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8 Meaningful Steps to Handling a Racist Boss


Keep Records of Incidents/Write It Down/Document Everything

If the boss’s racist behavior is ongoing, write down the specific incidents as they happen. Include the time, date and nature of each transgression, and be as straightforward as you can.

 If the racist behavior takes the form of emails or written correspondence, keep a copy or take a picture with your personal cellphone, as long as this does not violate any privacy laws or other agreements.

Whether your situation ends with a lawsuit, a formal complaint or internally within your own company, it will be important for you to have proof of the inappropriate behavior. In the face of a denial by the perpetrator asserting that the abusive behavior did not occur, a detailed account of your situation will be invaluable.

Keep your notes in a safe place to which others do not have access. Remember that any evidence you gather could be useful in the future.

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