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9 thoughts on “Watch Late Comedian Richard Pryor Take on the White-Washing of Ancient Egyptians in the Most Hilarious, Yet Thoughtful Way

  1. Odessa Bradford Jackson says:

    I remember this show! Great Segment!

  2. Robb IMac says:

    That's Robin Williams also.

  3. Richard really had a way of telling the truth that was far more articulate than most of us.

  4. Dave Mills says:

    R.I.P Richard, and Robin. Richard Pryor was the best, and Unafraid with it. So much respect for this brother.

  5. Yvonne Frank says:

    He was the Best ever!

  6. There is some truth to this…

  7. this should open eyes to black people whole world wide as to why we are held down. But like the Phoenix we shall raise. it is not a joke, but a truth. Those in power now cringe at the spread of this knowledge. Teach our children and ourselves. We shall raise, yes we will.

  8. This is a must see , Richard @has best

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