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5 thoughts on “Is Dr. Clarke Right About Slavery Being The Worst Holocaust In Human History?

  1. it's time is past due

  2. Since I am so eager to learn, if anyone who says African slavery Holocaust is not the worst, I would like to know whose was it? There are massacres of black people in Africa they don't even talk about. During the time of the Jews holocaust, in a place called Shark Island, pretty closed to one million black people were killed by Hitler' East Germany, the country was Namibia, at first they used the people for Eugenics, experiments, and so forth, after they were done with their project they started killing the people, just shooting them down for no reason, almost a million men, women, and children. I just read about Shark Island no more than a year ago, no one talks about that holocaust. Black people, murdered by white criminals.

  3. Anwar Taylor says:

    Congo…King Leopold…if u don't know, find out…

  4. Aaron Grey says:

    Leopold of Belgium was a FUCKIN' DEVIL!

  5. Pause and think of that!

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