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7 Ways to Avoid Being Brainwashed by White Supremacy


Have Our Children Grow Up With Images of Themselves

This means we must give them toys, books, movies, games that include Black characters and Black stories. If they grow up surrounded by the power of their own story, they will be better able to resist the dominant culture’s narrative.

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64 thoughts on “7 Ways to Avoid Being Brainwashed by White Supremacy

  1. I agree with these suggestions. Two more I would add are (1) be ever vigilant about finding the truth and (2) support others who struggle against oppression.

  2. Ramal Davis says:

    The most important one you forgot was START AND RUN good black businesses. I would go on a limb to say that vast majority of us would go to a black owned business if it was ran as well as a non-black one and if they were around. In addition, to this you should have added, invest your money and generate as much unearned income and assets that you could pass down as possible.

  3. Valerie Parteephd says:

    I try to find a Black person to do business with first. And then go from there, it is so important to me.

  4. Errol Cooper says:

    The only people that are gonna look out for our peop;le are us! We have the means to do it!

  5. Errol Cooper u right

  6. Craig Raines says:

    I believe it all begins with the African Proverb. Each One Teach One. WE have to be the people who save our people from destruction and it begins with the African Proverb…..strip every layer away on replace it with true history and awareness. Thank you Mr. Chiles for this forum.

  7. Bwire Vincent says:

    Is the kid holding a Black doll supposed to be Black?

  8. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    come on, brother–you know we come in all colors from snow to crow. That's a distraction, focusing on that child's complexion–a distraction that doesn't make that #1 suggestion any less valid

  9. Bwire Vincent says:

    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson No, ma'am; a distraction, is when you take it upon yourselves, to add other races' burdens on top of your already heavy ones.

    The kid is half white. Don't be so quick in becoming other races's dumping ground.

  10. Jeffrey Osborn says:

    As a white male, I'm baffled by some of this.I have nothing but love for my black brothers and sisters and I agree that yes, we should teach our children about our cultures, me being 3/4 Italian I learn about Italy some, too but the moment we start "Only shopping at black owned businesses" you start down a slippery slope. We live together, fight in wars together, black, white, asian, latino, all. We shouldn't segregate ourselves, we should integrate with one another.

    MLK and many of the leaders of the movements in the 60's would be rolling in their grave if they knew your best idea for how to teach your children what it is to be black is to segregate them. I love you all and want nothing but the best and some of these ideas are spot on, some are simply racism in a new light.

  11. Desmond Roberts says:

    MLK said he feared he had led his people into a "burning house". He was correct.

  12. Kofi Opantiri says:


  13. Jeffrey Osborn says:

    Desmond Roberts The burning house quote was specifically about us helping the disenfranchised. Not referring to society as a whole.

  14. Lauren Kirsten says:

    No. We we're not that close and you cannot be trusted, we will stick together because that isn't racism, it's self preservation and uplifting, for OUR CULTURE…

  15. Jeffrey Osborn says:

    Lauren Kirsten So all blacks can be trusted and no whites can? You don't trust me why?

  16. Ramal Davis says:

    Fortunately for us we have Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X and his teacher Elijah Muhammad (None of whom were integrationists by any measure nor have ever advocated such) in addition to the successes of Black Wall Street (Greenwood, Tulsa, The UNIA and others) along with teachers today such as Dr. Umar Johnson to properly counter MLK and the integrationist nightmare his legacy has dealt us these past 50 years. And to answer for Lauren, NO whites can nor should be trusted nor turned to by black people anywhere. History has proven time and again where we trusted whites in our movements or any endeavor we engaged in, they were co-opted to fail. THAT is why Marcus Garvey's UNIA was so successful and that is why the NOI was able to build schools and businesses for our people in the 1960s when integrationist cowards were fighting to sit in and spend money with the very people who hated them for centuries. So yes, the solution for black people today, tomorrow and for all eternity is separation for all non-black peoples and black empowerment and self determination for black people and that is what this website is geared towards. We've tried for over a half a millennium to get white supremacy to accept us as human beings and it has not worked, it's time to start turning within.

  17. Jeffrey Osborn says:

    Ramal Davis Well, if you wanted to take someone who supported your causes and turn them against you, you're succeeding at that today. I don't feel sorry for you at all. You are making yourself a victim. I grew up on welfare and food stamps with nothing and I've made a successful life for myself. Make one for yourself too.

    Brooklyn, where do you live? Bedstuy? Brownsville? Are you simply pent up with rage because you weren't able to make it? Your distrust, anger and sadness are sickening.

  18. Ramal Davis says:

    Here Dr. Umar Johnson breaks down white supremacy to its bare bones and shows you how to defeat it. This video should be uploaded to every computer, smart phone and mp4 player of every black person alive.

