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D.C. Man Endured 40 Years of Abuse, Robbery While in Psychiatric Ward, Where He Was Sent After Being Accused of Stealing $20 Necklace

D.C. man in psychiatric ward

Source: Washington Times

For the last 40 years Franklin Frye has spent his life inside a D.C. psychiatric hospital after he was determined to be unfit to stand trial for allegedly stealing a necklace worth roughly $20.

According to Frye, authorities never even found the necklace on him but that didn’t stop them from ordering him to check in to St. Elizabeth’s psychiatric hospital, where he was allegedly abused and forgotten for decades.

It’s a punishment that is far worse than what would have happened if Frye had stood trial and been found guilty.

What could have ended with nothing more than a fine and a short sentence behind bars ended with Frye allegedly being stabbed and the condition of his mental health only getting worse.

It’s the type of situation that Steve Salzburg, a law professor at George Washington University and former deputy assistant attorney general, can only describe as a “tragedy.”

“You end up being caught up in the system in a way you wouldn’t have if you were just guilty,” he told the Washington Times. “It’s a tragedy.”

While the chief of staff of the D.C. Department of Behavioral Health, Phyllis Jones, insisted in an email to the Washington Times that Frye was receiving the “appropriate care,” Frye’s loved ones don’t agree.

“Now he can hardly stand up because of all the medications he’s on, and I don’t think they can justify why they’re giving him all of this medicine,” Frye’s older brother, William Frye, told the Washington Times. “He’s much worse now.”

Frye also opened up about cringe-worthy stories of being stabbed and brutally attacked while at the facility.

There are no records of any attacks but Frye did reveal multiple scars on his abs and another across his collarbone.

Frye never accused the staff or other patients of being the ones responsible for the stab wounds but he did reveal that he has spotted many patients wearing the clothes his brother buys for him.

St. Elizabeth psychiatric ward  According to Frye, his brother will send him new clothes and shoes but he will never receive any of the gifts. Before he realizes it, complete strangers are in the halls wearing the clothes he never received.

To add to his troubles, it seems the judicial system isn’t offering any help. In fact, it’s a huge part of the problem.

Through the D.C. public defender’s office, Frye sought unconditional release back in 2008 but his motion landed on the docket of a dead judge.

It remained there for roughly six years and neither Frye nor his family received an apology or an explanation.

“If they didn’t follow up because they forgot about the case, that’s a serious breakdown,” said David Sklansky, a former prosecutor and now professor at Stanford University. “But regardless of the reason whether the public defender had a reason not to follow up, it’s hard to see any good reason for the court to take so long to reassign the case.”

Meanwhile, officials at the hospital say they are refusing to release Frye because his “schizo-affective disorder, bipolar type” conditions have not improved.

In court documents, lawyers insist that Frye has been unable to “comply with hospital rules.”

Frye says hospital staff has been lying about his behavior.


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2 thoughts on “D.C. Man Endured 40 Years of Abuse, Robbery While in Psychiatric Ward, Where He Was Sent After Being Accused of Stealing $20 Necklace

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    This kind of injustice is RAMPANT..the reason this man is getting NO HELP is b/c they are waiting for him to DIE so they don't have to get off any money for what I'm sure would be a justified lawsuit. I can only imagine what kinds of sick, Nazi-like experiments this man has been illegally subjected to. It also reminds of the case of Shannon Nyamodi, who is 20 and was held in solitary for 2 years before he was illegally coerced into signing a confession for a crime he didn't commit. These are the cases that are being publicized (although on a limited basis) you can imagine how deep this rabbit hole goes…

  2. Jay Contreras / All Other Interested People of Color,

    Ask me as a former longtime high level D.C. government public official / other black life-long native black D.C. residents if you really want to know some highly important / highly disturbing information about minion black D.C. Government officials such as stupid "Phyllis Jones" (and her crazy, vile, unethical / also criminal white Jew bosses Steve Baron / Elspeth Ritchies / their sick Jew-ish boss D.C. Gov't Attorney General Irvin Nathan / lame-duck stupid outgoing pale black D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray) / all other paid black liars especially black politicians / also black / white D.C.Superior Court judges deliberately doing what can easily / well only be described, determined, accurately concluded / thought by any sane African Americans or Black Africans with moral / ethical integrity (via great available / undeniable evidence) as fully contrived, illegal, foul, destructive / incredibly wrong, corrupt, unethical, quite unbelievable / seriously criminal actions of D.C.' money-powerful, well-connected, controlling / in many ways than not murderous white imposter Jews long covert / now overtly controlling Washington, D.C., its local / federal government politicians including Obama, / their paid, collared / leashed black minions doing / taking unbelievable injustices against both general / targeted African American residents / their family members.

    The District of Columbia like all major U.S. cities / the WMA is in fact an abysmal cess-pool / thinly veiled snake-pit of crazy whites / sick blacks owned by highly deceptive, lying, covert / overt racist, evil, vile, / spiritually unholy, unsanitary, harmful, unethical / injurious White Fake "Jews" never ever the true descendants of the original ancient Hebrew Israelites who were all black people including Jesus Christ / D.C. along with all other major USA cities / Africa' Middle East / its Israel is a destructive Zionist Nazi-ville for blacks / any others who dare stand up against / relentlessly voice-write entirely accurate / compelling truth, strong opposition to their great worldwide evil /who also relentlessly write / speak to expose serious wrong-doing of local/state/federal governments and rich white private sector / sick black community partners they own, severely intimidate, / control.

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