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67 thoughts on “The Way This Racist Archaeologist Skewed the Evidence of Black People’s Greatness in Egypt Will Infuriate You

  1. Lamont Dowell says:

    Even in acknowledging falsification of oh history, they still refuse to accept that ALL of Egypt was composed of the same black Africans that made up Nubia. The only difference was culture, not race, especially in Ancient Egypt prior to the invasion of northerners like Hyksos.

  2. Akintunde Funso says:

    I agree with Lamont Dowell the narrator seems to be ignorant of the fact that the so called light skinned looking carvings had their original paint removed by racist invaders. Also he must surely know that the name Egypt was a Greek word "aegyptos" which meant "burnt (black) skin. It seems and is another ploy to separate blackness from blackness.

  3. Errol Cooper says:

    It's simple denial! That's the only way they can make themselves believe they're superior, is to deny the truth! the american way!

  4. Errol Cooper says:

    It's simple denial! That's the only way they can make themselves believe they're superior, is to deny the truth! the american way!

  5. Errol Cooper says:

    Whoa ! I could a people have such hatred towards another race is completely insane! and to think anyone wouls want to conform to a society with those belief??

  6. The pharoahs came from Nubia, Imhotep leanrned from the Nubians how to build pyramids. Their are more pyramids in Nubia now Sudan than in Egypt. The racist Arabs in Egypt wants to destroy the pyramids, because they know we know they did not build them.

  7. Katonia NluvwitaCapricorn Updite says:

    Great information this is what should be taught in schools!

  8. Heru Salmon says:

    We still of more of these ignorant fools running the so call egyptology nonsense. Still remember the crakkas were created by a mad egyptian scientist name yakub 6000 yrs ago.

  9. Von Suede says:

    the word Egypt did not come from a greek word? that makes no sense…. "remetch en Kermet", which means the "People of the Black Land".

    Read more:

  10. Its getting harder and harder for people to deny.

  11. Andre L. Miller says:

    reading is fundamental….Egypt, as many people of the world refer to the country today, is a derivative of this ancient name. Even today, people who speak one language often change the spelling of words in another language because of the difficulty they may have in pronouncing some of the sounds of that foreign language. Hence, in pronouncing Hwt-ka-Ptah, the Greeks changed this world to Aegyptus (Aigyptos), which they used in their literature as the name of an Egyptian King (perhaps Ramesses, though in a fictional manner), the Nile River and for the country itself. We find the word used by Homer in his famous "Odyssey. We believe the Greeks had difficulties with the Egyptian pronunciation of the letter "H" at the beginning and end of Hwt-ka-Ptah.
    The word "Egypt" DID indeed come from the Greek word Aegyptus, which was a corruption of the previous pronunciation of Hwt-ka-Ptah…this is no lie and the link YOU post simply explains the corruption of the foreign tongue that was unable to pronounce the original….

  12. Floyd Webb says:

    Why go to unscientific mythology like Big Heads Scientist Yacub and the mothership when you caut to the chase with the serious undeniable scholarship of Chiekh Anta Diop.

  13. Pharaoh.ism destroyed MAAT in black on black Catamite immoralLOT.try

    THE plantation seer

  14. Von Suede says:

    Well excuse me miss miller I didn't know you were with the greeks when they made the word egypt… that's the equivalent of columbus discovering america… you can't discover something that's already there..dimwit… so I have a greek word for you… Βήμα μακριά από… I will give you a hint…. it's not your hairline behind your shades (knowledge is infinite…we can't know everything bruh).

  15. You might want to spend a lil more time in the library researching, if you know that much you should know the Greeks adopted many many things from the Egyptians and yes Egypt is a Greek word. You might also learn when the Romans invaded they copied their religion not knowing the Greeks copied it from Egypt. Also next time you post a link be sure to read once then twice to make sure it supports your argument which it does not.

  16. Terrance Amen says:

    This is why we need our own scientist and educators to study and teach our history. This can be paid for with the money we're already spending.

    Black Unity is the solution, is the plan.

  17. Stephanie Mathivet says:

    I dont know how these archeologists can defy what is in front of them as plain as the nose on their face. If the ancient Egyptians were white and not wearing cover up clothes and with no factor 5o they would be bright blistering red with all kinds of skin cancer????? Seriously though, the evidence for the Africanity of ancient Kemet is indisputable – so why keep disputing it?

