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10 Horrifying Facts About the Sexual Exploitation of Enslaved Black Women You May Not Know

White slave owners convinced they were Black women a favor

Slave Masters Claimed They Were Doing Black Women A Favor

Enslaved women were forced to have sex with their owners, but their masters considered this a favor. White men often claimed they were doing Black women a favor by saving them from having sex with Black men who were considered to be animalistic and brutal.

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185 thoughts on “10 Horrifying Facts About the Sexual Exploitation of Enslaved Black Women You May Not Know

  1. Theodora Anagor says:

    This is where the stereotype of the black woman came from.

  2. OMG the gool ole days, we should say never again, not embracing this.

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    I wonder is the representation of mammies as obese, for the most part physically unattractive women, stem from the fact that slave owner wives came to know that these women were being used sexually so they insisted that the most unattractive black woman be used or was this a sort of rebellion by the black women themselves to keep the slave owner disinterested? And another question that we never really discuss: How many black men & boys were also sexually preyed upon and molested by white slave owners? We know historically they have a thing for pedophilia. I can't imagine that would have been different during slavery but it something I never seen brought up, which is understandable but it also would also explain the black male genitalia preoccupation in this society. Were slaves with larger than average genitalia purposely bred because we were basically dealing with latent homosexual 'size queens'? It's an interesting aspect of this that most will probably steer clear of..but let us not forget how lynch parties were known for cutting off black men's penises & taking them as 'souvenirs'..white men seem to have an inordinate preoccupation with the size of black genitalia..could we have it all wrong & think they wanted black women, when they may have been more interested in the men & are in fact, simply jealous of black women & see them as competitors? lol..

  4. Obesity among black women is a post slavery syndrome, caused by black men. During the time blacks were held as slaves, black people did not eat very well, and the extra hard work kept them thin, an indication they would be hungry a lot, so when ever the black woman would gain weight it made the black man feel good because he knew his woman was eating enough, and the more he praised her, the black man got accustomed to the look, it grew on him, and to this day most want an obesed women, black or white. Ask black groupies, what do the black football players and black football players want, they will tell you, and the players try to hide they want these obesed women, they will not be seen with them. Not making this up folks. And there you have it.

  5. sista…go to west africa, black men there in places like Nigeria love thick/healthy women….It's not an african american thing, we just lik'em thick/healthy and beautiful

  6. Cortez Mrintellectual Steed Same reason, blacks were more starved in Afuraka than in America.

  7. Cortez Mrintellectual Steed Big and thick is not a sign of good health. You are kind of making my point though, being hungry and thin was not a sign of good health, they had every reason to eat, and eat, when they could.

  8. It is ALL a BPRODUCT of CHATTEL SLAVERY! This is why MOST BLACK WOMEN don't TRUST or DEPEND on BLACKMEN because BLACKMEN having become The WHITEMAN in Amerikkka's SPOIL from KIDNAPPING HIM… One of THE FIRST WARCRIMES was to BREAKDOWN his FEMALE…..(QUEEN from having FAITH in him as a PROTECTOR/PROVIDER)………..


  9. Norven Real says:

    sorry bro but most of US don't know what Chess is either. Black women could care less, you got the cash you gets the ass!

  10. Norven Real says:

    WTF? Black man's fault? Really? How about saying hell no!

  11. Norven Real says:

    Cortez Mrintellectual Steed I do not but I'm cool with how ever they look. But I favor smaller women, and I am black. They are all beautiful, I just have never date any woman who was heavier than me. My preference, no judgement, just what I am attracted to I guess.

  12. Christian Ghisays says:

    We can only just imagine the horrors many slaves endured and how they had to live such miserable lives among horrible men and women who took the humans for granted way beyond what is acceptable in the day.

  13. Norven Real yeah..I didn't know how it was black man's fault either, more of a preference thing, that's why I mentioned Nigerian men having an eye for thick women….

  14. Down right degrading! Took the indians land and raped their women and took Africans and enslaved them and raped their women. Sad

  15. Han Cnx says:

    Super article.. Why the sudden jab at Nicki Minaj on the final page though? People are hating on Nicki when she appears lighter skinned with blond hair, and then she's darker in her latest vid and now she's a Jezebel stereotype? Not nice to paint her as a victim of a music/fashion/glamor industry; she seems perfectly capable of being who she wants to be.

  16. I doubt all mammies looked like that.

  17. Jay Contreras says:

    Norven Real I really don't know what y'all are talking about. Black women are the LEAST likely of all groups to date/marry interracially. Now if you are talking about sex workers, that's a separate issue but for those sistahs who are NOT sex workers (most black women)..they still prefer black men as their mates. The stats prove this.

  18. Jay Contreras says:

    Cortez Mrintellectual Steed I don't think it's unique to europe at one time 'rubenesque' women (chubby) were idealized in art's a cyclical thing, I think…full figured women are 'in' then skinny is in…stick around long enough, whatever your body type is, it'll be the 'in' thing.

  19. Sundiata Keita says:

    this sound like some crazy black feminist shit. blame the black man for yall being fat, thats some wild shit. so black women are filling out their shopping lists, trying to make sure they get the fattest food in the store so they can attract a black man?
    and rich athletes like dimepieces cause they can afford them. broke niggas have fat women cause they cant afford skinny dimes. thats literally the craziest shit i seen blamed on black men this year

  20. Sundiata Keita says:

    i think a lot of em would, as far as weight is concerned. always up in the kitchen

  21. See Gone With The Wind.. I bet the casting crew actually seen second or maybe even first generation of freed slaves so they would have a better visualization of actual slavery than you and I.

  22. So are black ever going to get reparations for the Black Holocaust?

  23. P.a. Long says:

    STAY CLEAR -STAY FOCUSED: The issue is NOT Nicki Minaj or Little Kim. The illustration using these individuals, relates to the evolution of mass media using the "Jezebel sterotype"…

  24. P.a. Long says:

    In doubt…research [know your history]

  25. P.a. Long says:

    In doubt about what mammies look like??? RESEARCH [ I believe you will find the majority looked exactly like that] some perhaps were smaller-but [ Oh just research it; nothing like learning it for yourself ]

  26. P.a. Long says:

    Norven Real I am going to sum this up as "Generational ignorance"..The subject matter is African American History. Get some books sit down and read. Do some research and then come back and respond like an intelligent adult aware of his culture and its history. Otherwise, U will remain forever ignorant.

