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15 thoughts on “You Have To See Why This Attorney on CNN Is So Heated Over The Way Mike Brown’s Autopsy Leaked To The Public

  1. Sundiata Keita says:

    so what they tryna say. it was 13 black witnesses, and the ones who been on camera are taking mike brown's side and the 7 black witnesses in hiding are taking darren wilsons side?
    only a white person would be that insane to believe that.

  2. Marcus C Bradley says:

    See das dat BS…they jus gone *make 7-8 black Witnesses out of thin air & they gone side wit the cop 0_รณ. . WTF)))

  3. ..just like the black spies hired by the state of Mississippi that tried to destroy the civil rights leaders. wave some money and you can get someone to do anything.

  4. Gregory Wright says:

    The details used to makeup this report are so set up it seems like a bad movie. They put a theory out and have it in place to counter dispute or late details. Each a bullet point said with the intent to answer some of the many questions in this shooting but not ALL QUESTIONS. The story starts before any detail addressed by this leak.

    They never address why Wilson reversed back to within arms reach of 'two dangerous black males' then within moments be afraid for his life and shooting.

    That if Wilson is left handed his holstered gun would be against the door.

    Even 6' 3" Mike Brown would have a problem with the long reach needed into a high truck window then straight down along to grab the gun. Then would he use his right hand to do so?

    If Wilson is right handed Brown would have to reach across the officers body to grab his holstered gun and that reach would not be his right hand. The one shot in the thumb.

    Any injuries Wilson got were those cuts and bumps by the door as it bounced off Brown and hit him as he kicked it open. After reversing and using the truck as a block to their walking. Note the truck was sideways across the street.

  5. Linda Taylor says:

    This entire process has been shady. The prosecutor leave it up to the grand jury to present the charges, if any, against Wilson. Information is being leaked. Grand juries are suppose to be confidential. All of a sudden there are Black witnesses providing statements in favor of Wilson. Media says Wilson feared for his life, likely story. Wonder how Mr. Brown felt wondering about his fate? I can imagine. They need to get it right.

  6. Robin Phillips says:

    Mo Ivory as well as every other attorney I know will tell you the Grand Jury activities are PRIVATE and are NEVER to be leaked! This is a setup and a way to make the dirty cop appear clean!

  7. Robert Reyes says:

    Sounds like it could be a setup….but at the same time, black people know black people….and everyone knows they dont wanna be the uncle top or shits gonna go down. A lot of these brothers who a rioting are just lookin for a reason to fight the cops or whites in general. Our gov and media are doing a great job of dividing and conquering using race. All they gotta do is stir the pot a little bit

  8. Sundiata Keita says:

    just now noticed which Mike Brown picture they used. smmfh, I truly believe the white man is the deivl and no one can change my mind.

  9. Sundiata Keita says:

    smmfh, says the latino and yall claim minority when we know it says yall are white on the census bureau.
    and nobody is rioting, i been lookin at the livestream for the last 60 days.
    and the country was built on race, you get a race assigned to you at birth, so dont blame the media white boy troll.

  10. Mark H. Golding says:

    But the fact is , they are insane lol, look at the irtational things they do and call it civilized. Smh……………….k

  11. Mark H. Golding you right my brother.

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