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12 thoughts on “This Video Gives a Compelling Explanation of What the Outcome of Systematic Racism and Oppression Will Be

  1. Yogi Smith says:

    A one minute reality check… Karma

  2. I think like that, but white supremacy is so powerful, it probably will take an act of nature to take it out, US weapons budget is more than all of the other countries combine, and the countries who are America's allies, America will protect them. No doubt, they came 500 years ago to destroy Afurakan people, even after the first few months on our continent they had committed enough crimes, for Karma to have steeped in, and 450 years later nothing still nothing has happened? Uh, I don't believe in that, how much more they need to do to us, before we get some relief? Since most blacks are christians, the Bible tells them, the creator help those who help themselves, so if this is true, we are going to have to do something for ourselves. The condition blacks are in, is only going to get worse, until we come up with solutions to solve our white supremacy problems. I believe we can do it. Anytime we built the pyramids, and other magnificent creations, no one can tell me we cannot get ourselves out of this living nightmare. We all know about the pyramids, some 400 feet tall, and almost as wide, no modern machinery, and they carried those heavy stones that high up, it is unbelievable. Oh yea we can figure our way out of this.

  3. Tony V. Nix says:

    Since the election of Barack H.Obama, racism has escalated to new heights.Blacks have been brutalized & killed by local law enforcement.These acts of violence have been perpetrated by White officers.Black unarmed men have been targeted by cowardly White officers of the law. Excessive force has become the norm, when it comes to Blacks even woman.When complaints are filed against these officers, the victim rarely receives justice.This is due to more Racism being practiced by the justice system.White people are being treated very differently when they have encounters with law enforcement. I've yet to see a case where Black officers have brutalized or killed a White unarmed man or woman.The nations media also has a intricate part in this, by the way they report and distort the story of what really happened in such incidents.This is 2014 yet this kind of blatant Racism, has the remnants of the 60's during the Civil Rights Movement.Voting rights of Black folks tampered with by racist who will do whatever they have too.To prevent Blacks in certain states from voting, creating bogus rules for ID, intimidation, etc.Racism uses sellout Blacks for their racist agenda.These are the the Blacks who infiltrate Black Movements.And pretend to be part of the movement.Black America is under attack by America's own citizens who are racist.Young Black men going to prison at a astronomical rate.Racism has always been prevalent in America, never has it been this overt since slavery.Blacks suffering from poverty, unemployment, etc., caused by Racism.The election of a Black man to highest office in America has really angered Racism in America.Racism is so angry that if some of their own suffers, it's just collateral damage to them.Black folks it's time to pull out the blueprints from the 60's Civil Rights Movement, modify them and put them to use to combat racism in America.Blacks must be critical thinkers in the quest for equality, proactive not reactive.It's time to be unpredictable not predictable.It's time once again for a serious "Black Peoples Movement" against Racism and it's horrendous agenda.No more standing by while racist incident after incident against Black folk continues to climb. President Obama will be in office until 2016, God willing.Black folk must act now, by strategy-zing & utilizing ways to combat Racism in America. I charge you Black America to stand up for what is right and best for our culture.We must believe as a majority not as a minority.Boycotts & Sit-ins work, time to put them to real use.We must send a message of no more attacks on our rights as citizens of America. Racism is not in fear of us, nor should we be in fear of Racism.We must not be reckless in our thinking and actions against Racism, cause Racism is counting on it. That Black folk will be unorganized.Racism is afraid of God, so may God lead us spiritually………No Violence-Know Peace.

  4. Tim Lynch says:

    Whatever. Black people have it amazing in America. Just think of how you would be treated in Africa, having to hide from Boko Haram`s tribe, ebola, no healthcare, living in mud houses, bathing where you go to the bathroom, If not for your slave ancestors you would have to face that. Africans captured people and sold them to America. While that was a bad time in human history for America, it ensured that you won the "birth lottery" and were born in America rather than there.
    Anytime you are feeling like you got it bad, think of being raped or murdered by Boko Haram`s tribe and you will not think you have it so bad.

  5. Tim Lynch says:

    You talking about Michael Brown? That dude that attacked an officer and got popped? Let me tell you it does not matter what color you are, don`t put you`re hands on an officer unless you want to be hurt, and never reach for their gun unless you want to die. Stop alienating yourself with the color of your skin and maybe you will start feeling equality.


  7. James Reed says:

    AS FAR AS RACISM IS CONCERN in the united states or the world it is a matter of who has the DOMINANT GENE or TRAIT In the world today! with all the killing of blacks in AMERICA &POST SLAVERY the facts are as read that genetics be longs to the most people of this planted! the first people of the planted! Racism was started by whites to prove there dominance over all the other races of the planted! But they know this is not true& so to exterminate people with more powerful or better genetic heredity DNA! Means nothing to a race of people trying to dominate the world! this guy Tim Lynch would not be kin to or descendant of willie lynch would he?

  8. Tim Lynch Nazis scum bag

  9. Reptilian hybrid Nazis scum bag Lizard posing as white people yeah I know the truth about you clones a.k.a mankind. You kinda human Nothing but pure criminals of the human race. Body Snatchers. Experimental slaves for the reptilian to do there dirty work. You are the new generations of the Greys. Created in a laboratory by Alien DNA. You not even human shut up stupid lizard. You Draygons will be slated again this time we are not chasing you into the caves you will be annulated off earth period. Run and tell that to your masters. Lizard Breath.

  10. Their version of slaves was a POW that was captured would work off his debt and upon completion was paid and a lot of times was able to marry the daughter. You white ppl always pull that bullshit line out yet you sit here calling us dumb for not reading a history book but it is you who needs to read their version of slavery was nothing like what your ppl did because only a devilish race is capable of such evil. When we built the pyramids for every 20 slaves their was 1 doctor and they were paid go read a book fucking idiot…Africa is in its position because their country is not controlled by them, the Ebola virus was purposely given to them just like aids to kill them and continue to steal their resources mind you America owns the patent for Ebola. Just like Kony 2012 and the missing girls they have been proven to be false it was created because they found 9 billion worth of oil and needed an excuse to invade

  11. This brother couldn't be more correct. White supremacy and racism will destroy itself. I know cause I've seen it with my own two eyes. Now I won't say that the black man is coming up and the white man is going down, cause that's nonsense. Cause 1.2 trillion and year slips through our hands with little to show for. That's bullshit. And it's creating all kinds of issues too. But it's shifting cause more whites, not blacks are moving to low income areas. That's because of the growing gap between the haves and have nots. Also this is white supremacy and racism coming back to them many times over. Y'all ain't seen nothing yet.

  12. Kylie Cook says:

    Code 10 it's the Enemy!!! Watch your Backs

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