  27. P.a. Long says:


  28. Sophia More says:

    Black women must forgive black men for not being there to protect them. ———–Suliman Latif Etched into the memory of our being are the very painful memories of the past.What they feel like today are: "Black men are irresponsible."Are we really talking about black men today? Or are we remembering those of the past who were powerless to save our grandmothers from the events that have created the painful memories? Whether the memories are from yesteryear, last week or night black women must individually and collectively forgive black men We must forgive our grandfather and brothers, our husbands and sons.If we have anger for black men, we have anger toward them all.Wemust forgive black men for the things they do not do.Forgiveness is the only way to free ourselves and our mascline complements from the atrocities committed against our mutual souls. There is a place of forgiveness within me.Today I lovingly share it with black men. , You will never know who you are in the world until you know thyself. ————————–Dr.J ohn Henry Clarke We are descenants of The parent race, Africans, transported to a new land. We are African-caribbeans, African-Lat inos and Africans, natively.Over thecourse of the last twenty years we have become eager to embrace our ancestral roots.That is good. it is good however, that we continue to define our"Africanness"in concepts forreign to us.We claim the music, dance, art and clothing.Yet we become uncomfortable about discussing the so-callled dark side of the motherland–rituals, scarificat ion, wearing leaves and animal skins, root medicine, bones in the nose, animal sacrifice, plates in the lips and tridalism.We shy away from what we have come to understand isstill unacceptable by other standards.we must study ourselves, for ourselves.Until that time, it will remain difficult confusing, and uncomfortable to acceptor reject the place we call"mother." ———-From my darkness comes the light You can look ahead, you can look behind, what is written cannot be changed -The Oracles of Ifa- We cannot change the color of our skin. What we can change is how we feel about it.We cannot change a pain-filled past.What we cannot change how others may feel about who we are and where we, ve been.What we can change is how we see it, how we use it and how others use it to our benefit or detriment. The past has already been written, but we have the power to write the future, based on who we are and what we do now.Only we can write a future based on how much we have wealth and love.Alle we have to do is what is right now. I Am choosing my future by what I do now.

  29. Tim Rudisill says:

    Ever read "Slavery and Social Death"? A very interesting book – I commend it to your attention. 🙂

  30. Many black men were lynched, castrated or maimed trying to protect black women from this horrible episode in our history. But, I agree, we must do a lot of forgiving, we must forgive the black men and women who betrayed their own during this time. For instance, we must forgive the negro bed wench who often times out of survival found it more practical to let master know about upcoming plots of slave rebellions. After all she was masters prized pet and lived very comfortably compared to the field hands, why would she want to give that up? Same can be said for the shameful behavior of many black men at this time. ALL should be forgiven, but not forgotten.

  31. Many black men were lynched, castrated or maimed protecting black women from this horrible episode in our history. But, after a while these men realized it's better to deal with the humiliation of their mothers, daughters and lovers being raped so that they can live another day to plan a slave revolt, which there were many. But, many black women had to make some hard choices themselves, for instance, we must forgive the negro bed wench who often times out of survival found it more practical to let master know about upcoming plots of slave revolts. After all, she was masters prized pet, was protected and lived very comfortably compared to the field hands, why would she want to give that up? Many black men and women should be forgiven for what they had to do to survive, but they should not be forgotten.

  32. Frances Voncille Small says:

    Abbas Ali Thank You!!

  33. Jay Contreras says:

    Collin Johnson All this blame game is just another divide & conquer tactic that keeps us all from uniting and coalescing under the banner of FREEDOM. As long as we only see what others may have done for survival & blame them, we never get around to focusing on how we can BUILD together from this moment forward. If black people directly AFTER slavery could put all that bullshit aside for the common good-what DA hell are we still bringing up this shit for NOW? We are doing EXACTLY what has & always will BENEFIT our oppressors. I don't know what tha hell they are putting in our water & food, but it has totally made us regress.

  34. Sundiata Keita For the most part you and I have agreed. I thought about how I phrased what I said about the black man being responsible for black females weight problem, and I believe I should rephrase. It was slavery that directly caused the problem of black females being over weight today, and black males have indirectly kept the problem of many black females continuning to be over weight, you know better than me, this is what many if not most black men like over weight women, black ones or white ones, take a look around. If black men had or would have been telling their women or showing them that it is not healthy or not becoming to be over weight, their would not be this problem that we see today, if they refuse to shed the weight, then show them which one you desire the most by being with the one without the weight problem. We would not be seeing what we see. You can chill.

  35. Valarie Dahda
    You perpetuate the image of "Jezebel"
    yet you claim disdain for black history & the way in which the white man treated our ancestors,while you amply sullying Blackness!
    Dress yourself & present as a honorable Black Women!
    To qoute you "Down right degrading"

  36. Manda Holmes says:

    Norven Real that is so incorrect. We play chess and we have more respect for the black than he does for himself. We are still the glue that holds the black family together and handling down without our black all while praying he gets his act together

  37. Derrick A. Capers At the end of the day another black woman is attacked by black men who somehow feel some kind of responsibility or ownership of black women while gang banging, raping, always in prison, always abandoning your own offspring but I am sure that's the woman's fault too. LOOSERS!

  38. Frances Voncille Small At the end of the day another black woman is attacked by black men who somehow feel some kind of responsibility or ownership of black women while gang banging, raping, always in prison, always abandoning your own offspring but I am sure that's the woman's fault too. LOOSERS!


  40. Historically white men had sex with men. So, I don't see why they would stop doing so in slavery days. Right now it is legal and accepted in society. So why not during slavery.

  41. Jay Contreras You are absolutely right.

  42. I think white women were jezebels. Have you watched or seen westerns with the bars and the women in them. They looked like jezebels to me and acted like them too.

  43. Karen Henderson Meachem
    1-while gang banging, raping, always in prison
    2-some kind of responsibility or ownership of black women
    3- the woman's fault too.
    Is that all you got?
    You don't know me!
    Explain each of those bullet statements, that your small mind produced !
    Self hate is no excuse for your over the top fecal diatribe!
    Redundancy is reflective of an limited, mentally challenged mind,
    get help!