  18. told negroes years ago, them "ppl" coming for our history..helped by arabs with similar superiority complexes…told em…smh…doesn't matter what it is..whites don't want evidence that blacks did anything, so they can continue to make us look like savages on tv, and they can blame everything on us…that's exactly what a devil would do…

  19. El Aenor says:

    You mean they weren't built by extra terrestrials, because that is so much more believable.

  20. This motherfucker…lol

  21. Moore Elizabeth says:

    The main thing to remember is that ancient peoples were not obsessed with race the way folks are in the modern world. No one back in ancient times cared a whit whether the Pharaohs were dark-skinned or not. Because of family ties and dynastic ties, they were Pharaohs. Whether they were black or white did not matter. The ancient peoples mixed and mingled together at all levels, both dark-skinned and light skinned people rising to royal levels in all cultures. One can read of Pharaohs who were both Nubian and Greek in origin, and even mixtures of the two. The Bible talks about Moses, a Hebrew Shemite, whose wife Zipporah was a black woman of Midian. There were numerous Nubian Kings and even Black Emperors of Rome. The social classes were more stratified on the basis of family or whether or not one was considered a "citizen" (Greece or Rome), or part of a conquered people. That garbage about race all came about when the first archaeologists studied the ancients.

  22. William Eaton says:

    Racist isn't a real word but the invention of Marxist in the 1920's obviously never heard of Trotsky? And actually it would be specist since modern populations are decent from at least 3-5 seperate species of hominid not one. And cromagnon was the first modern human and cromagnon wasn't African black

  23. William Eaton says:

    And actually both physical anthropology and genetics proves that the ancient Egyptian pharaohs were Caucasian not black

  24. Kevin M. Ali says:

    The factual evidences can only get twisted into something false when the evidence is put into the context of European ethnocentric racism and white supremacy which created the false notion that the Arabs themselves descendant of Ismael’s Black Egyptian Mother “Hajjar” went about concurring and converting the Africans into Islam with the sword and en-slaved the Africans. This silly idea is just like saying the Africans concurred themselves, converted themselves to Islam, and enslaved themselves because they were Africans and has been thoroughly debunked by countless historians not the least of which enjoy high status among such great academics as Cheikh Anta Diop (The African Origin of Civilization) and by Ivan Van Sertima (African Presence in Early Asia).

  25. Floyd Webb says:

    Big Head Scientist Yakub. Right! ZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  26. Terrance OfYah says:

    The hebrews were black

  27. Joan Coulter says:

    Are you crazy? 😮

  28. Joan Coulter says:

    I can remember being in 3rd Grade, maybe 4th, in the Bronx in NY. The teacher was talking about the contributions of Thomas Edison, et al. I asked what did Negroes make? What did Negroes do to help the world (or however I asked it)? With a straight face, she told me – Nothing. I cannot describe to you how that made me feel. However, believe it or not, I somehow knew that was not true. I went home to ask my mother and grandmother, later aunts and uncles, they did not know either. But, you can believe, that as my life went on I made it my business to find out, and as a retired NYC school teacher I was able to teach all I knew of Our History to hundreds of eager students. And, I'm still learning.

  29. Katonia NluvwitaCapricorn Updite says:

    @ Joan Coulter no I'm most definitely not are you? the truth of our contributions and the great lies that have been told and sold to our people should be taught to our children. if you failed to comprehend what I meant I suggest next time you get clarification before you comment.

  30. your teacher was a devil..and I don't care if thy all know and work with each other..every day on this planet is showing me white ppl are truly devilish people…they claim to be superior but led in inferior actions and bloody hypocrisy. evil knows no bounds, so idk why bible tumpers even believe this situation will get any better remember revelations…

  31. Evangelist Marvin Little says:

    Shemites have a achieve great things also. The pyramids in North America and the kingdom in Ghana provide evidence, but many of the places were destroyed. The so called Negro is a Shemite – Hebrew and the dark-skinned Arabs are of Japheth.
    That despise seeing our greatness since they hid things and re-wrote history with fictitious ideologies.This is why the average melanous man with no curiosity to challenge institutional learning has no idea of the greatness in his DNA.

  32. Angela Slijngaard says:

    @Nzingha, right on sis! Thanks for sharing this! I will make certain I visit these places. We as a ppl need to reconnect to Kemet and the motherland!

