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7 thoughts on “5 Incredibly Racist Toys That Will Shock You

  1. Alan Carter says:

    Naw. This can't be real things. WOW! Do these companies have anyone one working in the design departments with ANY type of awareness. Unbelievable! That in 2015 a person in position to make decisions would be so clueless. WOW!

  2. I can't even share it; it would be like helping them to propagate this filth.

  3. You hear many saying something is about to go down in the world, especially America, normally I do not listen to talk like that, I need proof, but I have been thinking, when and how will the harassment, the insensitivity of black people's suffering stop,? It is long over due. You look at Europeans all over the world stepping up there attacks on black people. We see here with the black dolls, this has been going on forever, many blacks want to believe there is no race problem. It is, and it is very bad. Even the so called liberal TV, Websites, and so forth, they all are participating in the negative depiction of black people, including our small children. Having said that, obviously whites are feeling some pressure from blacks that is causing them to continue to show their racism. I say they are showing a level of insecurity among themselves, this is what people do, they pick on other people when they don't feel good about themselves. Many are angry because they don't like that their tax dollars are used for black and brown people. I will say this to them, it may make them feel a little better, the crumbs that blacks receive, have been paid for by our ancestors hundreds of years of free labor, and we are still owed so much more, if they paid us what we are owed for our relatives and race people free labor, and a whole lot more, they would have to shut the country down. Black people should not sit idly by and allow these doll makers to insult black people, they need to be told they are racist, and that we will boycott their product, on the other hand I don't really think they are for blacks, I believe some of them are for white children, something to help their self esteem. Good question, why so many of them have low self esteem, why so many of them use drugs? I believe it helps to make my points. Something else, they are getting more violent, and stepping right out insulting black people to their face. I do not have a business, but we got to support black businesses, Walmart, never carry black dolls, maybe one, this year I saw a couple of little black dolls, and every kind of white dolls you can imagine. There are sites that will direct you to black businesses. Blackconsciousness has beautiful black dolls, and great prices, stop buying Walmart.

  4. Jay Contreras says:

    I really think that's the truth–these people are so insulated and removed from anyone who holds even remotely different viewpoints & ideals, that they are utterly clueless and genuinely surprised when the 'natives' get offended by this shit. They probably think we should be honored that we even crossed their diseased minds. Ungrateful & uppity negroes, we are. lol..

  5. Marcus Matthews says:

    Some of these have to be fake. No way they were released.

  6. White only wish to fully men and wome but are instead 32% man or women 68% beast or nephilim.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I don’t understand why the oreo barbie is racist? I would actually like a few of those oreo barbies. The features of the barbie look attractive. The oreo purse is kind of stupid though.

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