  44. Dejah Fortune says:

    Robbin Zeigler yes, masters on male slaves was no uncommon

  45. Han Cnx says:

    P.a. Long Fair enough; would there be a time though that a black woman can be a megastar and sex symbol without being accused of doing something wrong based on racial history, and/or be a victim of exploitation by the mass media? Now, in the current day and age it seems that any bold/overt expression of sexuality by a woman gets criticized (Miley..) by conservatives and feminists alike. I think there is a difference though between a movie or media peddling of stereotypes versus a strong independent woman making her own statement and image. I'd like to think she should be able to do that without being blamed or victimized based on race.

  46. They didn't. Some of them had Amazon figures. That is why white women aim to have the very same body parts as them. The big bust, buttox, full lips and tanned skin. Aunt Jammima was an actual Nanny. Supposedly, it was an act of endearment, on her "massa's" part, to use her for the face of the product. That is how much she meant to them. But that made her the face of all mammies. White women were not all skin and bone either. That was at a time that big women were favored. Marilyn Monroe was no skinny girl either. Now the beauty concept has changed and thin and white, is the brainwashed idea of beauty.

  47. actually during slave times was a complete different scale compared to today time. For example black women didnt have a choice or say so to there slave master. How ever black women do have a choice to say no to every black man in today time. so your statement is false for yall alow men to run over you.

  48. Brenton Justice Once upon a time, black women were accused of being gold-diggers when they held out for better. Now that they are, better is oftentimes another nationality.

  49. Speech English says:

    Does Atlanta Black Star know that a picture of Aunt Jemima is posted when you pin this story from their pin button above the picture?

  50. Sonja Mack says:

    Blacks, Native Americans and Hispanics ARE the 12 Tribes of Israel. Set up for destruction so the Edomites (Whites) can inherit the Promises of Abraham. We were sent all over the world by CARGO SLAVE SHIPS. LOOK IN DEUTERONOMY 28:68 sent to Egypt again with ships sold to our enemies to a land our fathers didn't know. Egypt represents bondage or slavery. You are the True Hebrews those in Israel are FAKE. They financed the slave trade and the plantations. Do your research Shalom.

  51. Tony Morris says:

    @ Norven Real…you are one sad despicable person. I can only assume you're Black and if you are, you're even more despicable and predictable. To follow with a comment like you did, behind a brother that left an intelligent comment, says a lot about your mindset. It's so much I can add to your persona, which would be stereotypical in nature. Instead I'll just stop there and let you enjoy your ignorance. So of us are a sad people!!!

  52. Leaf Lee Kahtan says:

    Alottah Fooquery, here we have another retarded BHI who has an incomprehensible religious belief based on….well nothing. As local black Jew, what is your comment? #ctfu

  53. you are on to something important here, i agree 100%.

  54. Iam Uniq says:

    White people were slaves as well as black….all depended on where you came from and your background

  55. Aisha Del Pratt says:

    Well which is relevant to america?….

    That is the topic of discussion. We're not being general here cause what happened in other countries is irrelevant to our countries' history with slavery.

  56. No! Every individual (except babies) is responsible for what goes down his or her gullet. Blaming everyone else for what you eat is a pathetic excuse and a sign of a weak minded individual!

  57. Jay Contreras says:

    Bancroft Gt That's unfortunate. But most of the black women in the UK are African or Caribbean emigres or children of those groups, are they not? And I think the history of chattel slavery here in this country has created a bond that is more durable than not– though admittedly some aspects are dysfunctional; but how do you survive a dysfunctional, traumatic experience WITHOUT some dysfunctional behaviors?

  58. An interesting point of fact about the name Jemima is this:

    After being restored….

    Job 42:13-15 "He (Job) had also seven sons and three daughters. And he called the name of the first, Jemima; … And in all the land were no women found so fair as the daughters of Job: and their father gave them inheritance among their brethren.

  59. Ken Morrow says:

    White people have a habit of classifying Blacks as being historically violent and criminal. They tend to forget, their heritage is full of rapist , child molestors, and cold blooded killers. Instead of being ashamed of their heritage they are actually proud of it. So who actually displays animalistic behavior.

  60. Sonja Mack says:

    Leaf Lee Kahtan just who are you speaking to?

  61. We are watching the continue rape and molestation of beautiful Black women and girls by this devil

  62. Pamela J Springer says:

    Derrick A. Capers I am a young black christian woman, a mom and a student. (and i work full time). I would think that a decorated black retiree in the US army would have more respect for his women and all others. I believe the point that Karen was trying to make was if the above readings centered on the abuse verbal or otherwise of black women. Why would you turn around and continue the cycle as a black man. That's not helping! Build her up! You are my elder (no disrespect intended) and i look to you for guidance. You and the gentleman before you launched a full on attack on that young woman and anyone who came to her defense. I absolutely love my black men and women (no homo), but it does not negate the fact that several of our black men are not stepping up. And your right women do play a huge role in how they are represented. However, as Jay Contreras said before "How do you survive a dysfunctional, traumatic experience w/o some leftover dyfsunctional behaviors?" And for those spelling and grammar freaks, focus on the message, not the spelling. Let's start encouraging our black men and women. God bless!

  63. Pamela J Springer says:

    Jay Contreras Preach!

  64. Robbin Zeigler
    That was the ground Zero for those animalistic sexual freaks!
    Nothing New!

  65. Pamela J Springer
    You my dear, need to re-read from the top!
    Its call (Comprehension) which in your statement reelects, that it eluded you!
    I have the Utmost respect from All Women! I came from a woman!
    So please don’t assume something about me from which you know none of,
    in-fact your in step with the Lady who babbled incoherently, that I responded to!
    1-“I believe the point that Karen”
    I don’t need any interpretation, maybe Karen does but you really should ask her!
    Please, unless it’s in your job description, you should avoid it at all costs!
    2-“And for those spelling and grammar freaks, focus on the message, not the spelling.
    Let's start encouraging our black men and women”
    This is a women who claims she “LOVES” Black women and wishes to
    “Let's start encouraging our black men and women”
    Keep this none
    “Grammar freaks”
    advice in mind!
    You’ll both be scratching your heads as to why the people, ”Grammer Freaks”
    who paid attention and you non-“Grammar-Freaks” are standing on the other side of being unemployed!
    I can’t believe you said that and you have children? OMG.
    Elder, I don’t mind it all, the important thing it’s no shame at all, God’s blessed me to be here,
    you and all others who see fit to point age out, have to wonder whether or not you get blessed
    to be an “Elder”
    God Bless!

