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8 Popular Myths That Continue to Hold Back and Destroy the Black Community

crabs in a barrel


The great scholar Dr. Amos Wilson spoke on why the myth of individualism is problematic for Black people. He said the more “we push for our own unique individual freedom is the more we come under the domination of others as a group.”

“Individual freedom is made possible by group freedom and group power,” he added.



Good Education for a Good Job

While¬†education is one of the most important variables to uplift the Black community, it’s not enough to just go to school, get access to the same education as whites and then get a good job.

Wilson argued that “same does not mean equal.” He posited that the Western education system was built to solve white folks’ problems, and if an education lacks the context of providing solutions for Black people, it’s ultimately an inferior education to what white students are getting.

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