  33. Angela Slijngaard says:

    @Nzingha, right on sis! Thanks for sharing this! I will make certain I visit these places. We as a ppl need to reconnect to Kemet and the motherland!

  34. Angela Slijngaard says:

    Sister Joan, why do pose such a question? Reality is we as a ppl need to educate our children. Even if there were a curriculum where this info were taught it would be watered down.

  35. Angela Slijngaard says:

    Sister Joan, why do pose such a question? Reality is we as a ppl need to educate our children. Even if there were a curriculum where this info were taught it would be watered down.

  36. Joan Coulter says:

    Angela Slijngaard I made that comment "tongue in cheek." You are absolutely right, it is our responsibility to teach our children our history. But, in order to do that, we have to know it first.

  37. John Davids says:

    whites are evil with a capital E…they found copper artifacts in Benin, so beautifull and detailed they took it to Europe and today some of it are displayed at the London Museum…these artifacts are so detailed, whites claim it couldn't have been Africans who made these copper artifacts becos Africans are too primitive and incapable of producing such remarkable things..made me wana shout "HALO mr.white man, these copper artifacts shows Africans, it was found in Africa…WHO ELSE COULD HAVE MADE IT"? wana know more, just google BENIN COPPER ARTIFACTS.

  38. Nzingha Shabaka Exactly they know they didn't do it and it makes them part of the conspiracy of silence that they agreed to go along with the "whitened" version of history. The last thing they want to let known is the fact that blacks did all what they see and they just happened to come upon it or was part of a migration from the middleeast.

  39. Errol Cooper I've said this before and I'll say it again, White hatred of blacks is almost as if every black had did something personally to them. I truly think and I've been doing research that they hold resentment on us to this day and it's hidden in racial ideology. I've been trying to get more information on the the different white societies in Europe and their ideology of how they came about in this world. It's hard because that information is tough to find and you have to truly dig and another being black asking one many times they won't tell you the truth or won't talk about it because of my race.

    We know that blacks where in Asia, definitely lived in China before the Chinese started looking like the ones of today. Japan, Indonesia, Philippines, Folsom people of North America (Ask yourself why the Indians don't have Asian features if they crossed the land bridge from the last ice age, they had to have interbreeded with the Folsoms and other blacks that lived on the continent) and the Olmecs of South America. There's a lot more but the farther you go back the darker everybody is in fact you can say everyone was dark or black (don't know about he Neanderthals they where a separate part of our family of hominids, I'm talking about homosapiens). So if this is the case how did whites come into being on this planet.

    I think it's the mutation that many scientist have said happened that made the skin color turn black to albino. Can you imagine those people at that time that had that mutation and living back then (even though those blacks at the time had knowledge we didn't both whites and blacks) in other tribes and villages, they must have been and felt like outcasts. The only place for them to get away from being attacked or even feeling like that is to go north or away from people that weren't like them. And as the centuries went on and and it became thousands of years they where able to make their own "society" out of Africa that was mostly albino aka mutated white. But they still couldn't do what the ancients where able to do in Africa and other parts of the planet that had blacks. I wonder if we just walled ourselves out of Europe and not helped them or had them come to learn would the world have been different today. Remember they don't have pyramids in Europe, not one.

    It's almost a racial memory of hatred of being outcasts and also being envious and jealous of the accomplishment that they couldn't be a part of. Or could it be that these mutations where accepted but like all mutations where twerky, meaning that they had issues and maybe didn't want to play nice with the others and so they where forced out for their protection and the blacks.

    The key is white side of the family and their little secrets and mythology.

  40. Nick Schmidt says:

    yeah, man, these guys still belie.
    ve in "dark-skinned caucasians".

  41. Mandy Reed says:

    King Tutankhamun could jump out of his sarcophagus and yell, "Say it loud, I'm Black and I'm proud!" Say Egyptians were all Black, do the moonwalk, explain all mathematics and astronomy, shoot balls like Jordan, cure Ebola, explain how the pyramids were built from the INSIDE OUT, and racist Euros would still call him a liar.

  42. they can't even explain the pyramids here in the US…..

  43. you sound soo confused and brainwashed. why are white people obsessed with race, especially the dark skin? can you tell me that?