  66. Sonja Mack says:

    Leaf Lee Kahtan it appears you sir are a racist when the TRUTH comes out. the fake jew-ish who wish they were US are the synagogue of Satan and I know they don't believe in Christ. It's call Identity Theft of the Chosen Ones.

  67. Sonja Mack says:

    Right Ken… the bible they are called the Synagogue of Satan by Christ and I'm no Christian. I am Hebrew Israelites. They have stolen OUR identity and I have documentation of it. They don't even believe in Christ smh.

  68. Sonja Mack says:

    Jay Contreras You got that right Jay. I'll take a brother ANY DAY. It's NOT about how much money he has it's about his heart and mind. Someone you can be with and look forward to after a long day at work. SMH some females are so confused. I would never use one of my brothers NEVER.

  69. Sonja Mack says:

    The Africans sold us we are the Hebrew Israelites. This may come as a shock to you but there is documentation of this. This is why the bible called us the "hidden ones" WE are the biblical people this is why we were enslaved. All the nations conspired against us and today they are doing it but that's about to end. Biblical prophesy.

  70. Sonja Mack says:

    Just to let you know all females are not like her. She would do anything for money but at the end of the day ….it's not worth the money she is making.

  71. Jay Contreras I'm not blaming our ancestors who were victims, and there's no point in blaming the victim. It's about understanding our past subjugation in its most sordid details to move beyond it, and to avoid it from happening again. The truth is, some of us still have what are now maladaptive behaviors, and it's important for us to recognize these behaviors when we see them, and consequently,call out, avoid or isolate those who exhibit those behaviors so that we can move on.

  72. Bo Hamilton says:

    And put some dam cocoa butter on them stretch marks if you want to flaunt them bags.

  73. Errol Cooper says:

    I see you have been reading my sister. It is written that we will suffer from defying God!

  74. Errol Cooper says:

    Robbin Zeigler Weel. they are consider the queens of whoredom, look at how many are use in sexual explicit commercials to sell a product!

  75. Errol Cooper says:

    Hey! they are referred to as heathens ,they whole reason for existence is to destroy any form of peace! why do you think they fled Europe. They were running from their own inhumane kind!

  76. Leaf Lee Kahtan says:

    Alottah Fooquery, the fuckery is intensifying.

  77. Bwire Vincent says:

    Sonja Mack The Africans sold you?

  78. Bwire Vincent says:

    Pamela J Springer
    Christian, huh?

    Psalm 123:2 (New International Version (NIV)): As the eyes of slaves look to the hand of their master, as the eyes of a maid look to the hand of her mistress, so our eyes look to the LORD our God, till he shows us his mercy.
    Ephesians 6:4-6: Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord. Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ. Obey them not only to win their favor when their eye is on you, but like slaves of Christ, doing the will of God from your heart.
    Ephesians 6:5:Slaves, obey your earthly masters with respect and fear, and with sincerity of heart, just as you would obey Christ.
    Ephesians 6:9:And masters, treat your slaves in the same way. Do not threaten them, since you know that he who is both their Master and yours is in heaven, and there is no favoritism with him.
    Colossians 3:22:Slaves, obey your earthly masters in everything; and do it, not only when their eye is on you and to win their favor, but with sincerity of heart and reverence for the Lord.
    Colossians 4:1:Masters, provide your slaves with what is right and fair, because you know that you also have a Master in heaven.
    Titus 2:9:Teach slaves to be subject to their masters in everything, to try to please them, not to talk back to them,
    1 Peter 2:18:Slaves, submit yourselves to your masters with all respect, not only to those who are good and considerate, but also to those who are harsh.

  79. Saiffeldeen Muhammad says:

    Its funny. Reports like this while true STILL many black people could care less, they KNOW these things already and STILL act out the way the stereo shows them to be. The Jezebel is in full effect and they all but worship Nikki M and Beyonce and YES..they are perpetuating the Jezebel image…for example. Yes these things happened but we WILLINGLY continue the legacy they started.

  80. Shabaka take that prehistoric shit back where you got it from ! If obesity was inflicted amongst the black woman , it was the slave masters doing , to breed bigger bucks ( black men and women for the manual work and bigger breeding females ! Black man had no say in anything .. Period !!

  81. Nicol L Lami says:

    Abbas Ali As a mom, I am sorry at what we as Black women have reduced our selves to. sex objects! thanks sir for pointing that out! if more Black men did that, maybe these woman will start valuing their bodies!

  82. Nicol L Lami says:

    that's why I have a problem with vetarans day, independence day! they are being proud of their heritage while Black people join to celebrate!

  83. Nicol L Lami says:

    Please the Black man is never to be blamed. The whiteman's cruelty was mostly on our men. nothing new under the sun. It happened in Egypt it has been happening here for the past 400 years

  84. Sonja Mack says:

    No their going to get back everything that was stolen from them and more.

  85. Sonja Mack says:

    Thank you Ken Morrow. I couldn't have said it any better.

  86. This is really rediculous and sad and.
    Degrading to our black people.

  87. Aje'ne Babb says:

    That's a blanket statement, you have plenty of good respectable black men that love black woman, that's like saying all black woman are strippers and hoes.

  88. Aje'ne Babb says:

    That's how steriotypes start.

  89. Cecil Max-George Africa is the rape capital of this world and black communities in the US do not fare better. Black women have been brainwashed to accept black men only while he flaunts other races of women in her face. Now that black women are finally adventuring out it is now a problem.

  90. Derrick A. Capers That was stupid and expected rant. lol!

  91. Aje'ne Babb says:

    It's a problem to ignorant men, I could care less who anyone dates, do you have men like that yeah, but that's not all black men, real men don't have time for petty things like that, if a black woman dates a white guy great if love is there cool its 2014.

