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9 thoughts on “Watch Economist William Darity Breaks Down The Reason For Reparations In the Most Eloquent Way Possible

  1. Jay Contreras says:

    Acknowledgement (don't need their fake, disengenuous apologies..we know based on their continuing actions, they don't mean it..keep that shat)..redress..I'm with him..and Compensation for continued damages..we don't talk about it but we DAILY pay a black tax that results in diminished returns in education levels, income levels, health disparities, paying higher taxes for fewer services (higher car insurance rates), redlining, gentrification, institutional disenfranchisment in the way of voter theft ie the stolen 2000 & 2004 Selections, the school to prison pipeline, etc, etc..and the fact that we have paid taxes for centuries at regular rates while living under 2nd class citizenship & access during the black codes, peonage, jim crow & just the general, life long aggravation and psychological damage that is intangible–like being at a higher risk for being targeted or killed by cops, getting certain diseases b/c of a lack of care in the medical field (unless they are stealing our organs, melanin or injecting us with bio weapons)..etc etc…

  2. "Acknowledgment ( responsibility ), redress ( psychological affects ), and closure" (healing) pertinent to the legacy of the enslaved. This is it!

  3. Jews have been paid so much reparations, I have never heard them talking about closure. This is the worse I have ever heard. I don't know exactly what he was talking about when he mention NCOBRA, but I will say, when we are paid our debt for our relatives being held as slaves, NCOBRA has one of the best ideas to move Afurakan people forward, practicing Self Determination. Black Nationalism, our own nation like the Indians have, and so many other great ideas. I do not believe there will be cash in hand, land and means to build on it, and get it started, sounds great to me.

  4. Minister Farrakhan, the National Black/A.A. Church Organization, NCOBRA, National Black/A.A. Lawyers Coalition, Black Acting guild, and All other Black? A.A. olk who Love us;come together as one, and make ANYTHING happen–Like SAVE OUR CHILDREN.

  5. I hate when intelligent people pretend the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan don't exist. We have been for reparations and are doing work to make it happen in REALITY!

  6. Nicholas Davis says:

    hahaha like the indians have? You really don't know much about the reservation system do you?

  7. I had said several years ago that the biggest PROBLEM with paying reparations was the fact that "AFRICAN AMERICANS" as a politically identifiable group would have to to prove their ETHNICITY first, in order to be eligible to receive the payments. Then the second problem was the exact AMOUNT of the payment to be fair to everyone involved.

    ETHNICITY could be proven simply by looking at their birth certificates. Anyone who has either Negro or Black on their birth certificates would be able to prove this. However, they would also have to have been BORN in America or its affiliated territories in order to be deemed eligible. Those people of mixed race or foreign born citizenship would probably have a problem with this because, although they may have been the victims of racial discrimination, they probably were able to have overcome that discrimination by speaking with a foreign accent or by claiming foreign citizenship.

    I proposed a CENTRAL FUND whereby billionaires would be mandated to give up 10% of their assessed wealth, such as what they do to determine CREDIT SCORES, and this fund would have to sole function of identifying the recipients and distributing the payments. THE PAYMENTS would be based upon the number of years an individual has lived in this country on a continuous basis (lets say for 40 or 50 years) times a set amount (for example $1000/yr.) These payments would probably take the average family of 4 out of the poverty level and set them squarely back into the MIDDLE CLASS. ( Head of Household payment = $50,000 Child Payment = $5000 to $20,000 each up to age 21) And, knowing the habits of most Americans this money would be used to stimulate the Economy back to pre-Recession levels.

    The major problems with this scenario would be getting the payments from the billionaires on a voluntary basis. Do we do it with imposed TAXES or as a PENALTY for being wealthy? And, what about wealthy African-Americans who do not need the money? Well, again, their needs can be determined by what their yearly income is AT PRESENT. Anyone who fits the profile of a 3rd or 4th generation African-American or Negro who was born in this country in the last century, (because others are probably already dead by now or whose families didn't live here) who makes or is worth less than the pre-determined poverty levels designated in the present income tax tables (please see for these amounts), would receive the cash incentive payment with no other questions asked and no other information needed. There would be no other taxes imposed on this money and the persons could use it however they wished.

    PROBLEMS…what if the person has NO INCOME or has NO PROOF of citizenship (ie. lost identification papers) and what about those foreign nationals? The person who has $0 income would still receive their payment regardless of their present status because the payment is based on their age alone X dollar amount. Foreign born nationals could be paid a lesser amount X the number of years they have been living in this country. Again, using their birth certificates as proof of age and their immigration status as proof of citizenship.

    The disparity in the wealth in this country is a product of GREED and the inability of the super-rich to see a need to give away their wealth; wealth that has clearly been acquired through either inheritance or subterfuge (shady or illegal business transactions) They probably feel that they already give their share back to the Society through their taxes, therefore, the GOVERNMENT would probably be responsible for setting up this FUND and giving somebody else (NCOBRA?) the responsibility of identifying the recipients.

    I personally feel that should this idea be used— THAT I, PERSONALLY BE MADE HEAD OF THE DISTRIBUTION ADMINISTRATION because of my background and training in Accounting and Finance and the fact that it is a sound idea with feasible outcomes, but there is a need for honest and transparent due diligence. As this has been done in the past with the Japanese and the Jews…it could very well be done with the African Americans or Negroes in this country today.


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