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8 thoughts on “Is This an Accurate Articulation of What Black Power Really Means?

  1. Black Power at its finest.

  2. Davina Mackey says:


  3. John Nobile says:

    If you want the same thing, then go to work and earn it, like I did.
    And stop rioting and looting like savages, and then you will be treated as equals.

  4. Blacks Cum N ALL COLORS…Eye remember dis speech…as if it was yesterday…

  5. Mr. John Noble, eye can tell dat U are a racist mothaf—er…

  6. Seems to me John as these other people are all at University you will be working for them rather than them working for anyone else. Black power oh and eat my shit!

  7. John Nobile says:

    and you are and idiot

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