  92. Aje'ne Babb says:

    I love my black wife for the woman she is, not color,and if someone doesn't want to date a black woman cause she's not light enough why should you care, he's doing you a favor cause he's obviously an idiot.

  93. Aje'ne Babb says:

    You have good and bad men in every race.

  94. Aje'ne Babb says:

    This is a big world, trust me you have good black men.

  95. Derrick A. Capers WOW, you went postal.. LOL!

  96. Derrick A. Capers Sexism and racism are the same. I noticed how you attacked my intelligences for a misspelled word. SMH.

  97. Bwire Vincent says:

    Pamela J Springer What has the church ever done for you, other than rob you of your hard earned money by selling you false hope?

  98. Zainab Ali says:

    Robbin Zeigler They didn't. This is the truth of Black men today. Little Richard once said his family always talked about how back in slave days the White man would come and force them to maek sex with him and each other and this was passed down in his family. He had to fight his Uncles and his cousins off of him.

  99. Zainab Ali says:

    Jay typically any man or woman working in the White mans house was not dark skinned. They would have lighter complexion as not to scare the woman in the home and they were considered as easy on the eyes.

  100. I feel the need to clear up something. There are a lot of Black Women who are taking the criticism of the Black Man out of context. We love you! We want nothing more than for you to come back home. We want you to display a sense of self respect when doing so. Cover up a bit more in public. Embrace the natural hair and body you have.

    I have and will continue to work hard to provide financial stability for my home. I will lay down my life for you! I will help in raising our children as well. I love to cook! I work out and keep my home clean and free of drama. I am actually single and yet, I see beautiful Black Women with thugs and gangstas EVERYDAY! Choose your men wisely. We are out here and may seem a bit difficult to deal with but it's because we want the best for our legacy.

  101. Side Note: Welfare and Food Stamps is not the way to go. Having a ambitious man who wants to succeed by your side is. Don't think that there aren't Black Men out here who can provide for you…….by saying that, you are the RODNEY O'NEAL REYNOLDS does not exist, and I am very much alive and well!

  102. John Lindsay says:

    **Jay Contreras : Black women are the LEAST likely of all groups to date/marry interracially.

    JL: That's a damn lie.

    The truth is….African American women, due to racism, are the least likely to be approached by racist White men, Latino men, Native-American men, etc.
    Same thing for Asian American men and women of other groups.

    I KNOW where you got that from:
    You simply reviewed a chart on inter-ethnic marriages….and then BLAMED Black women for the "low rate of inter-ethnic marriages among them."
    That's precisely how White racist researchers have been interpreting those stats for years….BUT THAT INTERPRETATION IS WRONG.
    Men of other groups are NOT rushing to hookup with Black women…..and then you're going to blame Black women for that?!
    That's really QUITE IGNORANT….and racist, too.

  103. Mink Tresses says:

    You have said nothing but the truth!

  104. Saiffeldeen Muhammad says:

    LOL. Hahaha.

  105. Saiffeldeen Muhammad says:

    LOL. Hahaha.

  106. Saiffeldeen Muhammad says:

    Sophia, I viewed your pictures and I was like "What the??" But I read your words and they were "dope", a very good expression.

  107. Saiffeldeen Muhammad says:

    Sophia, I viewed your pictures and I was like "What the??" But I read your words and they were "dope", a very good expression.

  108. Keema McCoy says:

    Jay Contreras Correct Jay, that why the percentage of black women who are married is significantly lower than any other race, Why, because most black women refuse to date outside their race, and definitely not marry. The only reason more black women are marrying white men is because white men are ready to settle down and have a family and black men usually just want to stay "friends."

  109. Where are the footnotes and references for this article? It seems poorly researched.

  110. Even though I already knew of this, reading it made me ill. To think that our ancestors had to live with such inhumane treatment saddens me. Now we are doing these things to ourselves and killing off our own race. We need to display that strength and pride that our ancestors refused to let slavery kill when dealing with each other today.

  111. Corin Reyes says:

    How come when a woman is comfortable with their sexuality it must be because of some atrocity from the past? This article went left for me when that comparison was made.

  112. Okay if black people were supposedly so beneath them and their slaves then why are they aroused and sleep with them. Doesn't add up. Pick one. It can't be both.

  113. I find it amusing and ironic that so many people are using this as a platform for white people hating and gaybashing, but alas, it is the internet. This article was good and informative. Thank you for writing it.

  114. blacks are not guiltless. look at africa today with this xenophobia….

  115. It boils down to one thing in my mind the white's have always been envious of blacks since the beginnning of existing of their color their figures, and their skills they were to weak and too lazy to get what they needed so they had to enslaved blacks to achive anything worth having, all that they own and accomplished wre done by blacks they have been thieves, and cowards all of their existence. stolen all they ever gotten and will continue to do so, until the day they die face it this is heaven and hell here on earth and the devil and all hteir saints I s the white man. they call, us black yet they lie in the sun, or tanning houses to get our color they asses are flat, yet they get botox to make them big like blacks ththeir lips are thin as tissue paper but yet they have them pumped up by surgery, their boobs are tiny and they have them done also and now they are wearing afro's and corn rows as well. What a sorry bunch of heathens.

  116. Rozina Hinds says:

    How come we can never stay on topic?

  117. Kay Monroe says:

    Classic 'nice guy' thinking he's a catch when he's actually a misogynist who wants to control and own women just like a slave master! If you love women treat them with respect, don't tell them to cover-up or dictate how they groom themselves to suit your ignorant sexist ideas. Do you expect cookies for doing the same basic housework as your woman, for taking care of your own damn kids? No wonder you're single.

    Self-respect is staying away from men like you. Damn.

  118. Alex Smith says:

    You think rape is about arousal and respect? NOPE.

  119. Alex Smith says:

    Agreed, a bit of a low shot without further discussing it further.

    Black women are sexualized in this way throughout the media – also there have been interesting comparisons made with Sara Baartman and stars like Nicki Minaj: obsessions over black female bodies (obviously the backside in particular). Women of any race who is seen as owning her sexuality (or who is sexualised) are thought of as whores or sluts – black women have additional burden of respectability politics.

