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15 Amazing Facts You Did Not Know About Haiti

Approximately 1 percent of Haiti’s population owns more than 50 percent of the nation’s wealth.


Haiti has the second-longest coastline in the Caribbean after Cuba: 1,100 miles. Over 70 percent of its beaches are still virgin.


It is the first and only Black country in the Western Hemisphere whose independence from slavery is the result of a successful rebellion by enslaved people. The nation defeated a major world power in the Haitian Revolutionary War, under the command of Jean Jacques Dessalines. Haiti defeated the world’s mightiest army at the time, France, on Nov. 18, 1803, after 14 years of battle.

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  1. "Fact 13" is false. Haiti does not have any "State Religion". The legislation adopted under President Aristide's second term simply and rightfully recognized long overdue equal religious rights and freedoms to Vodou practitioners.

    In theory, the Euro-christian superstitions are tolerated alongside all other beliehs or non-beliefs, without legal discriminiation for or against any one of them.

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