shawn Mc can you cite your source for this victim mentality "fact" of or is that just your educated opinion?

  51. Panton Witter says:

    And Traci Smith this is where I'm gonna shut u done once more. I currently reside in the United States while. I'm in school here. Hence y I can make comments about the United States. Moreover, I have been travelling here all my life. I probably know more about ur country than u do.

  52. Panton Witter says:

    Haha. If u had read my comments from. The very beginning rather than run ur mouth off u would have seen where I made it obvious that I'm not American. I told u about u Americans. U never know what's going on.

  53. Mia Love says:

    And he still acts like he comes from an inferior gene pool after this visit!

  54. LaMont Byrd says:

    And his mammy too

  55. Jesus was not white …… he was an afro-asiatic meaning black and arab.

  56. Panton Witter you are extremely ignorant and don't even know how brainwashed you are, that is an effect of SLAVERY. Ever wonder why Caribbean countries are so poor even though it's Black majority? White Supremacy. All around the world as a GROUP/RACE, Black people are oppressed. You can't see it because you're too stuck up White people's asses. You're not "American" don't speak on "America" especially if you're ignorant.

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