    Nicki Minaj isn't perpetuating a stereotype or being a Jezebel, she owns her own sexuality and thus she is judged as a Jezebel because of sexism and continued hyper-sexualization of black women. People who abuse black women who display their sexuality are doing the job of white mistresses: it's girl-hate slut-shaming at the intersection of race and gender, it's continuing that Jezebel stereotype against black women and thus restricting black women's behaviour and actions.

  120. Alex Smith says:

    Nicol L Lami Praising men for shaming and controlling women? As a woman I'm ashamed at people like you, insisting women remain slaves to men, that to be respected we must dress as sexist men see fit. I weep for your children.

  121. Mamie Bell says:

    Let's leave the so called native American, and so called Hispanics , who are both another branch of the white man, out of this discussion and keep our focus on the Black Man, and Black Woman.

  122. Sonja Mack says:

    Errol Cooper Shalom brother I have been reading and studying. This is the ONLY thing that will set us free.

  123. Kay Monroe Are you a woman or man?

  124. Sonja Mack says:

    Mamie Bell some of them are Israel there are scriptures and other historical documents to prove this.

  125. Sonja Mack says:

    thank you Felton Mitchell I suspected the water but was unaware of the soy baby formula.

  126. Sonja Mack says:

    Whoa Bro Rodney Reynolds,,,,,,that was on target. They need to dress modestly at one time you could tell a whore from a lady but today….I don't know. You are truly a real man and my hat is off to you sir.

  127. Sonja Mack says:

    Ken Morrow you're right Hebrews 12:16 Lest there be any fornicator, or profane person, as Esau, who for one morsel of meat sold his birthright.

  128. Sonja Mack says:

    Collin Johnson can we say Stockholm syndrome. Can we say systematic divide and conqure techniques. for instance years ago if a woman needed assistance to feed her children while her husband was out of work (due to the system to oppress him) whites made SURE there was NO MAN in the home in order to give her assistance and she had to put him out and whites would inspect your homes to make sure they didn't find any shoes under the bed, razors in the bathroom cabinet. It was a technique to divide and conquer. Keep the men unemployed or locked up whie the women were left to feign for themselves…THEN came the Womens Lib crap where they taught a black women that she didn't NEED a man and today you have that byproduct of that era. These women are out of order but they never forced white men out their homes even for poor white trash they were allowed to live at home with their families. I feel for my brothers they always get the worse treatment. Ladies back up our brothers return to your Laws, Statues and Commandments. I have the utmost respect and love for my brothers. Shalom.

  129. Sonja Mack says:

    Saral Danyale Westley the blacks of Israel are asleep but they are waking up to the truth. The Most High said no mixing with other nations and some of our people are doing just that for not following the laws, statues and commandments

  130. I have read many comments in reference to the topic currently in discussion. disinfranchiment between black man and black women did not start with slavery in america, the divison began on the coast of south africa. black women were raped, sodomized, and what ever while there black men listened to their outcries, screems and pain while they were kept in holding cells awaiting transport to hell on earth, then they had to experence the same practice aboard slaveships chained in the hull of the ship, while their black women eere dragged on deck time after time be for the slavemaster even smelled it. just keeping it real.

  131. we must try to love our enemies, but they must know. we will never forget it.

  132. Kay Monroe a woman that's secure in herself and knows her divine design as a woman isn't offended by what rodney said. i wish you best and hope you experience real love so you can truly understand what he's saying. that hostility in your text shows me love isn't something you've experiened enough of and is a large part of the problem in our community today. that division amongst black man and woman was designed and planned and you're falling right in line with it. A woman is a man's backbone which means she like a spine is strong enough to support all his weight but is actually fragile when alone without the body

  133. Ernestine Ferrell : "white's have always been envious of blacks since the beginnning of existing of their color their figures, and their skills they were to weak and too lazy to get what they needed so they had to enslaved blacks to achive anything worth having, all that they own and accomplished wre done by blacks " That doesn't explain the high level of development in white countries that never had large black populations and the lack of development in countries with few white people but many blacks.

  134. Let's keep it real…You apparently have no earthly idea what you are talking about. You need to research and study writings from African American historians other than white historians. History only symbolizes…"His Story". By reading and understanding the real history of slavery, you can create or own HISTORY of black women.

  135. Sonja Mack Not only have I heard this about soy, but about tea tree oil, also.

  136. Florel Saunders Development? Since when is "development" some kind of moral standard? People have lived without so called development for centuries and haven't hurt anyone and sustained themselves and the environment. As soon as your development comes along; people, wild life and habitats are destroyed and pollution is rampant. *Development is to keep groups of people enslaved to another – so you just brought up a good point. Not to mention the people from the Caucus mountains infiltrated and then took over during the dark ages when history was re-written. Result now shows these people from the Caucuses as so called superior by way of their thefts and infiltration into areas where indengenous people were killed off or ran off from these areas. Moors once ruled Europe

  137. We must continue to educate ourselves in the facts of who we & others are, who we & they were historically, & how we were systematically dessimated. When we relearn who we are, we can reconstruct our culture & cultivate the genious that flows naturally within. As more facts of history are revealed to the masses, those with discernment are awakened. We become wisdom / truthseekers.Those of us willing to take action will unite & do so. Anger is good when it's time to fight, but hate is self destructive. The rulers of this era shall soon see.

  138. Roberts Joan says:

    wow wonder why no one says anything about the Irish slaves I have done my tree and many of my family were brought here to be slaves hmmmmmm I also know that it is tabooooo to say a white man woman and child were slaves in AMERICA well here you go

  139. 깅티어니 says:

    You're comment really made me laugh mainly because it comes off as you're trying to deflect facts of what happened to many Blacks during the slave era. Why are you so defensive?

    Do you even know when Blacks were made the official poster-child of slavery? Do you even know the reason behind it?

    Irish being slaves isn't "Taboo," why? Because the Irish themselves never talked about it and by the time slaves were free anyone who was Irish, Italian, or of other European ancestry were already considered WHITE!

    So, blame YOUR people for not speaking up and allowing YOUR history to be "deleted" from the books.

