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6 Ridiculous Reasons Black Students Have Been Suspended From School


For Talking Back at the Teacher – Willful Defiance

Willful defiance is a phenomenon imperiling the academic achievement of minority students, particularly African-Americans. Five years ago, Damien Valentine, a John Muir Middle School student in South Central Los Angeles at the time, was suspended and sent home for a day and a half for refusing to change his seat because he was talking. He was only in the seventh grade.


For Wearing Neon Shoes

Canton High School in Mississippi suspended close to 100 students on the first day of the new school year in 2012 after sporting neon-colored shoes, neon shoe strings and other “gang-related” colors.

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19 thoughts on “6 Ridiculous Reasons Black Students Have Been Suspended From School

  1. Eri Ka says:

    Well I dont know what to say here, but in my contry (Mexico)at all my schools except for the University, they ask for standar uniform, shoes, hair, and everybody need to look the same. They also check your nails. If you bring the incorrect shoes you go back home!
    Oh every monday we have a assembly and singing our national anthem. And also we match and do all the assembly on lines like a solders. Haha I hate it back them. But I love my education

  2. Im for the sister will her natural hair and the brother with his locks. To suspend kids for that is inappropriate. That's crazy. She looks nice with her natural hair. I stand with all my brothers and sisters get it in. Now I'm all for expelling the knuckleheads who only wanna creating mayhem.

  3. Bwire Vincent says:

    That's european system. Almost all former european colonies still follow the tradition. The U.S. tries to be different, as an act of defiance.

  4. Bwire Vincent says:

    "Segregation now, segregation tomorrow, segregation forever".

    That's the sad fact. Just because they don't have the balls to tell you in the face, these days, doesn't mean that they don't practice it.

  5. Eri Ka says:

    yes you are right

  6. It creates the pipeline to prison aimed specifically at African youth. Parents should be up in the air about this because this is our babies they are manipulating.
    Join the movement at www, to petition President Obama and Congress to remove the exception from the 13th Amendment, It's about human rights, human diginity, social equality, and equal opportunity. It's about the babies. Sign up and get involved.

  7. the afro wasnt a distraction if a short person sat behind her they couldn't see the board. and school spirit shirt should be allowed it is some thing school sorry if a child throws a chair they ought to not be in school white green or any color.

  8. and I don't see a problem with the dreadlocks.

  9. Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    That's right black folks, continue bringing our children to school to get"educated."What will we get? Well, we all see what we have out here.

  10. Bridgitte Rivers says:

    If you believe that a child who throws a chair shouldn't be allowed in school, what do you suggest a Pre-schooler does for the rest of his life? Are we really at a place where we expect children to behave reasonably and rationally and respectfully before they have even had a day of the education that is part of instilling those skills. Ridiculous.

  11. Throwing a chair? He should be suspended. Just because noone happend to get hurt is not relevant to the fact that someone could have gotten hurt. It was an act of aggression and violence not to be tolerated in school as far as I am concerned. Sorry Bridgette but we should be in a time and place where parents teach their kids how to act. The only things on this list that seemed to have anything to do with the race specifically were the hair-related issues…unless there was something I missed.

  12. Tiana Kayla says:

    Yeah you missed the fact that they are children you idiot.

  13. Tiana Kayla nice reply…want to expand?

  14. If you don't learn the proper behaviour and conduct when you are young and still growing and evolving, when will you learn? Children have to be taught that there are consequences for bad behaviour. That is the best time for them to learn and not years down the road when that bad behaviour results in more than just a suspension from school.

  15. Tiana Kayla says:

    Okay but nowadays these "administrators" don't know what boundaries they should and should not cross

  16. You can't be serious. You think suspending a 4 year old is appropriate? I'm sure what's not being said here is that these are infractions imposed upon BLACK children that would never ever happen to a white child. Furthermore, what about the old addage "it takes a village to raise a child". I guess now it's "it takes a village to throw a child in jail as soon as possible".

  17. Nor should you. This is America. We're not here to be indoctrinated.

  18. Will Ewing Sr i think they are cool white or black i have been hated on because i dyed my hair purple and told it was a distraction i think if ts a persons hair wear it how you like

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