  44. but everybody knows the truth. I don't understand why we let that deter us and all we do is talk about it. everything starts on the local level. the congressional Black caucus is ineffective, I'm sorry to say that. they stopped us after jfk and king were murdered. the country changed and our leaders act like they don't know it. all of them have been in power for soo long and look at our condition.

  45. Lisa Jackson says:

    Egyptologist wrote that ancient Egypt was built by a race dark skinned of white people. That tells me how accurate Egyptology was.


  47. I'm flattered that someone is trying for so long and so hard to steal what our race has achieved… I really am flattered… sorry for the little primate though.. not in their little mortal lifetime will they ever measure up…

  48. And to find out more read The Crystal Bird.

  49. Edgee Leito says:

    One thing about this movie. Colonial delusions about racial superiority are not something from the past. It still well alive all over the world.

  50. Nixon Manuel says:

    The program is a very sneaky attempt to create a racial distinction between the Sudanese and those of ancient Egypt. There is no racial distinction. The Kushites are merely a different ethnicity of Black to the ancient Egyptian who were also Black.

    *The current Arab-descended Egyptians are only nationally Egyptian and had as much to do with ancient Egypt, as the Pilgrims (U.S.) had to do with the Native America. Egypt is not their ancestral land–ancient Arabia is.

    The ancient Arabians had their own unique building style. It did not look like the Egyptian's style. The Arabs came into Egypt during the Assyrian conquest. All the pyramids had already been built over the course of 3,000 years by the Blacks and resting for 500 years in addition to a whole other dynasty (the 25th) and reunification of Egypt by the Nubians (also Black) before the Arabs even came. I wish I could attach a photo showing these Nubian (Kushite) ruins an area of Sudan containing some 255 pyramids!

  51. Only during the Hyksos and Apiru usurpers and the Greek 32nd dynasties , were the Kemetyu , ever ruled by outsiders , I mean non Afrikan….

  52. Btw…..Aegyptos , is from HETKAPTAH..the house of the soul of Ptah….the greeks , turned it into Aegyptos and Egypt , is an English term..also…"semites" , didn't do anything of note , during ancient times , compared to the Nile Valley . …

  53. coming from a dude whose ancestors knows nothing about CONSERVATION! My ancestor the kemetians built all the sphinx, pyramids and obelisk without harming the environment!

  54. Chad Brown says:

    It's called White Supremacy….He did this to maintain a system, that provided him privilege and funding!!!!

  55. The curse only fits one race. No need for me to be in denial to understand that. Its going to take a lot to get the rest of us on but I'm on board

  56. Demetrius R. Glover Jr.

  57. Luci Ryan says:

    Who is this racist? Video does not reveal the name.

  58. John Davids Stop generalizing all white people are not evil. I'm white and please do not place everyone that category. Your generalization is evil in itself as it continues to spew hatred and continues the negativity. Its never about a particular culture, or color of someone is but more about individuals, remember that its individuals, not a whole.

  59. Europeans state Alexander the had to be White because he was Macedonian. However, the Ancient Greeks were made up of Nigerians and Ethiopians. Considering Alexander lived around 300BC, this timeframe would be considered ancient. He was Mulatto at best. Also, the Romans described Cleopatra VII as"tawny". Her father was ancient Greek and her mother was full blooded Ethiopian.

  60. and they know it, wihch is why they are desperate to make you believe ancient egypt was white.

  61. They would rather believe they were alien and not Black africans.

  62. Htp. You're absolutely right. The characters called Hebrews refer to Greeks that impersonate the Kemetyu, that's why many Black people call themselves Hebrew Israelites. I learned that the Hebrew Israelites to Kemetyu is like Jesus to Horus. It's time for the "Real McCoy."
    Ankh udjh snb.

  63. Let's settle this whole myth about Jesus Christ and 99% of the Ancient and Contemporary Hebrews being White and/or of Caucasian/Caucasoid Decent or Origin! One only need to read/peruse or refer to the Hoy Bible, Itself , to secure/get the proper answer and readily discover the advent of the Origin of the so called White Race! (2 Kings,Chapter-5, Verses 1-27; entitled: " Naaman Is Cured of Leprosy." Let the only True and Factual Book ever written, by Holy Men, inspired by the Inspiration of the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit, explain in details the Amen!


  64. Soleil Aluyi says:

    This man was NOT dillusional or had bad eyesight, he was part of a MAJOR conspiracy to hide the truth of WHO black people really are on this planet, period!

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