  140. 깅티어니 says:

    Wow… I'm finding it amazing how there is so much gaybashing on here and people using the bible to back themselves up… During the slavery era the bible was a major tool in keeping Blacks as slaves. How do you feel about that?

    Because many churches both Black and White kept telling their followers that Blacks were sent from God to serve Whites. However, over decades feelings towards slavery started to change in White churches. When people started question the churches that is when many churches started to be against slavery.

  141. Well, this indeed is a truer embodiment of the catastrophic paradoxes that the Europeans had towards our Africannes but yet I think the picture depicting an African woman, or that portrait is promoting a deeper extent of racialization because that Looks like a baboon, and for our AFrican skin it's an Insult…

  142. Wow, so when Michael Brown lay in the street bleeding to death with his father trying to get to him but the police wouldn't let him, you would lie and say his father didn't try to help his son. The same way Black men aboard slaveships chained from neck to feet in the hull of a ship, couldn't do a damn thing while their black women were dragged on deck time after time be for the crew to have sex with before they hit land when White, Jewish and Spanish people bought them making them property to fullfill any other desire no matter how sick. Black men were also being sodomized by white men. I guess that's why you're the way you are. Just keeping it real

  143. And using the word "slave" to describe an Irish person who came to this country under servitude, is misleading. I'm sure I don't know all the historic details, but scanning the article you linked to, I find it questionable whether the details are all factual. We know that most whites who came to America as servants, did so as indentures. And regardless of whether they had a time limit on their servitude, I am quite sure they were still considered a step above blacks in the social system. That is evident even in the poorest sections of the country. As far as Irishmen who were sent to other countries..I don't know.

  144. "Enslaved Black males were often forced to have sex with enslaved Black women to impregnate them."

    Yeah, I've been around a lot of black males in my life, and if there's one thing I've learned is common among all of them it is that you have to force them into having sex with women. It isn't like they spend a tremendously inordinate amount of time trying to get it, nor that they disregard all bonds between married couples, their own bonds of friendship, familial relationship, etc. in the pursuit thereof.

    I bet they hated this aspect of their enslavement. I'M CONVINCED!!! GIVE THEM THE LAND AND THE MULES NOW!!!

    "The sexual exploitation of enslaved women has led to the creation of Jezebel stereotypes in mainstream media."

    Really? Are you sure it isn't in the nature of many black women? The reason I ask is that the African tribeswomen, who are not influenced by western values at all, consider it a massive joke to commit adultery against their husbands and then to watch their husbands fight the pieces of shit with whom they cheated when they catch them in the act. 20:40

  145. Yes, a few white people were slaves.

  146. This blog is no different than a racist KKK blog. Don't talk about beauty standards as if one group "LOOKS' a particular way, unless you like being judged as such, at Ernestine Farrell and whoever gave her the thumbs up.

  147. church nun have been raped in slavery times !

  148. It is not surprising that the rules, regulations, and laws of black slavery has evolved and molded today's modern black society.

  149. In the game of "Whose Oppression, Degradation, Humiliation and Annihilation Was Worse"…

    1. Declared not human in the constitution
    2. Families systematically separated
    3. Sold to others as property
    4. Lynched as entertainment
    5. Still suffering as a result of this heinousness
    6. Still happening TODAY!

    Mic Drop.

  150. The irish were never slaves. Slavery is forced upon people, these so called irish slaves, sold themseleves into indentured servitude.

  151. Fran Seaton says:

    Nothing you have written has made any sense, which is a shame as you probably spent alot of time on it.

  152. Fran Seaton says:

    Florel Saunders Development' cutting down the rain forest, depleating the ozone layer, creating the atomic bomb yes all wonderful developments, Development' you can sit in starbucks drink a latte, go to wal mart and buy some cheap goods then go home and watch fox TV.

  153. BLACK Lives Matter – for REAL That doesn't make any fucking sense, as expected.

  154. Fran Seaton Recognize your place woman, and don't ever mistake yourself for the peer of a man.

  155. Eric Goodson says:

    Things they want us to forget , but we must never stop telling our kids about the Americas past..

  156. Walter E Blair, first of all in reply to your comments it was wemen and children that were raped, boys and girls this is historical fact. I understood the Michel brown situation, but it didn't have anything to do with my comment. I was relating to the beginning preparation of instatutionalized slavery in America. Sorry if you did not understand where I was coming from

  157. My God. Tihs was harsh punishment from God Deuteronomy 28. That is true.

  158. Tsadimem Khet Thanks right because as Black women we are so much better than you.<sarcasm> I love to read what white trash really thinks. No wonder they are constantly afraid!!!

  159. Florel Saunders Really??? It's called stealling!!! There is a lot of literature about the theft from Afica of NOT ONLY PEOPLE,but raw materials.(diamonds, gold etc) This the true reason Europe's capitals are rich,especially England and France.

  160. Estella Cohen Don't ever reply to my comments, you stupid fucking cunt. How ironic that your name is associated with those who upheld justice and truth, and the natural order of existence in diametric opposition in many respects to the "progressive" exaltation of the self determination of man practiced and propagated by the insecure, psychopathic and effeminate omegas who were cast out (with the story of the exile of Cain being reminiscent of the concept) and went and founded cities and devised means of trickery and force to pull most of mankind into their clutches, to ever further their perversion, until now, one bearing their name actually advocates for their enemies, furthering their lies and denouncing the truth, making defamatory and degrading comments about those who are inclined toward the natural godly order of the world, as were they!! Their "progress" is the cause of all disease and disorder, and it is they who propagate lies as to women, blacks and gays having been so horribly "oppressed", and they do so for the sake of destroying the existing system by way of continuously increasing the influence on society of such emotionally-motivated, impulsive, feminine elements with no regard for justice nor truth, with the capacity to ignore unbelievable suffering with no shame and no guilt at all.

    Here's some truth for your stupid ass, and you've been silenced, as should always be the case:

    Here's a preview:

    "Historians from both ends of the political spectrum say that white slaves were treated worse than black slaves."