  19. Desmond Roberts says:

    since you "love" black people so much, what are you doing to HELP black people?

  20. Jeffrey Osborn says:

    Desmond Roberts I volunteered at Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America, had a black 'brother'. To be honest, I wouldn't care if he was white, black, asian, anything. Furthermore, why do I need to help black people? How did any of them help me when I was on welfare? No one did. Not the whites, not the blacks, latinos, asians, anyone. Sometimes we need to help ourselves my man.

  21. Desmond Roberts says:

    Worst thing black people ever did was integrate w/ white people. Segregation with our own businesses and communities is the best way to protect ourselves against racists(white people). No miscegenation whatsoever, no allowing whites in our homes or in our minds-maintaining psychological distance from you predatory, sick people is KEY. Whites do not have any interest in helping black people become self sufficient and YOU KNOW THAT so cut the bullshit already.

  22. Ramal Davis says:

    That's good to hear, because the moment you decide you don't want to "help" the better off we'll be because the most dangerous white man is the one that comes to us smiling. I sure you believe that nice liberal whites like yourself gentrifying our communities is a sign of benevolence on your part. However, even with these challenges present, we as a people will take the necessary steps to empower ourselves and finally separate and build on our own by ourselves.

  23. Jeffrey Osborn says:

    Ramal Davis Your animosity is disgusting and disturbing. Have you ever heard of the stereotype "Angry black man"? You embody that.

  24. Why is it, that when other demographics talk about pooling together resources within their own group, it's called AGGREGATION. When Black people TALK about it, it's then called SEGREGATION?

  25. Ramal Davis says:

    Cory J. Allen this double standard exists because whites are brought up believing that it is the place of blacks to placate and serve them, thus for us to aggregate our resources completely annihilates that world view and shocks them.White people are raised to see blacks as either their pets or as pests, so it is impossible them to see us as being or doing anything more than seeking their approval for treats and pats on the head like a dog. Then when we come around speaking the truth and more importantly expressing our right to self determination, we are labeled as "angry" or "radical" because we dare see ourselves as men who refuses to occupy such a disgraceful role. That is why Rosewood, Tulsa, Liberia before the civil war, and the list goes on were either directly or covertly destroyed by him. However, it is important that we not fault or blame them for their nature. They are who they are and will never change. It is absolutely important that we educate ourselves to this paradigm and move forward and engage them with this in mind. As Neely Fuller stated "if you do not understand white supremacy, what is how it works everything else that you understand will confuse you."

  26. Ramal Davis I agree 1000%, ESPECIALLY with that Neely Fuller quote…

  27. Heritage says:

    Friendly reminder: whites will NEVER comprehend our struggle or practice any type of empathy.

  28. Jay Contreras says:

    Lauren Kirsten Do you think they are discouraging asians, latinos & other groups from supporting and shopping & supporting their own FIRST? Nope. But whenever WE mobilize to do it nowadays (& always remember Black Wall Street)..they always want to pull out the disengenous 'MLK wouldn't have supported that' BS..MLK was killed violently BY the US govt the same way that Malcolm they only love MLK now b/c he's 6 ft under, useful to their con game and no threat…the fact is: we are a useful cash cow & their collective bottom b—-. Every immigrant group comes into our neighborhoods to make their fortune. EVERY ONE OF THEM. Even the black ones. So that's on us. It's not like we have a lack of talent & ingenuity. We are the most creative people in the world & it's past time that WE become the primary beneficiaries of our God-divined talents & resources. I read a comment a few months ago where a sistah was lamenting that she was tired of seeing whites traversing all over the world on proceeds from our ancestor's UNPAID black labor while most of us can barely scrape enough together to buy gas to get across town & that is SO true–here & through out the diaspora. I echo that sistah's sentiments. I'm tired of seeing others sucking the life out of us to live large. It's metaphorical vampirism.

  29. Nancy Comorau says:

    While we'll never understand how difficult it is to be black in the US or Europe, some of us do work to learn about black history, identity, and racism so that we can work to understand, practice empathy, and teach others to do the same. No, there are not nearly enough who do this yet, but we're teaching more people to every day.

  30. Athena Gay says:

    Bwire Vincent There is no such thing as "half white"; the child just is. Nuff said

  31. Bwire Vincent says:

    Athena Gay Half white, half Black or half caste. That makes sense to you now?

  32. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Bwire Vincent , since no one MAKES him/her-self, that portion of identity we DO have control over is how we self-identify. I know "half-caste" people [as you so indelicately put it] who self-identify as BLACK who would not appreciate your assessment of who they are. Period. I'm not speaking of people who are confused/conflicted about their identity; if that is their burden to carry, it is also theirs to resolve. Period. Furthermore, there are MANY Black people who are the complexion of that child in the picture who are not "half-white" and BOTH of whose parents are Black. Shadeism is old, brother. Like I said in the beginning, A DISTRACTION

  33. Bwire Vincent says:

    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson I hear you sista; my point, though, is that,we have absentee white dads and mums. Remember, to them, white means completely white, yet they cannot control their dicks,or pussies. That means he/she can get away with calling you a whore,even when he/she happens to be the absentee parent.

