Indictment of 2 Officers Expected in Case of Brutalized Black Teen, but Justice May Still be Elusive

NYPD officers beat Brooklyn teen Two New York Police Department officers are expected to be charged for brutally attacking a Black teen from Brooklyn, but there are still concerns that justice won’t be served even after the indictment.

The gut-wrenching attack of 16-year-old Kahreem Tribble was caught on tape, yet another case of the Black community being targeted by the NYPD.

The two officers, David Afanador and Tyrane Isaac, can be clearly seen in the video attacking the teen after a short foot pursuit.

Tribble throws his hands in the air to surrender after the officers catch up with him but that isn’t enough to prevent the attack.

The officers begin beating the teen and deliver a strong blow to the teen’s jaw.

At one point, one of the officers can be seen hitting Tribble with the butt of his gun.

The aftermath of the attack left Tribble with a swollen jaw, broken teeth and other injuries to his mouth.

Tribble’s lawyer, Amy Rameau, stated the officers acted as if they believe “they’re above the law” and now is the time to prove to them that’s not the case.

According to CBS2 in New York, both officers are expected to face criminal charges.

Sources told the local station that both Afanador and Isaac plan to surrender at the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office on Wednesday afternoon and are expected to be arraigned the same day.

Afanador was indicted on felony assault, weapon possession and misconduct charges while Isaac was indicted with lesser charges.

Both of the officers have been with the NYPD for nearly 10 years.

To some, it seems like justice is on the brink of being served, but members of the Black community know all too well that an indictment is no reason to celebrate just yet.

“His parents and I want to see them prosecuted to the full extend of the law,” Rameau said.

Rameau’s desires could become nothing more than an empty dream.

Based on past cases dealing with police brutality claims against the NYPD, there is still a chance that the officers won’t receive more than a slap on the wrist despite the severity of Tribble’s injuries and the irrefutable video that captured the attack.

The case of Eric Garner, the New York father who was killed after officers put him in a NYPD-banned chokehold, is still being reviewed by a Staten Island grand jury.

NYPD police brutality


Many times, allegations of police brutality against the NYPD struggle to even make their way to the courtrooms.

Statistics show that only 250 of the 5,741 complaints against NYPD officers in 2012 were even substantiated and processed by the NYPD.

The last time an NYPD officer was indicted for brutality was back in December of 2008, the NY Daily News reports.

Afanador has already been let off the hook in the past after the city dished out the cash to settle two lawsuit filed against the officer for beating up suspects.

For now, Afanador remains suspended and Isaac has been placed on modified duty.

Brooklyn District Attorney Kenneth Thompson is hoping neither of the officers will get away with the brutal attack this time around.

“If any police officer has crossed the line – we have to hold him accountable,” he told the Daily News.


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