  161. Estella Cohen They would have you believe Europe was always the way it is now. Europe is actually more "developed" because they stole from Africa. The killed, enslaved, and stole in the name of their European kings and queens. Also, make note they equal riches as gold and diamonds, etc. Guess where those materials come from ? They knew they would have to take control of Africa in order to enrich Europe. They left Africa devastated while the built up Europe and America from the people and raw materials they stole from mother Africa. That's why their countries are richer.

  162. Indentured servitude is hardly slavery.

  163. You're not keeping it real, you're just deflecting from the subject by keeping it stupid. If you're going to make these incendiary and ridiculous statements, at least use a spell checker and decent grammer. What in the hell is "disinfranchiment" and if you mean "disenfranchise, that has to do with depriving one of the right to vote which has nothing to do with the subject.

  164. Joan dear it is not blacks who are not mentioning it. I know about the irish. But not many do. In fact it was years before whites here would admit that the Irish were white. I heard that it was said that Irish were negroes turned inside out. I saw in a museum a picture of for hire signs that said, whites $1.00 a day, Coloreds 75 cents and irish mics 50 cents. That was in effort to make the Irish hate blacks that were perfectly helpless in this blame. I have seen other whites divide us as a plan not to make us join together and fiight. I see it all the time. I have seen the no colored signs but they do not pan up to the no Irish, Mexicans and Chinese part of the signs. I read about Kennedy and how he just eeked by to win the Presidency because he was Irish. but you see they will not tell the common person that, they just make it seem like it was all heaped on blacks. That is where you and the others I mentioned come in. You have assimilated and seem to have forgiven it. We have not because it still goes on. They say Hitler was so against blacks and in all of the people he killed I know of only one black and he was collateral damage. It was a dancer called Snake Hips Tucker. He was in England during the bombings in 1937 and a bomb fell where he was staying. Yet the Nazi party in the US makes it about us. I know the injustices. I know that Irish serf women who perferred black men in the North were at first told not to, After its still went on in droves they were told they and the man would be jailed, after it still went on they were told that the black man would be executed. Later such unions and the produced children founded their own community and called themselves Melongeons. They lied and said they were half Indian and half white to be more accepted. Later they said they were triracial and today DNA only finds black and white. So do not hate us. We did not do this. We did not post No Irish signs in store windows. We did not call you Mic. We did not think that your red hair meant you were a evil or a witch. It wasn't us. And if you still hate you have played right into their hands. I know places in Mass right this moment with Irish communities who do not trust other whites. They remember. They have not assimulated like you. They remember. Go to Northern Ireland and see how white you are to the English. The prime minister of ireland said the the Irish are the N-word of the British Iles. he said that a couple years ago. AND he was right. You fool yourself, but as long as you assimulate you will be accepted. That is easier for you good luck but do not go for a visit to the old country, you will be in for a rude awakening.

  165. I am a black woman married to a man from Sweden. I would never marry a white privelged American man) My black female friends are aghast that I would let a white "slave raper" be my husband but when they hear he is from Europe they say oh that is ok. Black women in America cannot get over the rapes. It is still engrained in our society. For anyone to say it was a long time ago they are crazy. For you to make our ancestors suffering like it was nothing compared to other sufferings is an insult. Why is it that white people just want to move on already and tell us to get over it? How many years should it be? 100, 200? How many years should we look at a white man and think that if we were still slaves he would not have us bent over screwing us? I had a convo with a friend one day and we were saying that it would be worse now because all the perverted porn that you look at you would do that to us. I read books that speak of child rape, homosexual rape perpetrated by white masters. It was not you was it? But as long as you defend it it might have well been you. Sally Hemmings is now being portrayed as Jefferson's girlfriend. That they has a relationship. That kind of relationship has to be agreed on by both parties. She had no rights to agree or disagree. That was slave rape. You get over it. It happened. Recoginize and then we can truly move on.

  166. Tsadimem Khet There is an "idiot" on every page and on this one, it's YOU!

  167. Um…Then the Irish became cops who brutilized black people, which should tell you a lot about the social pecking order. You and I both know the Irish were able to become cop and cops have been killing us like its a sport for centries. So the ex slaves became the killers of those they should have had compassion for. Look I know white people always want what black people have, even our history, but surly you know that since the Irish are white people they were able to create a life for themselves in America that black people can only dream about. But hey if you want to take away the history of black slavery from us too, go right ahead. The Irish whites were racist towrads us too. Remember that. If you want to own and flag your peoples past own and flag the horror they inflicted on black people too.

  168. thanks, a little reverse racism is just as bad as the crap from the other side. that kind of logic is exactly why it will never go away in america. perpetuate the number one problem with america. so satan wins either way, hate is hate, does not matter who from, so long as it persist.

  169. Sonja Mack ..fuck you to. keep doing satans work, he appreciates it. god wants us together. god wants love above all things.

  170. being "informed" with horseshit is worse than not being informed at all. did you know you….yes you started as a woman? you think not? then explain to me why you have nipples? what purpose do they serve a man? what do you do with yours? humans dont get gender asignment until after the fourth week, until then you are a female. go read a real book and stop reading propaganda used to make you think and act out someone elses agenda.

  171. JLew TheRuler There are a lot of retards on this page and many others who think that truth, justice, and conscience as well as intelligent points are idiotic. I am due all respect, all honor, all love, all property, all life, all joy, bliss, pleasure, and all of the universe countless times over for the hell that your little pussy ass could never imagine enduring for a single minute, one moment of which makes slavery, the Holocaust, the Khmer Rouge killings, and all other tragedies other than the ultimate violation, torture, and enslavement which I experience every moment of every day absolutely nothing at all by comparison.

  172. Chris Tucker says:


  173. Ripp Russell says:

    See Dr. Amos Wilson for truth.

  174. Ripp Russell says:

    Don't forget to also show them how to move forward from knowing about those things. So often they are left with just that knowledge and nothing else to work with. In other words now that I know that we are slaves how can I stop being one to the best of my abilities.

  175. Tony Brown says:

    Well we all know these things are very true. We have to break the chains….

  176. Ernestine let the Church say Amen!!!!!!

  177. That's a fact about soy! Interesting about herbicide in water not surprised though anything to try and rid the black race.

  178. William Dees says:

    All this tension behind the interracial sex might be why it feels so much better. I’m sure when it was mutually desired it was really hot.

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