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15 African Nations That Are The Most Land-Grabbed By Foreign Interests

Land grabbing is defined as the practice of buying or leasing large pieces of land in developing countries by domestic and international companies, governments worldwide and wealthy individuals. This is and has been a practice of exploitation that hurts natives of that particular nation because it robs the people of resources they could profit from. All land acquisition data comes from the World Bank.

Democratic Republic of Congo nyiragongo-volcano-congoDemocratic Republic of the Congo

According to data from the World Bank, 8,250,310 hectares were acquired by China for various purposes.


According to data, 3,281,429 hectares were taken by the United Arab Emirates for grain and wheat production.


In Tanzania, 1,917,749 hectares were acquired. Tanzania suffered the most individual grabs of any African nation, with 41 separate deals that account for plots of land for sugarcane and oil palm.

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4 thoughts on “15 African Nations That Are The Most Land-Grabbed By Foreign Interests

  1. DeOnna White says:

    Now by this article…It lets me know that they are out to seize and control Africa. Those Africans know what's up but the politicians for Africa are in on it too. This is why black are hated everywhere. Our presence in the world is annoying to most.

  2. Pule Dingwane says:

    You forgot about south Africa, more than 87% of land here is owned by the whites who took it by force from blacks

  3. Jay Contreras says:

    This is asinine. So when Africans have sold off their birthright & their children's children are beggars INSIDE their own countries, then what tha hell are they going to do? Run to the FUKUS axis? This is so short-sighted and I wonder WHEN the avg African will realize they need to get rid of ALL of their so-called mis-leaders cuz they ain't worth a damn.

  4. Nailah Akinyemi-Sankofa says:

    It's not just whites it's all non-Afrikans. The Arabs have been doing it (look at Kemet/Egypt) for centuries. The Chinese and Koreans are doing the same things in Senegal, Nigeria and other West Afrikan countries. And the Black folks – TRUE Afrikans are letting it happen. Dumb [email protected]!

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