  34. Bwire Vincent says:

    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson I hear you sista; my point, though, is that,we have absentee white dads and mums. Remember, to them, white means completely white, yet they cannot control their dicks,or pussies. That means he/she can get away with calling you a whore,even when he/she happens to be the absentee parent.

  35. Abbas Ali says:

    I don't know about num 7# lots of Afr-americans don't want to be associated with Africans, In fact they say I am Afro american I was born in usa, That's what I have seen in some topic.

  36. Thomas Ajah says:

    It doesn't make sense to avoid buying from white-owned franchises, but makes more sense for African Americans to empower themselves economically. If you feel America has less room for Black prosperity(which I doubt seriously), then you should go do business with Africa, it is one heaven of untapped wealth! this would not only make black America powerful but would form an emerging Black block of wealth that can compete favorably and defeat white supremacy.

  37. Farntella Graham says:

    yes, why did dre start his business with a Black person instead of a white man, who once again, is doing what they do best, shine in the light of Black people, profit and expand at the expense of the dignity and humanity of Black people.

  38. Farntella Graham says:

    Jeffrey Osborn hell no I do not trust you. why should I? what in your interaction with us would make me trust you? the peoples of color and culture in this world are sick of you.

  39. Farntella Graham says:

    empathy is not in their character. remember, we are human and they are neanderthal/human kind or kind of like human.

  40. Farntella Graham says:

    Jeffrey Osborn damn right and I hope he wears the badge of "angry black man" proudly. why should we deny the anger? why should we commit suicide by internalizing the anger? the anger is suppose to be placed exactly where it belongs, on you.

  41. Farntella Graham says:

    Jeffrey Osborn your people need to help you just like my people need to help me. this multiculturalism and diversity is BS. Every group of people have their own land and culture. I do not want to live with you. what makes white people think people want to live with them? what is the reason white people left europe and went to others land where they were not invited?

  42. Lauren Kirsten says:

    They murder our children, and get away with it… We if we murdered their children like that we'd be dead before we say the word g—. Hell some of their children murder the parents and get away with it… we need to build our own democracy, starting with our own army…

  43. Lauren Kirsten says:

    don't shop black friday y'all…. only shop black owned businesses…

  44. Lauren Kirsten says:

    that's what black out is shop only black owned….

  45. Jay Contreras says:

    Lauren Kirsten Exactly. Put our money where our heart is. Stop feeding the beast(s). We are basically financing our own oppression. Madness.

  46. Jay Contreras says:

    I so agree. I totally support starting 'freedom schools' like the ones from the 60's and after school community programs where we teach our kids what we want them to know. I'm sure there are many retired teachers who would love to utilize their knowledge. I think all of this is happening for a reason. We have been lulled into complacency and it's time to wake the hell up & get back to nation-building again.

  47. Jay Contreras says:

    I so agree. I totally support starting 'freedom schools' like the ones from the 60's and after school community programs where we teach our kids what we want them to know. I'm sure there are many retired teachers who would love to utilize their knowledge. I think all of this is happening for a reason. We have been lulled into complacency and it's time to wake the hell up & get back to nation-building again.

  48. Jay Contreras says:

    Bwire Vincent I like the snow to crow..and brotha you should know from our history that there are plenty of light skinned or blacks light enough to pass who have been on the forefront of our struggle. I see what you are saying but we cannot be distracted by manufactured & artificial barriers. It's gonna take all hands on deck. These divide & conquer tactics is what keep us infighting & not focusing on our shared destiny & commonalities. Snow to Ferguson, m'aam..I'm going to have to borrow that phrase. lol..never heard it before.

  49. Jay Contreras says:

    Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson I love the way you think! Educator, by chance?

  50. Bwire Vincent says:

    Jay Contreras True; but remember, the racist is ten years ahead in the game (used to be 100, but Black man is gaining at a steady pace).

    The natural characteristic of parents is to live and raise their kids right; irrespective of what race the kids are, or who they bore the kids with.

    … unless the parent happens to be a racist.

    A racist, always has ulterior motives: He needs you to think that he loathes his biracial kid for not being white enough, so that he can use the child against Black man. Like, when people started questioning why all presidents get to be white and male, racist endorses Obama (half white and raised white).

    Now the racist can use his KKK cops (or, am I the only one who heard about the cops that were found to be members of the KKK?), to drop Black army down, one by one at will, as long as he has Obama to deliver a message of hope, like, 'Looting is bad, don't destroy your neighborhoods' – when everybody knows that most of those stores are owned by racists, who only care about Black people's money.

