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19 of the Most Racist TV Shows of All Time

Cops episodicCops

For years, this show almost exclusively focused on painting Black and brown people in a negative light as criminals.


Six friends living in New York City, but not one of them was Black? This seemed so unrealistic that actress Holly Robinson Peete called for a boycott of the show in 2003.

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10 thoughts on “19 of the Most Racist TV Shows of All Time

  1. in Friends defensive they did have a storyline where Joey and Ross both were fighting for the affections of a black woman, after seeing her I sure as hell could see why also why is Different Strokes on the list and Webster is not? Facts of life, Tootie's boyfriend was illiterate, learn how to read was in college studying to be Marine Biologist.

  2. Dondi Smith says:

    How did the Jefferson's and the Dukes of Hazzard not make the list?

  3. Adira Melanated Fox says:

    You forgot All in the family and in the heat of the night.

  4. Maurice Robinson says:

    Add "Brickleberry" to the list.

  5. Errol Cooper says:

    yeah! I find it difficult to believe any show more racist than All in the family1 But hey a true depiction of America!

  6. Errol Cooper says:

    hey ! Did black people even exist in that show? lol

  7. 99.9 % of blacks appearing on white control TV, Movies, there will be racism. White people don't want their own or others to think we are good, or better than they are, in anything. They discriminate against even the black children, don't leave off the commercials, black children, black men, and black women are abused, commercials of black children with white children they always allow the white children to articulate, black children takes a back seat to white children, it breaks my heart. Ladies and gentle it is in every commercial, and it is not subliminal most of the time, it is direct in your face racism. The have black men always saying or doing something stupid, black woman, over 90% are over weight or obsessed, the food commercials are food many whites do not allow their children to eat, or they don't eat, like the food color cereal, or highly sugar, I could go on and on, I sometimes send an email to the racist corporations, it only works when at least a third of us send an email. You will get a generic response, seldom a real person, but it will be seen by them, that is the most important, put it on their minds if they don't stop don't buy the product, most importantly do eat their inferior products, you or your children, but it is everywhere, not just the food products.

  8. Sara Rabbani says:

    i just wrote about this to my class online. they do same shit to muslims now–with showing arabs as criminals like they are pure and holy themselves. very sad. how will your children respect us when they will grow up?

  9. Stop moven the ads around mfkas!

  10. Yeah Brickleberry is more racist than most of the shows on this list

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