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20 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Guyana


1. According to the Worldwide Waterfall Database’s rankings of the top waterfalls in the world, Guyana is home to the No. 2 waterfall — Kaieteur Falls. This waterfall has a single drop of 741 feet. In comparison, Niagara Falls is 167 feet. It is considered to be the largest single-drop waterfall by volume in the world.

2. Guyana is the only English-speaking country in South America.

3. In size, Guyana is larger than New York state but smaller than Idaho.

4. In Guyana’s total population, 36 percent of the residents are of African descent, while half of the people are of East Indian origin.

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8 thoughts on “20 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Guyana

  1. Rafael Martinez says:

    South America? Please fix asap.

  2. Roquefort Merlot says:

    Ghana is not Guyana and vice versa

  3. It is one of the few Caribbean countries that is not an island. It is also not a state.

  4. There is also 365 island in this beautiful country

  5. Tonya Smart says:

    Guyana IS in South America.

  6. Sarah Spencer says:

    Hindi and Urdu are major languages, highly doubt that, in 50 years I have never heard anyone conversing in Hindi and I was born a Hindu, Hindi is used in religious functions and only the priest use it to preach, no one in the congregation understand a word of what he is saying, and I wouldn't be surprised if he knew what he was saying either.

    We are also far from being One People, Guyana is a highly divided nation, race, economically, you name it we are a divided people. The bird is locally known as the Stinking Nana it reaks.

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