    Don't get me started on the Stacey Dash's of this world, in this divide and rule game.

  51. Chaveevah Cheryl Banks Ferguson says:

    Jay Contreras yes, my brother–I taught undergrad oral communication, intercultural communication, etc. freelance editing/book publishing/book illustration now…a young sister I know used that phrase years ago, and it's never left me because it is true…for every misguided Black person who thinks that things like complexion and hair texture somehow 'sets them apart', there are 20 more who know better and identify as Black–and will be ready to defend that identity from naysayers…but as you said, WHY should anyone have to? Internal struggles over skin color amongst our own people should NOT take place and distract us from whatever good we could accomplish TOGETHER

  52. Cheryl Mason says:

    Jeffrey Osborn you as a white man can't tell Black people what is good for them. Period. If you "love us" so much then have the respect to let us Black people speak to what our needs are. MLK and the civil right leaders of the 60s didn't want integration they wanted the right to use all public accommodations especially those that our tax dollars were supporting. Anyway, just be quite and let your love guide you to go to your white people and tell them that they are racist. When you have the balls to do that then you have earned the right to speak to Black peoples solutions to the problems white people created.

  53. Cheryl Mason says:

    I think the most powerful positive image any Black child can have is the image of his black mother and black father loving each other. This comes before dolls and books. A Black mama and a Black daddy loving each other! How about that!

  54. Cheryl Mason says:

    I have been in close association with many Africans and I can say what I saw is that they dislike African-American Blacks as hard as the white man. the women won't even talk to you. They worship at white churches or among their African created brands of christianity.

  55. Abbas Ali says:

    Bcuz they know that Afro-Americans consider them self Americans instead of Africans. thats why they Dislike them.

  56. Rabi'a Hakima says:

    Labelling people of African ancestry with the term "Black" qualifies as using the "language of the oppressor." African people did not choose that label for themselves, and, as with the n-word, the term "black" has never lost its negative, oppressive meaning no matter how much people have sought to redefine it.

  57. I agree with all except the last because Africa is not the motherland according to the Bible Galation 4:26, "But Jerusalem which is above is free, which is the mother of us all."

  58. Melissa Thomas says:

    Farntella and Heritage, It was your own kind that shipped your ancestors over here to be slaves basically your ancestors were either taken over by other tribes or were criminals and sold into slavery to the Europeans Heritage white people have been oppressed through out history Irish were discriminated against in America, so were Italians and at time or another almost every ethnicity was a slave to another. So stop whining my grandfather was straight off the boat Italian he endured oppression because he came from Italy he overcame it he even fought in WW2 despite the discrimination he faced here he built himself up and made a good life its called overcoming obstacles and building character not whining about it.

  59. Jeffrey Osborn I don't trust you because of your history NO whites cannot e trusted especially the ones who date black women I dated one like you before he sounds just like you but was the most racist person you could ever know. I bet you do the whole minstrel show around your black friends huh?

  60. Melissa Thomas fuck off. Whining huh? No one is fucking whining to your bitch ass. Again, no comprehension to our struggle, no empathy either. Not talking about Irish or Italian, you can spit that dribble on your own platform. Shut that shit up. What we know and what we are discussing pertains to blacks. Excuse yourself

  61. Tandrea Spain says:

    I love this article… perfect example of being proactive versus being a victim.

  62. Educate yourself on their history is the most important part to me…At least on the journey of change and education for an African adult!!! Nothing they're doing now is new, they have been repeating the same methods of oppression throughout thousands of years. My professor (white btw) is the one who first put me on to how true this is. Please study it for yourself, don't consume yourself with the nonsense they'll spew on the internet. Stalking pro black pages, magazines, websites, videos, articles you name it to either play a victim and say not all white people are bad, or be extra defensive and say ajy racist stereotypical thing that comes to their mind…The best one is when they deflect…but, well lol all that other nonsense. Point is they do it because although they may not know it or care they're just as affected by white supremacy as we are, they're just the beneficiaries of it…I mean what other group of people in earth feel as entitled as they do…I'll tell you who…Nobody!!! White supremacy has been going on for hundreds and practiced for thousands of years…Study their behavior, past and present and you'll start to see the bigger picture…From their we can really give our children a sense of self they truly deserve understan who we really are in this world and know are true place and how to stand in it together. We are gettting their. and I'm happy to see us mobolizing across the world.

  63. Jeffrey Osborn, the article warned us about people like you and Melissa Thomas.You two are the exact people who feverishly troll so called "Black" websites to spread misinformation like you or to blatantly spew racist rhetoric like Malissa Thomas. We are on to you people so please do us both a favor and save your bullshit lies because we are not at all interested. Thank you very much.

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